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  1. Destroying Vics At Main

    A couple of things I am pretty sure Desmo's rule state any retaliation toward enemy main can be result of being banned..? Which should make sense if you think about it.... I am having understanding here(English isnt my first language sorry) If this means, mortar can no do damage in freindly main... .1. Who shoots mortar to friendly main? 2. Mortar do damage friendly in the field so it might be difficult to adjust that shenanigan Didn't developer confirmed you will be able to dig up downed vehicle just for the sake of destroyed transports do not block the bridge or something like that?
  2. Few suggestions

    Bra-Freaking-vo... What the heck was i doin then hahaha Good point!
  3. Few suggestions

    1. SL - it might be better off to have some restiction to become SL... While it is so great to see new comers to step up as SL, it comes with the greater risk. There are some people who seems to have no idea what they are doing. It's understandable to suck at being SL. Everyone needs to start from SOMEWHERE!. However, since the squad is highly aimed for being a "team-oriented" game. It hurts to see SLs pooping bricks eventhough they are experienced.. Also it brings concerns of following categories : AWOL, Lone Wolf, Locked squad 2. From my experience, those SL's who actually listens to their squad mates and know the stragedy tends to give advise to other squad leaders. However it's most likely they go AWOL, Silent for 9/10 times. Don't even mention what i went through this weekend. gosh! Those AWOL SLs going for the next objective while in double neutral cause their squad mates to leave, create another 4 squads of 2 players each and the nightmare continue..... Here comes third point... 3,4 Locked squad and blueberries(Lone wolf)- I do not have a problem clans to have a locked squad but what is up with the locked squad of 2 players unless they are the "BTR Squad"? This only causes more lone wolves as I can see.. 5. Wall glitch - Hope the devs are looking into this matter In the current version of squad, you can shoot glitched body/revive/heal/dig through the wall. ^ This needs to be implemented. While I get the joy of reviving teammates or undig ememy's radio through the wall, this is better off patched. That's all Cheers * Content contributed toward #1 When i joined a squad in mid-game. I spawned as a medic on rally just south of enemy FOB. A single BTR came and whoop our asses, i wasn't able to revive anyone due to heavy fire. Rally went down. All re-spawned in a FOB about 700m west of my location. Here comes my Squad leader "Yo, Medic. Can you grab our lodge and just book it toward us?". I checked the map. A lodge is casually parked infront of main entrance of enemy FOB. I replied "Not if i know i can get shot before getting into the vehicle". SL goes "Oh. Here you are starting with the f***ing attitude. I am a squad leader, you answer to me only as Yessir or nosir". I don't really use f word to our teammates but that guy was plain hilarious so I said ''F. you. Don't act like a veteran when you have no exp. in military what-so-ever" and left squad. This kind of exp. is too toxic for the players Just FYI
  4. Few suggestions

    Here's my story..... Fact 100% I joined a squad in mid-game. I decided to flank the enemies from the west side of the hill they are coming from. I flank around and find enemy FOB. Both radio and HAB in sight. I go "Break,Break,Break. Enemy radio and HAB in sight in the compound North of me." 20 Seconds, No response. Squad still talking about their girlfriends, I once more notify SL, Get a cold feet and he tells me to STFU... I change squad and tell 2nd SL the same info. He says roger and no marks come up.. By this time. I am dead. My body might as well start to decompose... 4 Out of 5 squad leaders sometimes do not give a sh!t on how to approach the game... Maybe this phrase can work in this situation "You can not fix stupidity" This world needs more people like you. It dont matter if you are 'the best' or not. You won my heart
  5. Few suggestions

    You are probably right.... literally none... FFS
  6. Few suggestions

    *Gasp* Agreed, Also it's my preference but awards' are not need as well.... This brings another topic(in which I might as well start a new topic..... tbc) Fabulous my friend, Fabulous!
  7. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    He's decent haha!
  8. Few suggestions

    SL Training 101 Lot's of reasons 1. Require SL training 101 2. Squaddies can't use their eyes to find their squad Don't get mad. At this time of development, you don't get award for winning or losing. You get to see your K/D. It only gets better.
  9. Few suggestions

    If anyone squaddies have enough experience in the game, do not afraid to speak up. Like I said, this game is team-based oriented not single player take a few hit, duck, auto hill stand up, shoot, advance. If SL becomes salty, that's on SL not you. I would like to see if mutiny vote can be effective in this.
  10. Few suggestions

    I agree There were multiple occasion that non-clan members locked their squad with only 4 players when I joined while all other squads were full.. I had to create a squad and tell that specific SLs to unlock so i can join. Some cooperated. Some told me to f off. Also, those "VEHICLE ONLY SQUAD, FOXTROT TANGO WHISKEY" squads should realize taking vehicles one after another does cost tickets(right?)
  11. Disable ALL chat! PLEASE!

