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  1. New Class: Radio Bearer

    Idea: A role a squad member fills where the idea is that your squad cannot use squad coms and your squad leader cannot use coms to talk to other leaders if the radio operator isn’t alive/ in the game. Local chat would still work. The radio bearer would have the standard rifleman loadout with the only difference being that he has a large radio strapped to his back. Why: Communication is a vital part of conducting warfare and anyone who has played Squad knows how important it is to be able to tell your team that there is an enemy at Grid___ with a bunch of his friends or that you have found an enemy HAB. When in direct combat with the enemy, it is extremely useful to be able to point out enemy firing positions, request medical assistance, call in reinforcements etc.. but radios have their limits. The inspiration for this comes from the book The Trident: The Forging and Reforging of a Navy SEAL Leader by Jason Redman. In it he describes a mission he was on where he was tasked with sitting on top of a mountain with a large radio which provided a link between a small unit on one side of the mountain and a command element on the other side. The small unit comes under fire and Redman wants to go help them. He takes the radio and heads down towards the unit in contact. This creates all types of problems as now the command element has no idea what is going on with the small unit because they have lost radio communication, the small unit cannot call in an air mission, and the entire Seal team misses their extraction and is required to spend the night out in the mountains all because communications had been lost. I think that the scenario of being a squad leader, coming under fire from the enemy, having your radio bearer die, losing coms while he/ she re-spawns, and having to manage a defense or retreat though local coms would prove a fun and challenging leadership hurdle among other opportunities and drawbacks that come with being able to effect communication on the battlefield. Thanks for taking the time to read though this Masters thesis and please let me know what you thing.