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  1. Why M4 firing modes so inconsistent still???

    But if I TAP the trigger super short it should always only fire 1 round, not 2 !
  2. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    And then a Battle for Quinling + Qwai River 4.5 x 4.5 km mixed map! (both these PR maps in one map)
  3. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    IDF? Isreal? Have epic Merkava tank + UH-60 + cool looking Namer APC
  4. So that players can find out if sb. is on server that can help them/clans can get into the same team way faster/easier. (it would list the players online on server that can switch players)
  5. Can we run forest maps like Gorodok and Mestia more often please? (and not only v1, v2, but other PAAS/AAS modes)
  6. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Any idea why there are 2 wires and not just 1 ?
  7. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Thank you!! That's exactly what I wanted to know! (Hope you didnt break any NDA here )
  8. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Ok since Hughes is part of Raytheon now, I sent them a request. Lets see how soon and what they reply. I'll keep u guys updated.
  9. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    Thanks, good intention but video doesn't show gunner aiming with crosshair (which is needed to visually confirm my theory/request to OWI). But and soldier who fired TOW on moving target could confim in this thread....
  10. Let's just wait for OWI's statement on BTR/BRDM vehicle usage statistics (if such thing exists in Squad), or from OWI for a statement if they are willing to add admin command ("allowCrewmanKitForPlayer xyz" for example).
  11. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    It's up to OWI and their military experts to make a statement on the TOW guidance (sometime next week or even this month preferably)
  12. Please, if possible hotfix the ability for an admin to "unlock" a vehicle for a specific player (or for him to get server-permission to equip crewman kit from ammo crate?). So many players nowadays prefer infantry over BTR/BRDM (many vehicles left unused in base), it's time we show all those infantry-only players how powerful an APC/IFV can be!
  13. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    In the end I want to have a us army (or whatever branch) soldier to post here to confirm that it is either VERY hard to hit a moving Target as you have to aim AHEAD of target or whether Hughes, as expected, has developed a very good fire control system which will command the missile very fast to stay around center of crosshair when moving the crosshair fluently to any direction... You finally understand it now?
  14. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    " the rocket hit the tree about 20m away " away from you or from the target?
  15. Realistic or unrealistic guidance of TOW (Bradley) ?

    I'd be shocked to hear that TOW missile system cost millions to develop and the engineers not manage to create a fire control system to make missile have reaction times of under 200 ms to any aiming input... So.... And ArmA many times has proven to be a very realistic milsim