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  1. Admin abuse.

    ADMIN - Recommended this thread to be closed/deleted
  2. Bella's Battleground

    @Astrautum I recommend you take this to their discord and get in-touch with @XoxBella143(Bella) directly. Remember all servers have different rules regarding main. i also recommend taking screenshots of positions next time (easy with steam just F12) Regards - MIG
  3. Server affinity

    Most Guys are using battlemetrics for Rcon, easy simply to use. there is others that are available if you look around. https://www.battlemetrics.com/rcon/about
  4. Looking for a locked training server

    If you still looking for a place throw me a message, or come join on our discord at http://discord.gg/tsunYv6
  5. Problem with launching game

    Anyone find a way to fix this error? Admin?
  6. New Web-Based RCON Tool for Squad

    Squad Chat will only be supported for BattleMetrics if the squad dev's help to implement it into the Rcon side of the servers.
  7. Bella's Battleground

    Go to the discord, and find an admin there. Link is above in the server information