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  2. There is a stream that showcases all the new features and there are a few devs doing a q&a
  3. It should be noted that he plays on 1440p He shows it here in his older video
  4. Video is not mine but the specs are in the description
  5. Squad on Ryzen 1800x
  6. I second this. Its fine if you are making the game more accessible and not a PR clone but certain level of team organization and balance would be nice
  7. You might wanna check this mod out.
  8. Adding a despawn timer on the rally points will just make players more cautious. You are making a simple change sound like a huge deal by saying it will drop the playerbase. Rally points will still be viable but they wont be spammy.
  9. The playerbase should get accustomed to these things though. Because thats where Squad is heading
  10. Thats why we have transport vehicles for things like these
  11. Though I am happy about the FOB changes. I am disappointed that there were no changes to the rally points. A very good point was brought up in reddit about them with the new FOB changes. With this update, FOBs will be used less because of the rally points which can be placed though with only 9 spawns they can stay permanently and be placed back up very easily. A 90 second despawn timer should have been added for rally points after getting deployed.
  12. Nice job!
  13. As long as it being in a reasonable tone, I dont see why positive or negative feedback about pricing and other business practices cannot be discussed here. The community is providing feedback about how they feel about certain topics concerning this mod and its taken as complaining and hate speech.
  14. Please update the year in the footer of the website