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  1. Maybe it's actually not the recoil maybe it's the whole gun not auto centering after you fire...I fell like it should ya know? That way I don't have to constantly stop and readjust my mouse while I get unloaded on. Red orchestra 2 has that and so does Rainbow six siege I think. Why not this game?
  2. The recoil and weapon sway is way too much if you're gonna have it that ridiculous at least make the damage realistic. Or better yet make the weapon sway, recoil, and damage all realistic!
  3. The damage system needs some work. Torso shots should be a 1-2 hit kill depending on where shot, head 1, legs and arms should be more of a bleed out if hit. And if hit in the legs it should cripple the person indefinitely making them slower and if hit in the arm aiming in takes slightly longer. Also weapon sway should be reduced a LOT...I have shot many weapons in real life and I can defiantly hold a rifle steadier than a soldier in this game even if I'm tired...and have the option to set weapons on objects to steady them. Sprinting should be a lil faster and when tired you should not result to a walk it should be a slower sprint like in Red Orchestra 2. There also needs to be separate sensitivity options for aimed in vs hip. Oh also on the aiming note you should be able to focus indefinitely no matter what. And everything else is just polishing up. This list is a must inorder for this game to be good. I have no doubt it will do well either way but with these adjustments it will exceed.