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  1. Why I dont want Helicopters

    I think having full on AH-64 attack helicopters would be a slight overkill, but maybe more like transport helicopters, they have guns yes but not ones that can completely unbalance the entire game match, and would only be beneficial for flanking the enemy? (Thats if you don't get shot down) Either that, or have very limited helicopter spawns. Only have a few per game, meaning that there could be a risk to taking a helicopter when its not needed, and end up losing resources and tickets.
  2. Hey! I've returned to playing squad once again because if there is one thing I miss, is the general messing around and serious you can have together at the same time which somehow makes things work better than if you were playing super seriously. I haven't played squad in sometime and ended up stopping at around early 2018, I think a big update put me off playing it because my internet is really slow. Anywho, I finally decided to update it, you know... with the tanks and all and it's been a good return so far! My computer is having a hard time adjusting from me playing really easy to run games to then suddenly play a huge cinematic military simulation game within one day, it gets flustered. The servers you'll mostly see me playing is RIP, TLR and maybe some other UK servers in the mix. Nice meeting you all again!
  3. How to be *GOOD* at squad

    This made me laugh, screw anyone else who wants reviving PFF, why bother when you've got some sweet, sweet kills to get.
  4. Hello!

    I recently bought the game and so far I've been hooked. So because of this, I decided to find the forums and join it! I don't really know what to put here, but I'll put what I mainly do on Squad. I mainly play as a medic, I'm pretty decent at it. I also play as anti-tank because those are so helpful! The servers you'll mainly see me playing are [RIP] Rusty in Places [QFF] Queen's Fighting Force and [TLR] The Last Rifle. My timezones are BST or GMT +0 If you want to socialize with me you can add me on steam or discord! I also do YouTube *generic* which you can laugh at here. http://steamcommunity.com/id/joleymoleyhunt Joley#9588
  5. Blurry view

    for me turn off the PP and theres an option where you can sharpen your screen. Not sure if you done this but it helped me
  6. Looking for a Squad!

    So I've been playing Squad for almost a week, so I'm still new but I would quite like to have set people who I can play with and at the moment going for a squad seems like a pretty good idea. I've learnt quite quickly with this game, what not to do and what to do in situations. I'd say I'm pretty good at being a medic since I'm playing as them all the time. Something about being Medics just entertains me. I've also been squad leader a few times, and by listening to what other SL's do I've picked up on quite a lot of useful things. If you are interested in making me apart of your legendary squad you can add me on these links here! Discord > Joley#9588 Steam > http://steamcommunity.com/id/joleymoleyhunt Twitter > https://twitter.com/xJ0LEY I'll also attempt to record this game soon so hopefully, it goes well!