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  1. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Locked squads confirmed for the next hotfix!
  2. Alpha 9.5 Released

    The black smoke is intentional
  3. Are you using the steam version of Squad?
  4. MTLB

    Because they don't want to. But they wanted different variants of the MT-LB so they put them in
  5. MTLB

    Can't we just agree that in the "world of Squad" the MT-LB prototypes were successful and were put into service. This is the thing about games, books, movies etc. You can take stuff from the real world but you can alter some stuff.
  6. http://store.steampowered.com/app/589460/Covert_Syndrome/ Looks kinda cool
  7. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Locked squads are coming!
  8. http://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/discussions/0/135511757694703147/
  9. There is a stream that showcases all the new features and there are a few devs doing a q&a https://www.twitch.tv/fravashi
  10. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    It should be noted that he plays on 1440p He shows it here in his older video
  11. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Video is not mine but the specs are in the description
  12. AMD 1800X OMG!!

    Squad on Ryzen 1800x
  13. I second this. Its fine if you are making the game more accessible and not a PR clone but certain level of team organization and balance would be nice
  14. Suggestion: Troops

    You might wanna check this mod out.