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  1. [WIP] Karasu

    dis looks nice, nice work)
  2. [WIP] Finkarus [Vanilla]

    cheers, been trying to) ha, yeah, indeed, for some reason i had number 8*8km stuck in my head... i ditched the map for about 9 months while i was in the army, i guess that's why.. yeah, day/night cycle works fine, bought UltraDynamicSky from marketplace, gonna try to add weather changes later on, atleast fog changes.
  3. [WIP] Finkarus [Vanilla]

    Haven't published any updates in a while, so here are some new screens, been working on roads, mountains, forests, lights and fog for past month.
  4. [WIP] Finkarus [Vanilla]

    Name: Finkarus Location: Finkarus (Island somewhere in Eastern Europe) Size: 4*4 km Teams: Russian and US Gameplay: AAS with everything Download link: On Hold Description: Huge map with cities, villages, bunkers, highways and dirtroads. Russian team will start in a bunker in the south eastern corner of the map and make their way through fields, forests, hills, mountains, military camps, ruined castle, cities and villages towards US troops that have established a foothold somewhere in the north-western corner of the map. Minimap: Screenshots/Media: