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  1. Hello

    Is it still happening? If so please let me know right away so I can get you proper help and Welcome
  2. Missing HUD elements

    2. Make sure you do it manually 3. After deleting game cache do this Enter the game and put console command r.setres 1920x1080f (assuming you are on 1920x1080) and hit enter
  3. Clearing Cache after Every PC Restart

    Please read and give me more information so that I can help you properly
  4. Getting constant freezes MSG "Connection timed out"

    Please read and give me more information so that I can help you properly
  5. Game o Unreal engine crash while joining a server

    Please read and give me proper information so that I can help you with your problem.
  6. Squad freezing to a complete halt.

    As far as I can tell, it's your CPU that giving you the hard times... For the time being please put audio quality to low
  7. Can I Run it (Help Appreciated)

    Hello @TEETHPASTE Welcome to our community Please take a look at system requirement section in our steam store page Your CPU is just above our minimum specs so you should be OK - https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i5-3570-vs-Intel-i5-2500K/827vs804 Now IF you start playing Squad with 1060 - you will be in a good hand but before? You might be having some trouble since our minimum spec is GTX 770
  8. why can't i run squad??

    Could you be more specific of "Can't run" part for me? Is it keep crashing? Are you having insane low or Droppage in Frames? Are you having an error launching Squad??? Also please take a look at this post
  9. Disconnect from queue - Not showing any servers.

    Glad it worked out /locked
  10. Kickstarter questions

    I don't know about the backer's content but for the in-game skins, It is disabled at the moment; as long as it is in your steam inventory, you are good to go
  11. Why cannot my game start

    Thanks Melbo for linking the stores pages, saved me some times @Kyletheinilater Please check the above comments and see if you are playing Black Squad or Squad (developers : OffWorld Industries) Squad uses Easy Anti Cheat not Battle-eyes
  12. Why cannot my game start

    Need more details
  13. May Community Feedback Roundtable

    Thanks for the updates Gatz
  14. Disconnect from queue - Not showing any servers.

    In some cases, ISP are the cause of this havoc. Have you tried to contact them about it?
  15. Crash games

    @Никита Do you have another crash error window popped up when crashed? Is it still continuing while changing the map? @Kazz Please make another topic as OP is for Никита's problem; This maybe the same issue but the core of the problem can be different Please provide me the details of crash, your hardware specs in the new post