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  1. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    NOOOoooOOO. Too long, don't ya think?
  2. Should not be able to blow up IED after dying.

    Very well written dude! I was thinking the similar thing. As if a squad can have 2 scouts(might be OP tho) only 2 of them can share the same 'signal to their IEDs' not for all of the scouts in one team
  3. Green Mist Bug with newest Nvidia driver update

    very good to know!
  4. Can't load the game

    Refer to the above post and give us your basic rigs and make sure to
  5. Green Mist Bug with newest Nvidia driver update

    This has been introduced with the recent Nvidia Updates. As far as I know, the latest version of Nvidia. I do believe the only way to fix is to roll back the driver (No guarantee of fixing as of now yet) EDIT : Do you Alt-Tab frequently while playing game by chance?
  6. I think the main problem of OP is DC'ing... Map rotation does not recognize population of the server(As far as I know).. It would be great if rotation changes once in a while regarding the population.
  7. Lag

    Need more than that. Read my post please.
  8. your game is broken

    Read this and give us the basic rigs You are going to need to uninstall the game if it was before September you played Squad last time. Either follow the instruction or don't even bother to ask for help/point fingers at anyone @koschilein or @beginna - Please move this to Software Support Section Thanks
  9. SQUAD - Free Weekends

    All I can say to you with that attitude is that : Skip Free weekend if you are that pissed about it. Good lord, why the hell are you throwing fuss at me for? I did not. You are the one miss-interpreted. My pont : Free means free. Period! Also, What;s the difference putting Squad in the wishlist or not? You can still put Squad on the wishlist to get the invite(in which if it would ever happens FFS) and troll the hell outta people
  10. Jumping on people

    Jump on peoples head - break their neck - resulting in paralysis for the rest of his life.
  11. SQUAD - Free Weekends

    I think you are missing the meaning of "Free" buddy.. I thought ban status prolonged whether game's on the free status or not? Anyway, There are tons of free weekend related post already posted in the forum. Please use the search function.
  12. No Mainstream Youtubers Playing Squad

    I don't usually edit the videos and upload to Youtube so I am no expert but, people generally do not watch 1 to 1 1/2 hr videos in one setting unless it's exceptional.. I am just put my blindfold and yell out "Editing!" Like mentioned above, twitch is still alive and breathing. Edit : My aim/purpose of watching someone else playing Squad is to learn how I can be better at doing SL. not for the entertainment. It's just me of course.
  13. how the hell did i miss that part in Nov. Recap.... Ok now i am all caught up! When you mean 'Resupplied' u meant it when truck is at main, while supply is 'resupplied' to the truck right? Then Yes I concur, you still should be able to make different option as long as you are in the main. If you were meant to say when supply has been dropped off in the field? No. that's just wrong
  14. Regarding v10 Staging Period

    Simple, disable Both right-left click action while in the stage
  15. Ping difference in server list and inside game

    Please use search function before asking questions around