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  1. Thinking about getting into Squad

    Well I mean it can run a poorly optimized game with 10km x 10km map and 200 players in render range at 30fps+.. So is this game is really THAT unoptimized?
  2. Thinking about getting into this game. I'm coming from Planetside 2. Two questions: 1. Can I run it? I know there's a minimum spec sheet but my specs are way below that, and those specs are sometimes inaccurate. Specs: 2015 Lenovo Y40-80 with i7 5500U (2-cores, 2.4 GHz) and R9 M275X (640 shaders, 925 MHz); I'm ok with running 720p lowest settings at 30fps+. On Planetside 2, at 768p medium I can get 45fps+, and that game has way bigger maps and more players, and it's poorly optimized. 2. What's a good price to get this game at? $40 seems a bit steep for an early access game; is $15-20 during a Steam sale realistic?