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  1. Squad.exe Application Error

    Squd will not launch as long as you have reshade installed.. You need to delete reshade in order to launch Squad w/o any problem Please refer to this article https://joinsquad.com/readArticle?articleId=254
  2. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    Has this issue persist after you cleared the cache manually?
  3. [Solved] Game wont start

    Can you provide the following Your OS Your rigs Your cache folder should be located at %appdata% > Local
  4. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    To test this put : Shadow - low Pre-load txtrure - off All others on mid-to high and report back if the problem persist
  5. Squad won't launch

    You dont see a .log file in %LOCALAPPDATA%\Squad\Saved\Logs ??
  6. [Solved] textures flashing black!

    I need your full rig specs In-game graphic settings Thank you
  7. Squad won't launch

    I need a full one
  8. Squad won't launch

    %LOCALAPPDATA%\Squad\Saved\Logs the log file should be there. Post it do i can do further dignosis
  9. [Solved] No one can hear me but I can hear people

    What kind of headset are you using?
  10. untrusted system file error

    Please delete the cache manually and do the instruction suggested above.
  11. [Solved] Squad Error Code 22

    Good to hear! /locked
  12. [Solved] Squad Error Code 22

    Make sure your windows are up to date and repair EAC by admin
  13. Squad won't launch

    Could you upload the full log file? Have you tried to clean cache and validate?
  14. with fullscreen enabled the game freezes

    I am not going anywhere. I will be here when you get back
  15. with fullscreen enabled the game freezes

    You are good to go from now on... your restriction was lifted. You can try to upload the pictures for the crash event and get me a crash log file as well if you can.. As mentioned already, It depends on your setting, but can you tell me exact number of Temps of CPU/GPU while in full-load? Also while in the server, please do this : open up console Type Stat unit and enter Get me some pictures of the stats Thank you