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  1. Ok is being added to the wiki most likely during the next week.
  2. How to report a bug

    In linked feedback form I says Squad v2 instead of V12.
  3. Didn't know that's a thing in war Thunder. Yesterday we had a T-72 driver flip his tank on Gorodok, he was upside down on the train tracks east side of map, in the small valley. 2nd T-72 managed to push it by 20-30 meters so that it flipped back by getting pushed at the rocks, that was great, getting that tank operational again.
  4. [RIP] Rusty In Places

    Hat off, best server out there currently, tanks ftw. Yehorivka is tanker's paradise 8) Though, why is nobody seeding that server anymore?
  5. That's a good idea, you can help us do that right here https://squad.gamepedia.com/Maps
  6. Project Awesome [PA]

    find PA's server rules in this official thread:
  7. DanielNL's videos

    and another real short one
  8. Bradley 15 min? @Good-Try Greg
  9. Map looks so great already, only think I noticed is that it would be great to see more refinery-style buildings+assets on that map.
  10. To further keep our beloved http://squad.gamepedia.com updated, I'd appreciate if sb. can post the spawntime of MBTs and IFVs such as Bradley here. Is there a way to read it out in the game files (as it is with PR) ?
  11. yep even on rocks in Gorodok riverbed tanks can get stuck... -.- (happened just now to another squad) edited, changelog:
  12. Since sooo many tank drivers currently get tanks stuck on Tallil (bomb craters... ) and Gorodok (rocks, any map really) it'd be awesome if OWI can really soon implement a basic towing system to allow the following: - BTRs and T-72s to tow BTRs, MTLBs, BRDMs and trucks - T-72s to tow T-72, BTRs, MTLBs and BRDMs and trucks - Bradleys to tow Bradleys, Strykers, MRAPs and trucks - MTLBs to tow MTLBs and BRDMs and trucks - BRDMs to pull BRDMs and trucks by basic towing system maybe just a static line drawn from the towing vehicle to the towed vehicle (which updates the "draw/rendering" every 25 or 50ms?). Really looking forward to such a system. Sincerely, Daniel
  13. Project Awesome [PA]

    Discord link outdated.... correct link is https://discordapp.com/invite/AHYnqZN Please update post, @Klima or any forum moderator.
  14. ✠ Squad United ✠

    Links are STILL oudated.... o_O