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  1. PSG - Press Start Gaming Community

    Is this the thread for the "[PSG]Map Voting Learning Friendly Active Admins" server? Where can we find server-rules? No rules at all?
  2. would be nice to have the discord link on the website for example.

    Discord invite in 1st post seems invalid (outdated, I assume?) https://discord.gg/XUcxaKP
  4. Sooo is the website WIP since 2018 ? (there's still no content in the website o_o )
  5. Hi, does anyone know if this server has a website or discord?
  6. [FaT] Fear and Terror

    Thanks for moving server location to Europe, awesome!
  7. Sooo "Выдвинуться и закрепиться в районе." basically means "advance and secure" ?
  8. Ah so it's exactly the same as in english, I think
  9. " ★★ The Alliance ★★ [UK/EU] "

    So what, recruit some american moderators then, please. (those with clantags/clanmembers are usually very trustworthy.)
  10. Wiki News

    Hi Usgu, are you aware of this unnecessary space? been an issue for many many months now iirc.
  11. since you made a question out of it, sadly you're inelegible for the "very-good-squadmember-for-1-match"-deal that I mentioned. xDDD HAHA
  12. please delete, bug, not feature.

    (and renamed thread.)
  13. please delete, bug, not feature.

    Ah, working now aswell, found the bug!!! Left area of "show filters" bar not clickable while in queue reporting in google bugreport form now.
  14. So that we can check the status on other servers while waiting and waiting and waiting...
  15. The United Front

    Server-name still lacks information what country it is based in.