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  1. Mics still don’t work

    It was already set as record** my bad I mixed up the two Thanks for responses I’ll keep looking in the forums for a solution maybe there’s some kinda fix that will work for me but so far nothing I tried has worked. Wish me luck
  2. Mics still don’t work

    A turtle beach ear force stealth 420x+ it’s not wired you plug in a usb and connect it from there. I believe that’s the problem as it seems this only happens to people with wireless headsets just wondering if there was a fix yet cus I’ve been waiting for months now
  3. Mics still don’t work

    It’s been forever and they still haven’t fixed the mic issue. My mic works perfectly fine on any other game or program so it’s definitely a problem with the game itself. I have my mic as default playback and have tried all the other supposed fixes but still I can’t talk in game. Is there an actual way to fix this, if not any idea on when the Devs will do something about it? Thanks for any responses
  4. cant play the game!!

    Nope it's a desktop, I have a GeForce GTX 980
  5. cant play the game!!

    I've had the game for probably about a year or so. Within that time I've tried deleting and reinstalling the game, and did a pc file wipe as well. I'm not much of a computer whiz but I know that my computer should be able to run this game fine. I'm also having problems running arma and pubg at the moment so it might just be something I have to get checked out. Any feedback is appreciated thankyou My specs Operating system: windows 10home-64bit system manufacturer:MSI Processor: IntelRCoreTM i7-5820 CPU @ 3.30GHz memory: 32GB RAM Directxversion: 12
  6. cant even play the game!!

    ive had this game for a while now (about a year), needless to say ive never played it! everytime ive tried in the past it would crash or reset my drivers. i decided to try to play this game again but still i crash, now when i play i can join a server but whenever i press enter to spawn my game freezes and crashes only to leave me with a error report that i can send to the devs which ive done countless times. ill leave a image of the error i get below. please anyone help my pc has high specs and can play any other game perfectly but this game has just proven to be a waste of my money so far. again thanks for any help you guys can provide. (just had to include link of picture because the site will not allow me to put the picture on) https://imgur.com/gallery/JomxpAq