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  1. Camoflague nets

    The camo would just have to blend in with the surrounding terrain, making it a lot harder to spot placed buildings etc. As Catindabox said, that colour would have to mimic the surrounding terrain. Either mimicing the terrain they are placed on, or just a set texture for each map. (Fools road would be dark green, whereas kohat would be yellow) This way, when you fly over a fob in a helicopter, it would hopefully be a lot harder to spot. It could possibly even hader for infantry to spot, depending on if the net went to gound level so that it looks like a hill. Some sort of implementation would be handy but it wouldn't have to be as complicated as im describing haha.
  2. Camoflague nets

    Yeah thats what i thought, it would be great if they blended in but i think they would be quite visible on the current map
  3. With helicopters arriving in coming updates, i was thinking about how fobs might be seen from the air. I'm not entirely sure how fobs are eventually going to be used but my suggestion is to have some sort of camoflague net, to try and hide fob locations. This might be difficult because of open areas, little tree cover, different foliage colors on each map. I thought this would be useful for teams who have built a forward operating base and rely on keeping it hidden.