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  1. I say some Russian Squad player discover this thread ASAP, then translates it and posts it here, then we thank him and FINALLY be done with it omfg
  2. Because only russians can understand what the guy is saying (upon joining russian team), please add english subtitle. It's bugging me ever since that voiceover-sentence was added
  3. The rules messages in the top center ruin the immersion quite a bit, it'd suffice for them to only show up on the left in the chat, as it's also there currently.
  4. The United Front | Recruiting

    server based in USA?
  5. Just got kicked from that server with a message "You were kicked:" and then nothing stated as reason... super strange experience. Hope admins see this and can improve this. (I wasn't soloing any vehicle, I actually killed an enemy Warrior with TOW)
  6. Currently the aimpoint nearly vanishes below the screen when zeroing all the way to max. Please overhaul it so that the crosshair always stays centered (and instead just the cannon barrel rises in elevation)
  7. [RU] community servers

    Thread for and servers. Very very nice gameplay, but I'm astonished that have such harsh rule regarding russian-only, english squad-leaders apparently aren't even allowed there. Hope that changes in future (of course only speaking english to other english-speaking squadleaders).
  8. @Gatzby same issue with BMP-2(M?) gunner seat currently.
  9. Thanks for running Manic map! Would be cool if you run the layout more often with the 2 Leopard tanks instead of just the one
  10. 1 is just not enough, more players want to crew this awesome german tank in a round. (ofc. also adjust russian vehicles accordingly for balance)
  11. [FR] = [R A F] = Immersion Tactique +

    Thanks a lot for your thorough reply! "Thus, it is holiday time in our country and we are under-staffed." Maybe (just maybe) it could've and could be prevented in future by recruiting more moderators from regular R A F server players/known Project Reality veterans?
  12. [FR] = [R A F] = Immersion Tactique +

    Also keep in mind it was free weekend, which requires an extra time-schedule by server owner to have moderators online 24/7 throughout free weekends
  13. Teamkillers vanished after this strange free-weekend, don't worry.