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  1. Skip splash screens

    I'm looking for the launch option to skip the splash screens on launch. I don't want to hear that you can click it away, that is not what I am here for. So what is it? Because -nosplash doesn't work. If you don't have the answer please don't bother replying and go away.
  2. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    @Mauti: so you agree it's not 70lbs after all. Thank you. Regarding speed: you can't compare Marathon results with this. The way you apply statistics is faulty. You drastically increase the chance of drowning as soon as you get a pool in your backyard. That doesn't mean every second man with a pool drowns in it. A Marathon runner has to conserve his energy to last for the duration of the Marathon. I would argue a soldier being shot at has a bit more motivation to sprint as fast as he possibly can for the duration of his short sprint.
  3. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    What?!? 20 km/h is a very relaxed jog. 10km/h is when you let go of the clutch of a manual car and let it roll. Walking speed pretty much. I see you worked on your text formatting. Nice! Now it's content you should consider improving. Quality instead of quantity. The things you say and think make no sense. Source please. I call bs.
  4. Buddy rally poll

    Those HAB-to-HAB situations may yet educate players to work as a team over time. If this simple task overwhelms them it is actually an argument for buddy rallies.
  5. Buddy rally poll

    The only thing that polls like these prove is that the majority of people are stupid, lemmings, zombies, headless chickens, etc. Ya'll got brainwashed by that one v13 video which turned from a "v13 news" video into "my personal bitchy opinions on everything v13" really quick without most people noticing. That situation with the two HAB's next to each other is easily fixed. You get there (thanks to flanking rallies and buddy rallies no less), overrun it and dig it down. Stop whining and git gud.
  6. Bad/gamebreaking features in alpha 13

    This is terrible feedback. Do you even know what game-breaking means? It means you can no longer achieve the goals set by the game. It doesn't apply here because you can. It's way too early to say whether the changes are good or bad. Many more matches need to be played first for this to be adequately addressed with an un-biased perspective. With one exception: walking and sprinting speeds. Personally I welcome the new speeds, I felt like running on an escalator going the opposite direction. I'd even go as far as to increase the speed to 5.75m/sec, but that's me. I'd advise to keep the current speeds at least. OPs posts are not warranted at this time. It seems he also needs to mature a bit. There's great information about text formatting out there, go find it.
  7. squad charisma

    Squad isn't - a cold war game - an 80's game - a historical game These curious suggestions wouldn't fit the games style at all.
  8. Movement speed too slow (revised)

    Final report: I suggest at the very least keeping the v13-A speed modifications. Personally I'd even go as far as increasing walking and sprinting speed by additioal 5%/0.25 meters per second (to a total of 5.75m/s) to give a soldier's sprint some determination but that's me. I found this lack of speed most noticeable when running towards objects. It's almost negligible but that's it. Undefined out
  9. Movement speed too slow (revised)

    I'm talking about the commonly played current version, not the v13-A. Walking and running feels like my feet are sluggish as if I'd be wading through deep mud or on sand dunes of the sahara desert. Edit: I've tested v13-A and I can say responsiveness definitely feels better than before, but the walking and sprinting speed is still a tad slow. Most noticeable when you have an object ahead you are sprinting towards for reference.
  10. This is a very important issue but there is not much to say other than movement speed feels too slow. Even with the gear a soldier is carrying it doesn't feel right. Walking/sprinting speed should be about 1/3rd faster. The animations to drop to prone and to stand up should also be sped up, the current speed is inadequetly slow for being shot at. I know several people who love PR but don't like Squad because of this, it's not just me. Edit: This was my opinion before I had tried the v13-A. It has been revised in the posts of mine that follow.
  11. Can you throw in the Discord address? Doctor Hammer, I've been a regular on your server and got around 1K hours on Squad. I know what I'm doing. But this british dude "Jimmy"-something you got as a co-admin is incompetent at least, if not malevolent. He was purposely sabotaging our team, which is even worse with all these newbies being in Squad after the Steam Sale. I was setting up sandbags in Lower Petrivka on Yehorivka to protect the HAB I had just set up to get some defenses going and he undug them, same with the repair box I put up. When I asked him why he was undigging the sandbags I had set up for HAB defense he just said it was shit because it was blocking a side door of a garage in which I had set up the repair station for vehicles. I don't usually approve of tk's, but he left me no choice. Then he disclosed he was an admin and banned me from the server. He didn't approach me to address his problems with it before undigging the stuff, he just did it while I was standing right next to it after placing it. He wasn't a squadleader either, just some grunt undigging the shit I put up. I my book he has no say in what a squad leader does to get the job done..
  12. An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad

    Yeah my game crashes EVERY time I want to play it. Sometimes early in a match, sometimes it takes longer. Unplayable. It's been like this for a long time, the game went through several versions and it still hasn't been addressed. It used to be more stable (but not entirely) when I was allowed to run the game on older drivers but now the game also demands newer drivers. It's time you guys address the game crashes instead of focusing on adding new stuff. IT. CRASHES. ALL. THE. TIME. Fix this ASAP, we've been waiting for a fix for a loooong time now. I have to give this game a bad review until it is playable because right now it's a piece of nonstop crashing sh*t. Not as a means of pressure to the dev team but to warn other people who might be interested in the game that this game is not worth buying yet.