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  1. The future of localized vehicle damage

    You seem to be confused about the different variations of Abrams that exist and have existed, for example none of the tanks sold to the Saudis have the DU armor that American Abrams have been upgraded to. Either way, both the engineering and years of active combat show that you are wrong. The HATs tandem round can be effective against the sides and rear but not whatever variant of PG-7V the LAT has.
  2. The future of localized vehicle damage

    Sigh... Tanks haven't used purely rolled homogeneous armor for many decades, it's just used as a standard unit of measurement to compare protection and penetration. The standard HEAT round in game can (optomistically) penetrate up to 500mm RHA, there are only a few spots on an M1A1 that are thin enough, and often these areas are covered by reactive panels or slat armor which would easily defeat light AT.
  3. Squad leader play style. (non progression)

    Are you really thinking before you post or are you just posting? What is the problem with being able to choose a more experienced SL? How are you going to "unbalance" the team by having people join squads?
  4. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    I'd say it's far more than half but perhaps we should wait to see these "numbers" he's talking about.
  5. Classes you will never see

    I would say BF2 is the reason BF3 sold well, and BF3 is the reason 4 sold well. BF3 was actually a pretty good game, BF4 is when they went off the rails with the "every class can do everything" mentality that largely removed any non-twitch skill-gap or requirement for teamwork. They chased the success of COD, even if it meant sacrificing a decade-old fanbase. Also, BF2 absolutely DID have a name back then. BF1942 was revolutionary. The DC mod is up there with CS in the ranks of masterful mods.
  6. Rocket Artillery

    Thinks "rimshot" is a basketball reference, lol.
  7. Yeah the game calls them medics but really they are modelled after Combat Lifesavers. They'd just have one of those IFAKs and wouldn't have the large, visible insignia to identify them as non-combatants. I never actually noticed that they did have one on the model though, that's pretty cool.