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  1. Release: Alpha 9.10

    Cant wait for my pc to come in and play this!! Nice update.
  2. Specs to run in decent quality

    Okay, ill try it out. What should i upgrade too? i7? And maybe gfx 1000 series?
  3. Specs to run in decent quality

    Ive ran a few games on it already. im just interested in this game so im trying to figure out what to upgrade or anything. i couldnt run it atleast medium picture settings?
  4. Specs to run in decent quality

    Why? Whats the problem. What do i need to improve?
  5. My specs are 3.1GHz i5 2400k quad core GTX 750 1GB Vram 8 gigs of ram elite motherboard im just wondering what quality i could consistantly run the game on. what i need to update... Im going to get 4 gigs of ram today.