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  1. Bought new gaming laptop – 30 FPS?!

    the 960m is roughly the equivalent to a 750ti IIRC in which might be the cause of your FPS issue.... All I can advise is to Put power performance setting to ‘high performance’
  2. AMD Freeze Issue - Kill Me Please

    Yea AMD is generally not happy with UE4 engine... Please refer to the below post and go ahead and post specs and basic trouble-shooting guide I'd be glad to have a look at your case
  3. Driving a vehicle = Server kick

    Please go to steamapp/common/Squad/EasyAntiCheat and open EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe by admin. Repair the system and see if it still troubles you... if so email [email protected] and open a ticket
  4. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    While you do have a fair point, I don't know much about it so I'd say it's better be safe than sorry... Also have you opened a ticket with OWI regarding this? If not, open it by emailing [email protected] tell him your problem/what we have tried
  5. Server Closed Connection

  6. Driving a vehicle = Server kick

    This is a direct quote from OWI Support : Let me know as soon as it acts up once again. Thanks
  7. Server Closed Connection

    refer to this Disable your steam inventory items from in game
  8. Driving a vehicle = Server kick

    Disable your steam inventory items from in game
  9. Freezes up to a minute, no crash

    While doing that, go ahead and run benchmark (using 3rd party program) and see if that shows up any clue of why and make sure to turn off any unnecessary background program that might be contributing to suck up your memory and deteriorating the performance.
  10. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    Did you open cmd.exe as admin priv when I instructed you for ''how-to' in Server-offline error fix? It is not uncommon to see the servers thru steam server browser but not in-game when this happens, please contact your ISP and see if they are blocking any ports
  11. Textures loading

    If you are not sure of your hardware specs, please upload a log file so I can specify your hardware specs. The default save location for squad log files is %LOCALAPPDATA%\Squad\Saved\Logs Please upload Squad.log file onto pastebin and copy the address link below As for being a laptop user please do this Put power performance setting to ‘high performance’ https://imgur.com/hEqO9m1
  12. Performance took at hit after 10 release?

    @booker2121 When did you take a break and when did you come back? I haven't figured out how to quote a part from another post but read this; ``` Did you take a long break from Squad and just came back? Welcome back! I need to remind you that Unreal Engine 4, in which Squad is designed with, had a major update on September of 2017. If it was before that time you played the last, you MUST do a clean re-install of the game. ``` From
  13. Game freezes when hitting max VRAM

    @YuriIsLoveYuriIsLife Your CPU is under the minimum requirement https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/AMD-A10-6800K-APU-vs-Intel-i5-2500K/1935vs804 This might be the reason why your game freezes up
  14. Game freezes when hitting max VRAM

    I need to know your specs
  15. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    Was this from OWI support? If not, please open a ticket with OWI support at [email protected] You can try to run the game without EAC option... If it is EAC issue ; you will be able to see the servers but won't be able to join one(at least we know it's EAC to blame at that point if that happens..) Please do ^ before opening a ticket with OWI ; if it still shows no server without EAC - Refer this thread in the email
  16. [Solved] Squad Keeps Crashing

    OP's problem has been solved through discord #support Channel Cause of the crash was Razor Synapse ; Closing said program has fixed the problem This post is locked since the problem has been solved
  17. Game freezes when hitting max VRAM

    Both of you and your brother need to turn off Preload texture option
  18. Unreal Engine 4 Crash Reporter

    Hello please read and give us proper information to go on.
  19. Medic bug?

    Happened to me at least 3 times during the free-weekend ; I had to yell "Traitor!" and left him on the field #sad ... On a serious note, I need to make a bug report on this ; have it on video
  20. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    See if Firewall/Security config of your modem/router has "IP Flood Detection" activated. If so, disable it
  21. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Nope. However Since you have created another topic, I will pinch in that topic from now on For both of you : Are you able to use another headset, if possible, to test out whether the game system is not working or just the headset?
  22. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    Just to be safe, I need to check : There should be NO "" mark around cmd command mark Could you provide your ISP/Router model/ Motherboard model?
  23. Crashing without error

    Any Overlay System running while Squad is running? Any Background system that might be culprit?
  24. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    Primary reason for your issue might be due to Please do this 1. Make sure Steam is online - Open steam > Click "Steam" Tab to see if it's online or offline 2. Check if you are in 'Steam Beta Participation' - Open steam > Click "Steam" Tab > Go to 'Settings' > In Accounts, Opt out of Beta Participation 3.If both of steps failed to fix the issue, Open 'command Prompt' as Admin Type "netsh winsock reset" and enter. Then type "ipconfig /flushdns" 4. Reboot the PC. 5. Run Squad
  25. No Sound Problem After 11.2

    Logitech was known to be screw with Squad last time I checked, Please follow Gatzby's advise and set up your mic to default at the same time please follow this thread's instruction and see if it helps