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  1. Devblog: Squad Motion Capture Session

    Can't wait for crouched walking animation!
  2. So, many players (me too) have enabled "toggle stance" in settings (I have ctrl button set), the thing is, it always shows "standing" when player has activated "crouch" though, while he is running... So it should show "crouched" while running/walking, if "crouch" has been toggled.
  3. Server Licensing General Info

    Would be really nice if a selected amount of server admins gets permission to run a few test build servers once a public test build is released.
  4. you always hear the "pshhhhh" noise after your vehicle catches fire. Then after few seconds the fire stops, but usually the vehicle doesn't explode AFAIK.
  5. Hey, is this true? I haven't read such thing anywhere in the Squad manual.
  6. AMD is worst for Squad

    Ryzen 5 FTW !
  7. Can't find info on who is creating the map. Anyone knows?
  8. First I need to find out how to animate. Thanks so far!
  9. why "in space" ? It's called pseudo-code.
  10. nice one. Btw I'm trying the rigging (finally knowing what that word means), but not working out... the curtain hasn't moved yet... Anyone here knows a thing or two? Here what I've done so far... (not looking right or?) I was hoping for some function in Blender where with 1 click it would automatically turn into cloth physics...
  11. There is a 4th exception: If OWI at some point finds this feature worth it (and when one of the OWI programmers finds it easy to add this to the game) they might want to add it into the game (once I corrected all issues). The main problem is though that I can't look at the Squad source code for the multiplayer parts (player_joined, player_left functions for example)... So I hope sometime this summer a Squad DEV can tell me at which parts my pseudo-code doesn't work with Squad (which variables/functions already exist in Squad for example). Maybe I'll program my own "2D-sniper-sim" Android App (Where you play a sniper behind a window, can open/close curtains, change to different windows in the house )
  12. Yeah @Psyrus I already expected that I would be unable to add straight c++ code to squad, thereby in the end I rely on sb. adding the correct code later. Will get into Blueprints asap. Also nice course there, will also start that one later on! (Project wasn't to learn coding, but thx 4 sharing that course!)
  13. Lets name it Karasu

    No lol just 5-10 MB or so
  14. I think I am missing the case in the code where a player gets within 100m but then leaves the radius again. Would cause maaany player names/IDs to appear in the if [#1] part near the end of a match... @Psyrus