    *5 mins later [All] You: How many tickets you guys got? [All] OsamaBinLaggin: What the? [All] AguyFromMySquad: 78 [Squad] Me: Get out *FYI those first 2 name do exist..
  12. Few suggestions

    I am for the mutiny vote restricted only for SL's.. I know I know, i was so frustrated this weekend playing rounds and rounds of utter stupidity.
  13. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately I did not report him. While it's important to report such events to the right authorities, I can not bother to waste no time for events as it happens quite regularly... in almost every server I reckon.
  14. Bit late to say hi

    Hi I've been on squad for about 60 hours or so...so I'd say I am relatively new and in transition to having settled in the game for decent scores and what-not...... It'd be rude of me for not saying hi to the forum before I go any further... haha
  15. Night map?

    I am pretty sure this following question has been asked so many times but will there be a night time map? I only have been played squad for about 70 hours or so majority of the time in a dedicated server... I don't know if map selections are up to server admin or devs... so I don't even know if i have played all of the maps out in the game.... One more question : I heard people saying that aeroplanes such as black-hawk will be implemented to the game soon? can anyone confirm this too?
  16. Desmo's Playground Servers

    Desmo's my main server to go... This is what happened to me about 2 weeks ago Just another causal day with our squad, I joined a squad that I can't help but to think might be rather new being an SL... He decided to build a super FOB at rather close range of our main. I didn't say anything b/c I need to have some relax and our squad-mates were getting along and having fun.... Here comes 2 players from another squad.. decided to undig the radio... It was pretty stupid of us not noticing at first time. Radio gone, ladder gone, 3 players in our squad stuck on the roof... Our SL told other SLs not to do such things... 2 min. later same guys come and starts digging out the radio we put down again! In local, we said "Hey quit it.". One of the players from digging reply with "F*** you". I fired a warning shot. One of them was AR decided to spray his rounds at very close range. While spraying I said "i'm going to shoot you if you don't stop". They don't. I tked all 2 of em. Nothing happened to me. No ban, No kick... Now this gets interesting. It's next round. Same squad member, we play in Al Basrah, heavy contacts while entering Mosque. We got wiped. We spawned at main. HERE COMES THIS IDIOT AR COMING TO ME SAYING "I remember you tked me last round. I remember ya!".I say "Well, I warned you, didn't I?" He comes back with classic "F.U". We get a Humvee a grande goes off. our gunner goes down. I hear someone laughing in local. While our squad was saying "Da freak happened". I lose my s*** goes to gunner spray that idiot which i might haved caused him to only bleed. I'd go further with the story but I will keep it short... I am not saying admins are not doing their job to seek the dispute and actively solves the problem but as a player who wants to love this game, this kind of experiences makes me frown at times.... I appreciate all the works admins do... but this kind of harassment needs to be seized.. Thank You
  17. Night map?

    I'm at work so I can't really watch this yet but much appreciated with your hard work!
  18. Radio silence toggle key

    True, True. I've always left the squad and joined others when that happened to me. He/she was banned or kicked from server soon or later..
  19. Night map?

    Oh my godness! Gonna need my attention at fullest with patience I guess!
  20. New Class: Radio Bearer

    Here's my thought : FYI only 60 hrs in this game As a current version of squad, you can talk to your squad-mates, oither SL even if they are the other side of the map. This indicates the whole map is bnot too big for radio to reach each others.This makes me think as Main com-radio would be in your main base. This comes with the fact that the radios we put to build HAB and stuff does not function as com-radio... For that having RTO ear HAB would be pretty much useless.... That's my opinion, I am all ears for others
  21. Add a suppressing fire command

    I am against this This is why : IMO putting enemy icon on appropriate location should be enough information. If you are rushing thru alley way or defending fob and a teammate from other squad goes down w/o you noticing. They should be able to talk to you in local 'hey 335, contact' or something like that. If you are down and he/she didn't hear you, you should rally to your SL and relay the info to the appropriate squad... I think that's what teamwork really shines for This is just my opinion, I am all ears for others too
  22. Night map?

    Whoa, I've played Chora multiple times but not a single night map! I'm in love with this game haha!
  23. Too add favor in finishing off the players, as I have used multiple times and sure y'all had too.. Indicating how many infantries are on your body 30 seconds after you went down... This matter can bring up either to be tactical or just plain unrealistic.... How bout auto-muting dead players?? Sure it will be frowned upon most likely but hey doesn't hurt to discuss!
  24. Radio silence toggle key

    I'd up this Very nice idea! Muting certain player - Main goal of squad is team work... Selective muting would violate that... However, don't forget the magic words! "Break,Break,Break*Insert appropriate situation*" I like ^ better than saying "clear coms!" I just love dead silence come after that! haha
  25. Awesome Squad VOIP recordings!

    I couldn't resist writing this as an extra recommendation for one extra scene.... Have a scene where squad-mates are talking about non-mission related stuff like family or what and insert "Break,Break,Break *Insert proper situation related sentence*" I just love when I say "Break,Break,Break, contact or enemy radio on sight" and here comes a total silence... Freaking love it!