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  1. Can't be heard but can hear others

    1. Because I can play games during lunch and I like Squad 2. Not very easily - games companies don't hand that out willy-nilly, but I could try. I guess with a solid VPN it wouldn't affect performance too much? Or would the idea be to tunnel home and let my home traffic handle it? That could work I suppose! Prefer not to due to red tape but will have a think. Thanks for trying re. port numbers Might try an online port tester on those when I get back to work on Monday and see if any fail.
  2. Can't be heard but can hear others

    Just an update on this - I've tried on another computer here at work and had the same issue, even trying most of the above (before starting Squad); both a USB and 6.5mm headset/mic, etc. Looks like it might be a networking problem on our end but for that I need more information about the Squad networking setup - information I can give to our IT department. It's strange - other players have told me that the mic icon doesn't appear for them when I speak, yet it does on my end when I'm holding down B.
  3. Can't be heard but can hear others

    That's correct. I have tried with all of that and no change. I still can't be heard The support email directed me to this page, but that contained only the basics (setting mic to default device etc). Hopefully they can think up something else
  4. Can't be heard but can hear others

    Thanks for your suggestions - I've tried a non-USB headset but no change. Will try with the USB headset completely unplugged. I've also emailed [email protected] and am awaiting a response.
  5. Can't be heard but can hear others

    Hi beginna, I'm pretty sure I've done all of that before starting Squad, since I'm aware that a lot of games (UE4-based especially) struggle with dealing with these changes occurring during play. I'll double-check tomorrow at work but I'm confident I have. Headset is a Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000, which, yes, is connected via USB. Are USB headsets a problem in Squad?
  6. I originally posted to the subreddit but realized that here would make more sense. When I play Squad at work, I can't be heard, but can hear other players. I have disabled all other audio recording devices in the sound manager; have tried with and without allowing applications to take exclusive control of the device; set my headset to default device and default communication device; tested the headset - audio is recorded in Windows applications, shows up in the Steam mic test, etc; tried using a USB webcam instead, but no change; What else can I try? Is there a port that Squad uses for outbound mic that I might have to get our IT department to open? Not being able to be heard is pretty horrible And it makes it hard to show off the game to others here that might end up buying it (we can only hope!). Thanks!