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  1. Squad Crashing Computer On Start Up

    Please do the following; Check the temp of your rigs under full load(especially GPU) The log file is not able to pull your GPU driver version. Please make sure it is up to date and tell me what version you are running at Error message won't appear unless Squad CTD.
  2. Mic stops working halfway through match.

    What kind of headset are you using? Model? Connection?
  3. Logi V10

    Make sure your key-binds are not messed up (Frankly, I have not confirmed if you can even set the keybinds toward logistics) If problem continues, might need to check two things 1. Check if your Keyboard has 2 language settings for it, if yes make sure it is set to English not alternative(same goes for when you are rebinding the key) 2. If not, Might need to clear cache
  4. Squad crashing on spawn in screen

    @GlorifiedPig Sorry you are going through with this I need you to do the following 1. Make sure your CPU/GPU is not over clocked 2. COMPLETELY wipe Squad from your system and do a clean fresh install of the game 3. Please provide me a screenshot of error code When CTD. 4. When Crashed, please upload your Squad.log file to reply Some of the how-to are in the below
  5. EAC Security Violation Detection

    Please provide your full hardware specs Please navigate yourself to steam\steamapps\common\Squad\EasyAntiCheat and Delete Certificate Folder and verify the game
  6. EAC Security Violation Detection

    Hello Has the issue fixed yet? Do you get another error message like "Untrsted System file (C:\Windows\System32\User32.dll) error" Please let me know so that I can help you to troubleshoot if this issue is still persistent
  7. Unreal engine games failing to launch

    Hmmm that's weird Make sure your windows are up-to-date If so - try to run sfc /scannow by opening cmd by admin
  8. MID game fps drops

    and for being a laptop - put your power performance setting to HIGH
  9. Cpu affinity

    If you are asking me - It's not up to my nor Developers' decisions as EAC is not "part" of OWI If you are asking elmo_11080 - I guess he was trying to limit the # of cores being used to this game...
  10. Audio problems in the game!

    We need more information to analyze the situation. What kind of mic are you using? What''s the model? Does it work outside of Squad? Have you tried to fix it by following instruction given by SC?
  11. Cpu affinity

    Changing CPU Priority/Affinity was disabled for a reason given by EAC EAC has made it disabled for security measure If you have any further question you can contact EAC here : https://www.easy.ac/#contact
  12. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Only If I could.... only if... Well good news is a good news! Forwarding it to my community as well!
  13. Crashing to Desktop

    Unfortunately, your system(both CPU and GPU) are under minimum requirement to run this game Your CPU Single core speed comparison https://www.cpubenchmark.net/compare/Intel-i5-2500K-vs-Intel-i5-4200H/804vs2142 Below image is the requirement hardware to run squad
  14. game crashing

    Please provide your full hardware rig and any extra information that I should be aware of Please refer to this post
  15. There are some server search problems

    It's either a bug that prevents you to find a server or make sure you are set to following Right click steam > settings > ingame > look for server browser max pings / minute > See if it's set to 500 Favorite function is disabled at this time of the development. It will be put into use in the near future Getting disconnected from queue can be very annoying indeed. Sorry you are going through with this. Majority of time when queue changing itself to 0/0 might be due to the round was ended while you were in queue, disconnecting and reconnecting should fix the issue This might fall into trouble-shooting criteria, if this issue is constantly preventing you from playing the game, please make a post in software support section and I will be more than glad to help you walk-though to address your issue