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  1. Ah ok, sorry!
  2. So this means you can't hear anything at all? It will be hard as everyone would have to use chat (write and read) to communicate with you and you won't hear where shots are coming from.
  3. So, are there plans to add (25fps?)-animations how players will "climb" / "walk" / "step" into the hatches of BTRs, into the rear doors of MTLBs/Stryker and into the normal doors in Humvees (and soon British vehicles)? Would add great realism, as a lot can go wrong within the seconds a player steps in/get out of a vehicle (could get shot while in animation for example).
  4. Are there even night versions for EU maps yet? Would rlly like to see some!
  5. When did the issues start? 2 days ago or yesterday?
  6. Ah sorry. Which 3DS Max version do you have? (I have 2017 version installed but didn't start the 30-day trial yet, would like to do that when you have time to teach me a few things? In VoIP Discord?) @Psyrus
  7. And fog version of Yehorivka too ofc. (set to 8000m height)
  8. This thread project is on "halt" til further notice as there are tall apartment buildings in the new EU map anyways (from what we all can alreadyy see in screenshots)! (unless sb. wants to work on this you are free to do so! It'll be appreciated!) However I do look for people to help me optimize my barn! (reduce faces, vertices, edges) (Blender, freeware or any software u wish) I'm currently focussing on other props as most of you probably saw in The Wrench... @Psyrus working on greenhouses right now, they're coming along REEEALLY nicely!
  9. Awesome!!! Great to hear it has already been worked on and will be added soon! Thanks!