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  1. Lack of active quality servers

    There more than just those servers in the EU, you've got RB, Blood Bound, OB and such to choose from as well, I wouldn't say there's a lack if you haven't tried all of them
  2. Blood Bound Event

    Friday Mod Night This Friday we will be running the first Mod Night. The first Mod we are going to play is SquadZ made by Smed (His Discord -> https://discord.gg/qF3TMZA ) Download the mod here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1501154648 It will start @ 7:30pm UTC Open to everyone No password Only Rule: NO REVIVES
  3. More tickets, longer games

    Yet, most people just want to jump on for a few games, but cant with lot more tickets, they can only have 1 game, so i like the ticket lessen, since it makes it hard for those who want to have a few games, but the longer games made it much harder, some games took 1 hour and half, thats almost the amount of time i have to play. i would have liked it if we had the more tickets but had a lot more ticket loss for assets, flags and Radios. so if that was to happen, that would be the great middle ground. but till then the new change is the best
  4. Fear and Terror Server Information

    Recommend you make the file read only
  5. Blood Bound Event

    Blood Bound is hosting a Hold the Fort event on Saturday the 6th of October at 19:00 UTC The rules for the event are: Defending Team Goals: The defending team must eliminate all of the attackers or stop their radio from being dug up for 30 minutes. Startup: 1. The defenders must choose a location for their FOB from the list given and set it up, they have 10 minutes to do so. 2. You can build with absolutely anything you want but you may not use glitches or exploits. (This includes putting radios inside of walls, etc). Rules: 1. Stay within your radius of your FOB (150m) 2. After the startup timer ends, you can still build with what supplies you have but you may not return to main in order to gather more. Attacking Team Goals: The attacking team must either eliminate all of the defenders (0 tickets) or dig down the defender’s radio within 30 minutes. Startup: You must wait for 10 minutes until you are allowed to start attacking the enemy FOB. Scouts are allowed to spawn after 5 minutes in order to begin looking for the FOB but they must not attack it. Rules: 1. You are allowed to set up attacking FOBs but you may not have any emplacements. 2. You may not place an FOB/HAB within or near (200m) of the defender’s FOB. 3. Small squads may be merged with others to preserve gameplay. How To Join 1.) Join up on the Squad Events Hub: https://discord.gg/VnahkPk 2.) Get your Clan Representative to sign up on the #sign-ups page (and follow the instructions there)
  6. Community Clan Fight Night

    Blood bound 2nd squad
  7. So, tonight's the night, time to see if you are good enough to be zombie meat. Server name: BB | Blood Bound Event Sever ️ (UK/EU) Password: BB100 Time: 19:30UTC (20:30BST) I hope to see as many of you as we can to kill the zombie horde !
  8. List of active clans and communities

    Name: Blood Bound Tag: BB | Link: https://discord.gg/gsUpQQw Language: English Description: competative group who love having a laugh Members: 60+ we also play: anything
  9. Community Clan Fight Night

    Blood Bound in Fool's Road AAS v3
  10. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Yes they are in the rotation
  11. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    where constantly changing the map rotation, its now has those maps in it, but it may take some time to get round to those maps
  12. BB | Blood Bound Server (UK/EU)

    Its been a crazy first day, Thanks to all who have come along. I didn't realise how amazing some of the games on the first day would be, i hope to see all again over the coming days!
  13. QFF invite you to their server

    Have to say, played on other servers when i first got squad, but never had such good games other than on QFF. enjoyed my time there before i joined the group. there a mixed bunch, but all love to have a good laugh and a joke, but know when to store it away when the shooting starts.