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  1. Team ExacTed [FR]

    Terrible server, server owner seems to have VERY VERY few moderators, if not even NONE... reporting 2 griefers, got their intentional teamkills recorded, will upload soon, their accounts: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198053688429 https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198320677784
  2. Team ExacTed [FR]

    No admin/moderator online, several squadleaders not doing teamplay at all. terrible at the moment.
  3. ZSU Squad Community Server - OCE

    Could you please add "AUS" or something related to the server location in the server name please, for players for faster recognizing where the server is based?
  4. So that players can see when a server is forcing medium graphics settings/specific resolution. (as tournament mode is about to become more and more famous, for competitive Squad)
  5. @Gatzby Can you please create an official sticky Skorpo feedback thread?
  6. Royal Battalion

    Definitely one of the best managed Squad servers! Very friendly admins!
  7. BMP-1 is still missing on the following four RAAS/AAS maps: Gorodok Skorpo Yehorivka Narva
  8. ehmmm Danke. Hab den Teil des changelogs übersehen. Interessant, nur Fools Road und Tallil sind interessante RAAS Versionen...
  9. Haven't seen a single BMP-1 yet on any map (other than firing range), anyone knows which Insurgent-/Irregular Militia-AAS/-RAAS maps+layouts they are on?
  10. So that one can be used for being in a multiplayer server (seeding for example) and the 2nd instance for firing range/running a map in singleplayer mode (to explore a map. yes ofc. fps would drop, but only as long as the singleplayer instance is running).
  11. There is at least one rock with a glitchy texture (I don't know how many different rock models are used on Skorpo, will try to find that rock again and post it's position on map here)
  12. Okay please at least allow us to tune down the volume of the starting-voice messages! It has a high frequency in the recording due to that radio filter that was applied and it hurts my ears, I have to smash the "mute all sounds" key on my keyboard everytime now that I join a server.
  13. RAASv4 minimap too bright.