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  1. Oh AND ofc. the ability to swim... (*Al Basrah base camping...*)
  2. *were... -.- *facepalm*
  3. who "didn't want Crow systems taking them out too easily. " ?
  4. Never say "never" ! Also we now need the coax weapons on BTRs, the ability to drive over trees & thin fences, addition of the M2 Bradley and then also ATGMs in Squad!
  5. Would be nice if we can destroy AT mines by shooting at them.
  6. In case you wondered just like me why the ping is terribly high, be advised, server is in SINGAPORE! (not stated in servername, at least not as "Singapore", only "SG", which nobody in the world would associate to "Singapore") Message to server-owner: PLEASE host your server in EU or at least in russia! Thanks!!! (most Squad players will greatly appreciate!)
  7. I'm VERY happy we at least don't get 20-25 fps anymore (like we got many months ago) on i5 6600k, so great optimization so far!
  8. @ibkdo you plan to introduce a statistic for "maps played in the last 24 hours" ? (so players can see if all maps are played equally often in the last 24 hours)
  9. But now we DEFINITELY need TOWs and ATGMs in the game!
  10. Ah thanks for the information!