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  1. When are the British coming?

    Until V10 comes out we must not play Squad! I shall refuse to play a game as I will not defect to another faction!
  2. I thought it was more the Americans turning up late to war not the British. So dear Squad team, please make the British faction so that I may put on a posh accent and order a few chaps around the field of battle. Thanks xoxoxo
  3. I've had the day off work and was sitting there watching TV when my Brothers old PS3 caught my eye so I took a hold of the controler and swiched the thing on. I see that Call of Duty MW2 was in the PS3 so I thought let's give it a little go. Got into a rather pissed off server where I made the mistake of asking "What's the plan lads?" expecting to get the responce of " Let's take the APC" or " We're gonna push North DC". Instead I got " Go to ye Mothers house and get ma willy wet pal" by a young Scottish lad who should of been in school as he didn't sound like he smoked 40 a day like most of the Scot males do. The game started and I got my weapon and ran towards a house when I came under fire. The guy next to me screamed down the mic at me when he saw that I had taken some cover behind a car. I asked why he wasnt behind the car next to me but by the time I say that I was killed twice and he was up by 3 to 4 kills. As I started to get into the game I got the thing named Last Chance. So before you die you will have your last chance to defend your self by killing anyone who's around you (Apart from team). As I've been shot and landed on the floor I called out and said " Any medics around?" I then got the responce of " **** off this isnt BF1 mate" Well this is it from me! Thank you for reading this badly worded post! xoxoxo