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  1. Movement problems

    HAHA yeah I was told it was best to learn the guns, the transport the sight distances etc etc & even the maps. I wanna try not to be a COD player in a team based game hehe & thanks for the welcome. Hopefully this bug gets fixed soon.
  2. Movement problems

    Oh for all players then? even in matches?
  3. Movement problems

    Hello all. I'm a new player i just brought squad today & figured i'd jump into the firing range before i try a match, anyway i can lean left and right, use my mouse no problem, zoom aim shoot etc etc but when i try to move in any direction even jumping my character stutters & it's a really slow stutter. The sounds of movement are there but it's as if my character only moves like a few inches at a time. On all stances. Just wondering if anyone else is having or had this problem?