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  1. New Wallpaper

    Here comes the new Challenger.
  2. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    First of all the spandrel is a great addition to vehicle combat and so is T-62. Still waiting for that emplaced spg-9 to be picked up or rotate in position better. Movement speed seems to be a bit too much while sprinting, It makes me feels like a certain retired sprinter running with full combat gear. All new animations are great and so on. The new demolition game mode seems a bit weak so to weak. In my opinion conventional forces would be more focused on enemy´s field "depots" rather than just a simple ammo cache. Like a fuel/ammo FOB so to speak. Like the defenders have no real purpose to defend the cache.
  3. Squad Sensitivity Multipliers

    Global is your normal sensitivity (weapon lowered), No zoom is for ADS (Aiming down sights), and w/ zoom is for focus sensitivity. Same goes for the vehicles. For example: I use 1.00 for global, 0.40 for ADS and 0.30 on focus
  4. Well you wouldn´t believe where a "supply" truck can go in real life. You have differential and axle locks in most military trucks, plus you can put on the chains so the wheels can get a grip even on rock.
  5. Same here. Been there and done that in real life as in game. That´s why the simple tool for the crewman could solve all that hassle.
  6. Well yes but you missed my point.
  7. Why I dont want Helicopters

    Just you wait, I tell you that Bigger maps and different layers will change everything. Learnt from the past.
  8. I´ve seen that the vehicle recovery idea been discussed to death, but I would suggest a simple tool for the crewman kit. Most military trucks and armored vehicles have a built-in winch system to pull the vehicle out from a ditch if it gets stuck or rolled on it´s side. The hook tool could work similarly as the repair box, so it takes time to "reset" or flip the vehicle back on it´s wheels/tracks. Not completely realistic feature cause you would have to undo the winch wire and fold it over a tree with pulley, but it gets the job done.
  9. New interface is bad

    First I was so confused, but once I fiddled around with options I got used to it as a squad member and a leader. Only one thing I´d like to be optional is the vehicle axis and gear/torque indicators ´cause they´re not accurate with the engine rev sound. Sure it is a fine placeholder once we get a dashboard with gauges.
  10. The new rev system is a big improvement from PR and over all everything else is getting there. Now just waiting for those small repair drops from logis. And maybe more factions some day.
  11. The M4 feels extremely inferior now.

    Nah, both seem equally deadly to me. Best way is to tap fire or get a headshot. I find that the sound bugs out sometimes when a guy is tap firing and you hear it in full auto.
  12. Logi V10

    Everything new is explained in the patch changelogs etc. Always make sure to check those when a new patch has come up. The game is still in the early access stages after all.
  13. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    Gonna lose my mind here soon enough. No other fps game can cure this itch.
  14. Alpha 10 Public Test

    One up for the vehicle comms, it´s so frustrating to tell your new crewman to turn up his local voice chat volume etc.