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  1. Few suggestions

    Very well written! I just had a rifleman who told our squad that this was 2nd match he was playing, we all welcomed him. About 6mins into the match he goes "So.. what does enemy look like?" we go "They have this and that.." There were few times I needed him to bandage me because i was all out but he failed to do so causing me to bleed to death and TK with grnade but you know, it's cool Yup! and I see MrAlex!! That guy's cool. I always stick with him and shiiit I have played with you couple of times too dang I just realized it hhaha ... .and there i am with Alex hahah!!! And Josh too hahaha! This is freaking werid haha!
  2. Few suggestions

    I have no freaking clue... All i remember was by the every match, he/she was single squadding
  3. [Suggestion] Engineer role

    How bout this : As realism Reparing station with engineer in premises > Repair station > Engineer(Max 3 on a single vehicle) If you think about it. The guy gotta have a right tool. Engineer in field wouldn't carry all the tools he need... Or would he?
  4. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    Wait Ah Shit Sorry dude My apologizes. I miss-read your comment from the start But I still am going to stand by my point that If SLs get categorized with their ranks. IMO, it's going to segregate players that higher ranks SL will be with the veteran players and other SLs with mediocre to beginner. I only can see this causing unbalance to reach stragedy in the game.
  5. Help me finding GPU

    Hello H81M-HDS 4790(non K) 1050 2GB 12G RAM I am thinking about going to 1070 as my GPU Any suggestions would be very much appreciated. I can pull of mostly high settings but it does lag a bit in main when alot of people decided to stump on me. I am not planning to change my CPU or motherboard any time soon. I can go 8+8 as Ram if necessary. Thank you all! -------------- Would 1070 ti not necessary? Just curious
  6. Few suggestions

    *added info toward Bad SLing* Before I continue, if any of mentioning players name are forbidden, please proceed to eliminate to do so. During the weekend I was in Desmond playing.... We had this player named "Wifey" who continuously changing team game after game. Her stragedy was simple. Supply the hell outta any FOB she comes contact with. She continuously supplied FOB whether that FOB was poorly placed or not. Once we had an occasion where she would fly down the main road of Fool's road, when she reaches the radio, supply, get the hell out. Second time she did that, the FOB was under major attack, 3 squads infintary moving in. A BTR insight. While I was proning, I was looking in the map to find a way out. I see a blue logi FLYING on the middle of the map. And i hear BTR shooting, logi dissapeared. As soon as that happened, I heard "oh", "wow","what the"..... to top that my SL goes "1 KIA, i repeat 1KIA" Well I tried to put it as humerous as I could... On the serious note. Above act should classified as greifing.. I would like to think that she had no idea what she was doing ATM, but this clearly is a form of greifing wheter it was intentional or not. Also while I was playing with one of the admin (BattleBorn), I noticed Battleborn was basically doing a freaking tutorial throughout the match. It seems to me ATM all the SL's were new players. I joined that match in midtime so I don’t know if that was intentional or not. But None of SL knew how to operate SL. Trying to approve while he's dead, not knowing how to place Rally, FOB marks. It seems BB didn't mind performing tutorial given the fact that he's in [DPG], it kinda irrates me that there are nothing that can help players to operate SL kits... other than this forum haning out free PDF's. From my experience, alot of experienced players even doesnt know this forum exist...
  7. Medic and Soldier Mechanic

    Yay i completely agree with Whenever I play medic and put into this specific occasion, I play like this 1. I go both squad/local voice "Do not give up" immediately - it's not necessary for them to give up 5 seconds after they go down. A. Still stuck in spawn timer. B. If we win the fight, medic doesn't get to play medic 2. No smokes, Depends (Higly depends on situation) - Smokes only give advantages to medics. Also if you are in a flanking squad, it gives away your position. Also AR can easily mow down smokes if situation is given correctly. and not to mention marksman still aiming for that downed body.. I hate this! 3. Check your maps. If you want to be that "YOLO" medic and smoke, run,revive, fall back? Do it! You gotta have some fun. However, do it when you know there are at least one more medic nearby u so if you go down. all the squaddies and blueberries dont bleed to death. 4.Check your maps and call it out when you go down. You need to vocalize to your squad that how many medics in your squad went down. If you stay silent after you(as a medic) go down, it effects team stragedy. "One medic down" "Both medic down". "No medics nearby. you are all alone in this" helps other players to become aware. Peace!
  8. Enemy marks on the map.

    I am gonna say this.. I am a Korean playing squad speaking English fluently. I play in Desmond. Not Chinese server. First day I played squad, my natural instinct led me to Chinese server. There. Were. No. SL. Speaking. English! I would have stayed in a englished speaking Squad. but that squad also had 6 Chinese and 3 English speaking people. And No I am not going to learn another language just because of a game.. I am fine with being bilingual
  9. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    As do I sir As do i I always play with the SLs I know/played previously. Main paragraph, Peerun specified the ranks to be held upon hrs so thats why I said so.
  10. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    I am the one who's not thinking.... yea sure Sure why don't we have a squad of 9 members all 500+hrs with high rank Sl and other blueberries with no brainers ay?
  11. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    So you want to segregate player base? Are you for real? ATM, we do not get award, chance of having SL ranks before award system is slim to none
  12. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    1. If this system gets applied, people, even I, will go check if my SL is rank one, two or three. Or not in the rank. if that happens, people will prefer certain SL over other SL resulting unbalance within the team itself. 2. At this level of development, all you get at the end of round is your score, K/D and bunch of people moaning in the chat (actual moaning..)
  13. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    At this level of development, not necessary. Maybe *IF* dev decided to implement award system. I only can see this can be abused under certain circumstance tho
  14. Few suggestions

  15. No No NO Why ya'll talking about full stop exiting? YOU STILL EXIT ON THE TOP OF THE VEHICLE #ITHURTS #THREEPOINTSFORMEDIC