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  1. [Solved] disconnect from queue

    I figured out the issue, recently purchased new PC and had forgotten to update network adaptor. Fixed the issue straight away. Cheers
  2. [Solved] disconnect from queue

    So I have tried the reinstall, still doesn't work, I just get disconnected from queue after 10 seconds. Any ideas?
  3. [Solved] disconnect from queue

    Hi Beginna, thank you for the advice. I will try the above and let you know.
  4. Hi, So I have played SQUAD before on a free weekend and I had no issues. However I have recently purchased it and to put it simply, it's unplayable. I can't join any servers, (Disconnects me from queue after 10 seconds), and when I go into training I run in place or I move forward at a snails pace. I also try and jump and I go up in an almost jittery fashion almost like I was majorly lagging. I know it's not frame lag as when I stand still and look around there is no frame drops. The trees move smoothly and my gun fires smoothly also. Also to note I had a message pop-up when I first started the game saying "EasyAntiCheat engine did not load properly, you may not have access to multiplayer". I have restarted the game multiple times before then and it never showed that message again. To be safe I went into the folder where EasyAntiCheat is stored and repaired it using the setup application. I have also tried deleting the Squad file in Appdata. I had seen that by disabling steam inventory in the game settings, it may have fixed the issue. But I know this isn't my issue either cause I haven't received any items from the game yet. So can anyone help me with this? *Computer Specs* GTX 1060 6GB 16GB DDR4 RAM I7 6700HQ 2.60GHz