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  1. Alpha 9.9

    i have gone through and deleted all my files rebooted after I did so; and I am reinstalling right now then I will reboot after it is done and launch the game and leave a edit after; but I have a question could a runtime library be bugged if so would I have to delete it, I'm not sure if squad use's that but I'm thinking its a error on my pc also and steam only uninstalls files not programs that install during first launch; EXAMPLE Microsoft visual c++ 2015; are like those type of files needed to read programing language for a game if so could it be bugged? EDIT: the full reinstall did not work.. but on your last post I am investing into some m.2 drives soon and getting windows 10 pro I will see if that has fixed the issue but for now my game boots up super slow 10 - 15 minutes I'm not sure how to recreate it either so I'm out of luck I geuss
  2. Alpha 9.9

    I'm not sure that's the thing I don't know if its my hardware or the unreal update they just did I really just don't know I've reinstalled twice already to see if that has anything to do with this issue but no luck.
  3. Alpha 9.9

    Has the start up performance been issued as a bug yet and when will it be taken care of, 15 minute's of boot loading on a machine like mine is unacceptable; it uses only 1% of my CPU mind you, I am using a i7 7700k overclocked also. Loads intro video full screen it plays through, then the screen is just black using 1% of my cpu then 10 - 15 minutes later it starts in window mode this started happening after the 9.8 update.