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  1. Vehicle Spawn Commands as of V10

    Simply put, as of V10 the multitude of vehicle spawn commands found on the wiki here, no longer work. I assume this is due to most vehicles getting an updated class name? Anyways, the reason we can assume this feature wasn't just removed from the game is because the spawning still works for the following vehicles and it's variants: MRAPs, URALs, BRDM-2s and Motorbikes. (and maps that had placed vehicles are simply missing there now) V10 SDK isn't out either so pretty much need developer help to correct the situation, but I'd be glad to be wrong if anyone else figures out the new class names for vehicles.
  2. Short answer: No. Devs could reduce it but it'd involve 'unlocking' game assets to be more modular and thus easier to patch vs the current complete unpacking and repacking process.
  3. WindowsNoEditor and WindowsServer?

    From what I can tell all mods on the workshop consist of this structure, where the content is replicated between two separate branches with the titles of this thread. Is there a purpose for these branches existing? As I see it it's literally the same file with no differentiation in size nor file type all the while artificially doubling the size of what mods really are needlessly? Example: Forest Air has a 5GB .pak, but because there are two branches it becomes 10GB, so it's kind of a waste of bandwidth and space. Any ideas?
  4. Custom Assets from Multiple Sources

    Hello all, firstly, I'd like to point out I'm new to SDK and highly ignorant at this moment so apologies in advance. I would like to ask you all about certain things regarding Squad and Modding, these will be rather specific, namely what I'd like to know is if it is possible to make use of the "AdminCreateVehicle" and custom assets from various mods without needing to be on that mods custom layers. Use of this command for an official vehicle follows a structure like so: AdminCreateVehicle /game/vehicles/MATV/BP_MATV.BP_MATV_C; however, so far custom assets follow the a simplified structure of: AdminCreateVehicle BP_<ID>_C. (The custom spawn only working if on a provided layer with that mods assets already linked). So obviously the official spawning points to the game asset but can a custom asset be pointed to as well? such as /workshop/coolvehiclesmod/BP_<ID>_C (what would the structuring be if it does exist?) If that is not available as an option, then the next idea that comes to me is a unifying layer that includes desired mods, is that possible? So for example, I want the Helicopter mod and the new MATV pack concurrently, the issue being each have their own layer with their assets separate from each other, do the creators need to collaborate to make a unified layer or can a third party tie them together? Any answers would be appreciated.
  5. Yeah, I'm hoping that OWI will follow the common developer practice of optimizing both front-end and back-end services as you mentioned; however, have they officially mentioned this topic in any capacity though?
  6. So recently I've discovered an issue where my squad servers running off box rented from NFO have some health issues at capacity (yellow/red health with a server cap of 70+2), contacting NFO about this they've replied that Squad is not optimized for multi-thread usage and as such piles resource demands onto a single core bottlenecking the ever loving heck of the server. So the only options available being: OWI working towards multi-thread support, throw more money at the problem by upgrading to a box with a faster CPU, or decreasing server slot capacity. Has OWI mentioned anything about working towards this feature? Apologies if this is already covered.