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  1. scopes

    Are they working on a correct realistic scope? (magnification and sights)
  2. Omg! I hope you made back-ups of the work (just in case sth. happens to your HDD/SSD... There was already 1 case of a Squad mapper who suddenly stopped posting in this forum... He last replied to this thread in august forums.joinsquad.com/topic/18489-wipjungle-map-w-possible-requests-for-assistance ) Where did you get the bed models from?
  3. True! Lol just figured that out. Weird then that that feature even exists, right?
  4. Oh god that's sad. But ok, it is what it is. My message is so old I want to change it
  5. Exactly, why u wrote that? And what is "aderall" ?
  6. Bug (?): RU team can capture Hilltop when they have Mine Entrance, Train station and Fortress and when Militia still has Ammo Hill. Ruins the gameplay imo.
  7. So I tried to get the CPU profiler to work (because of this problem in this post http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/24949-optimization-question-tunnel-rendering-soldierweapon-lod/?do=findComment&comment=269444 ) but adding "-messaging" into the Steam startup parameter doesn't seems to work/not change anything. Did anyone get it to work/knows how to get it to work while playing Squad? Tried it using this guide https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Performance/Profiler/ Or maybe this is useful? https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Performance/CPU/
  8. I think that is why there are never more than 3 BTRs on a map while there are more than 4 Humvees (To balance it) IF US team plays smart, they attack 1 or 2 BTRs with 3, 4 or more humvees at the same time
  9. Oh that, yes. So an extra button would be needed to make the gun "rest", pointing down...
  10. Aaaaah, multum in parvo, meaning "much in little". nice!
  11. Whoa, just had an interesting moment. 25 fps... all 4 cores on 100% load... sth. is definitely draining CPU when it comes to heavy gunfights with lots of players around the tunnels at fortress on Fools Road... Is there a way to see which calculations are most demanding? Cause I remember there were several smoke grenades outside... maybe CPU is calculating all those smoke particles and player movements outside the tunnels (unnecessarily) even when players is inside the tunnel, far away from exits?
  12. I am talking arrows, not "signs" with only russian words on it
  13. That's your opinion... But hey, you haven't had any of these moments in PR I assume.