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  1. Logi V10

    Everything new is explained in the patch changelogs etc. Always make sure to check those when a new patch has come up. The game is still in the early access stages after all.
  2. Plans for another 2nd public v10 test?

    Gonna lose my mind here soon enough. No other fps game can cure this itch.
  3. Alpha 10 Public Test

    One up for the vehicle comms, it´s so frustrating to tell your new crewman to turn up his local voice chat volume etc.
  4. Vehicle, controlling speed

    Could it be possible to control a "crawl" speed etc with mousewheel or something? And then just go full throttle with W.
  5. Well you should be able to just drop on the ground your face in the dirt with few sec delay to pull up your weapon. If you want to carefully go prone you could just hold down the prone key or something.
  6. What do you Usually Name Your Squad?

    MISFITS, heh only whenever other squads are either full or locked.
  7. weapons switch

    Yeah the deploy animation for rpg7 was great in the public v10 test.
  8. Ideas For New Roles

    Just take a look at Project reality kits system people. Could solve all those problems and suggestions.
  9. Ability to hold spawns at your rally point

    Or just make spawns unlimited and make the rally despawn after few mins with a cool down to set up a new one or if enemy get too close.
  10. Deployable Change

    Or just an combat engineer with minesweeper or something.
  11. Anti Tank

    Indeed, AP round just cut straight through the armor and the vehicle. HEAT etc may go through armor and get the whole crew inside.
  12. Anti Tank

    Well yes but you need to understand how AT weapons and different warheads/grenades actually work, they just don´t magically blow up the whole vehicle, only if you get a lucky shot on the munition storage or fuel tank/engine block which can ignite the petrol but not diesel. To immobilize the vehicle you need to destroy the tracks/wheels or the engine/transmission etc or get the crew inside. Hit the turret/gun and it cant shoot at you.
  13. Anti Tank

    Can´t wait for those damage changes. In real world the light anti tank infantry crew´s main objective after all is to immobilize the enemy armor. The "cook offs" are a rare chance with light anti-tank weapons but TOW launchers and other heavy AT weapons are a whole different story.
  14. SVD is broken ?.

    Well on the real PSO scope you need to adjust the elevation, and use the upper chevron for aiming. The lower ones are used for beyond 1000m. I bet they will add it later on.
  15. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    I think it´s fine and US army will get their bradleys sometime. You just need to coordinate with inf to take it down.