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    1. Go ahead and turn ^ toally inactive/off and see if that gets better 2. As beginna mentioned; follow his meta; and go ahead and default both of your CPU(if done) and GPU; could have simply done by bad OCing status
  2. Voice chat malfunctioning

    Yes. Clear the cache manually by instruction given by Gatzby and if persistent, try to change your radio filter in sound option to LOW
  3. Hello! Good news is that Anti-Cheat Violation kick is nothing to be worried about; it is a common EAC hiccups and should be corrected when you restart your program (Exit out to desktop and turn the game on) Bad news? Not really... Well I guess This type of error will be rather frequent as time goes and annoy you time to time...
  4. Future plan of expanding team size?

    There have been some testings in regards to 50 v 50 AFAIK, implementation is tad far out rather than close.
  5. Can this laptop handle the game?

    In my PERSONAL opinion, I'd wait for Desktop over laptop... Desktop rigs will most always be "stronger",more powerful/ resistant to thermal/environmental disadvantages, compare to same level of Laptop rigs(mobile) Only reason someone would get a laptop for gaming purposes are most likely due to A. Advantages of mobile : Only if you do not have permanent set up or to move around so much B. Cost : Laptops may be cheaper than desktops, but it comes with the price to pay (Yes, I am proud of my puns :P)
  6. Can this laptop handle the game?

    Do not EVER ever put 100% credits into random youtube videos that claims to have same system specs as you do. Even if they might have same specs, the environment they are playing and you get to play will be very much different. The author of the video might have some settings enabled/disabled to boost the performance of the game.
  7. EAC .dll error

    Hello. Please follow below steps for a possible fix. This is excerpted from Let me know if you need anything else that are in need of further help. Sam
  8. Game crashing after v12

    Please follow step 1 ; Clear it "Manually" https://offworldindustries.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002768887-How-to-manually-clear-your-user-settings-cache and make sure through game settings, game skins(esp founder skins) are disabled
  9. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    Nobody is policing anything. There are reasons why separated sections are created. It's easy for respected personnels to deal with such issues rather than going out for a hunt in this forum. As it is stated under my profile in Orange color, I am a moderator of this forum and I have obligation to enforce and act upon as the forum rules are stated. "Politics" has got nothing to do with this. Best way to handle this is to remove one's license from the game, not to hurt their reputation... Well all and all, I think this answers are suffice enough... I am afraid this thread has been off-topic, however. If you wish to continue discussing, feel free to send me a PM, I am more than glad to continue the discussion thru PM.
  10. "West Coast Tactical - AAS" - Review

    That is due to amount of people trying to bad mouth the servers in general and ultimately hurt the reputation that each servers upholds. It is appropriate to as per the forum rules to follow the proper steps to take actions against admins if you have felt treated unjust. As pinned in PSA post of this forum section; Any of reports regarding server admin abuse or bad mouthing posts that did not follow the guide will be moderated upon.
  11. Hold RMB to ADS option?

    There should be an option in the settings saying "Hold to [add proper sentence]" - There are at least options for ADS and Free-look status
  12. Config Locations

    Only either through in-game option or AppData\Local\Squad\Saved\Config\
  13. Game Freezes upon startup

    Weird ; Both of em are incomplete Do you have Razor software that are outdated? Like Cortex or Synapse? - Update all to the latest ; if not fixed- Disable them
  14. Game Freezes upon startup

    Please upload the full log file either attached to here or use pastebin Refer to this post and let me know of any other information I should be aware of.
  15. Refer to this post and let me know any of additional information I could be of help. Do this ; Open 'command Prompt' as Admin Type "netsh winsock reset" and enter. Then type "ipconfig /flushdns" then reboot your PC. Also Are you not able to connect/see the server from the browser? 1. Is your connection wired or wireless? Make sure you are connected wired. 2. Right click steam > settings > in-game > look for server browser max pings / minute > set to 500 3. See if your Router has "IP Flood Detection" Mode enabled. If so, disable it. 4. Resetting the router could be a help sometimes. 5. Contact your ISP and see if any ports are being blocked
  16. Unable to Join Servers

    Let's see if doing a clean install of the squad fixes your problem 1. Manually delete %localappdata%\Squad 2. Uninstall Squad via Steam 3. Manually delete remaining folders in Squad installation directory default: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad 4. Install Squad via Steam 5. Reboot PC
  17. EAC Security Violation Detection

    it's known. Need to wait for EAC to get their end straight about this, for now just disable any RGB related process and you should be fine.
  18. Squad crash

    Do you have any Razor related software? Update all of em to the latest ; or simply disable them Any additional info can be found in the below post.
  19. All i can advise you is to update your windows atm. and yes running the exe file is meant to turn the game on without eac activated.
  20. Re installing SQUAD

    As of September of 2017, There was a major update for UE4 ; for the people who stopped playing prior to and decided to come back after a while were instructed to do a clean reinstall of the game as how to do so instructed by beginna
  21. Server play

    All of the appeal for the ban goes to the designated servers forum or discords or any means to reach them not here I am guessing you are looking for this? This post is locked, in the case I have given you a wrong link to reach them please PM me. /locked Edit : Reached out to a staff of the server
  22. Are bridges destroyable?

    If you are referring to the environmental destruction, No it is not possible
  23. Afterburner causing crashes?

    IIRC, That is a known. Try to OC your CPU through BIOS rather than using Afterburner
  24. Unreal Engine 4 Crash Reporter

    To troubleshoot, fist thing fist, Default your OC; Do you have any of Razor Programs that are not up-to-date? -Update em You can find most of the answers you have asked in this post