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  1. As long as it being in a reasonable tone, I dont see why positive or negative feedback about pricing and other business practices cannot be discussed here. The community is providing feedback about how they feel about certain topics concerning this mod and its taken as complaining and hate speech.
  2. Please update the year in the footer of the website
  3. No matter how much it gets modded. Post Scriptum will feel like Squad and play like Squad. It will be for people that enjoy Squad and thus it will split the community
  4. Yeah I also don't support this. Squad already is a niche game. Splitting the community with a money barrier is a terrible decision IMO
  5. Something like this?
  6. January probably
  7. What's the point of this thread?
  8. I would like to get my hands on the preview version, so I can start learning how to use it. So yes from.
  9. Your post sound like more of a mini rant than feedback. I mean is the allcaps title really necessary? I also edited my previous post because it was too aggressive. Sorry about that.
  10. Be patient its still in Alpha. I am sure they will implement it.
  11. So as of now there are only Windows server files, but is it possible to run a SQUAD server on a linux machine using WINE ?
  12. Will Fools Road be playable when the steam version releases?
  13. Thanks I missed that part
  14. If me and my buddy get the commander package will we both get all the benefits?(like founder patch,soundtracks etc)