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  1. The next tank added should be T-55

    There are no T55 used in Ukraine. For militia the best choice may be the T72-A, T72-B1, or T64-BV. The T55 or T62 for insurgents.
  2. Mortars

    This is what I was talking about
  3. Mortars

    Hi, Right now mortars are not very effective. You can shoot in a bucket, but don't do any damage. I mean that people don't care about a mine landing at 10 meters. This is why I thought to reverse it. Making dispersion inscreasing with distance & Increase damage radius. Thus, we get: - mortars used in their real purpose, good supress before an assault, scare people - can be used by more people and not be "reserved" only for those using squadcalc (because more effectiveness), avoid people shooting right on habs (for example) with squadcalc, avoid killing vehicles with mortars (they are not made for it but for inf) Two birds with one stone For balancing reasons mortar's rate of fire can be decreased, ammo cost increased ?
  4. You are right, and this is why I was talking about hab limitation. There are no reinforcements from "anywhere" ! You get encircled, you get f*cked. Add to this that I heard from their videos that they want to make it even "more realistic". They want transport trucks to be more used. And the degree of realism they want in their game is proven/demonstrated by their wish of diversification (look at the vehicle differences !). I was talking about this with my first messages but people came here to explain how wrong I was instead of trying to understand me. "SQUAD isn't Arma 3", I never said that, Arma 3 is completly another game. Yes, maybe the hab limitation isn't the best idea, but the fact is, that spawn mechanics have to be changed. Your lost games are due to your SLeaders. Actually each one is doing what he thinks good for the victory wich is not always for the common objective wich allows the victory. Here is why we need the "commander". He will make everyone agree on a common objective. Then SLeaders will chose what and how to do it, attacking defending etc. As I said SQUAD is still in alpha phase so we just have to test it instead of listening those "experts" telling us how the commander role will be bad. Last important thing for SQUAD is the "Control Zone" game mode with the front line. The AAS game mode, is not strategy. That is always the same thing, a concentration of menpower in a specific place at a specific moment/time. Even the improvised AAS will not solve the problem, this will just get us play other zones on the map. The real strategy is chosing you own objective, on the map. Reaching this objective will be your tactics. (Without going into details) This is why "Control Zone" have to become THE game mode of SQUAD. Many SLeaders will be lost, but the time shows us that today's SLs are better than yesterday's. They are making choises faster, thinking about having a transport truck next to them to be able to move quickly to another point etc. So here there will no be problems, dont be scared. New Spawn Mechanics + Commander Role + Control Zone game mode will make SQUAD a real strategic/tactic FPS. PS: This is my opinion/vision of SQUAD in the future. You like it or not, you can off course take your time to explain me how wrong I'm. But time will show us who were right. Off course if devs continue their actual line of developpement.
  5. Where is the problem ? SQUAD is still in "alpha" and we are here to improve it. Where is the problem to implement the commander and see how the results will be ??? Just because of your pessimistic theories... gentlemen the experts
  6. "Last built" for SL

    Wow, you are a genius
  7. Hello guys, What do you think about this ? -> Squad Leader able to chose the size of the sandbag wall (height and length). Being able to directly set up a defensive fortification. Construction points will be consumed depending on the size of the costruction, or number of sandbags used. The possibility of creating the walls by placing points of connection between the walls on the floor, as if drawing it. Same thing with the razor wire and hesco.
  8. Problems with coordination will be solved by adding the "Commander" Role. The squads will move towards a common aim fixed by the commander, and don't do anymore what they believe to be correct each one on its side. When I was talking about realism I forget to talk about the supply lines, my bad. The argument is the supply lines and it doesn't make the game too much difficult. Those BTR's which were spawnkilling your vehicles, this kind of thing have not to be allowed by the server rules, add to this that supply lines have to be protected ! (Cutting supply line and spawnkillig isn't the same thing) In addition the arriving of the TAW will cancel the BTR 30 supremacy. Or should we be able to make some constructions near our main base to avoid that ? Concerning the logi runs you can just make a rotation and ask another guy to do it, it always works well enouth in my squad. Squad isn't Battlefield to be a simple FPS.
  9. Completly agree, excellent ideas !
  10. Can you explain please ? I hope it's not because it makes you leave your comfort zone.
  11. Hello soldiers ! Squad wants to be a « Tactical Military First Person Shooter » where tactics and strategy are the key to victory. However, there is one thing that limits the development and implementation of certain tactics, it’s the HAB. It’s completely absurd and unrealistic to see the infantry appear in unlimited quantities from anywhere (HAB)! Thus, the tactics of encirclement are useless which is contrary to the reality. No advantage is gained by encircling the enemy. MAIN IDEA : So, I thought about limiting the number of spawns on the HAB. The advantage of an FOB / HAB is the fact that any squad can spawn on it. Until today its second advantage, completely abusive, is the unlimited spawns. By limiting the spawns, the HAB doesn’t lose its essential advantage, the spawn of the entire team. The HAB should be like the big brother of the RP and therefore operate in the same way. I'm thinking about "40" spawns, because 40 players in the team (9 for the RP). When the number of spawns is over, the HAB disappears, or becomes damaged until new construction points are received. We could think about adding a 3rd resource but it’s not a good idea. What will be at the back of the logistic vehicle? Imaginary troops? In this case the other vehicles also should be able to supply the HAB in number of spawns. This makes the game too complicated ... the first idea is simple and effective. EXEMPLE : Let's see a good example on Fools Road: Link to the image -> HERE US forces took “Papanov” under control, the best strategy here is to block the arrival of US reinforcements. It was done by blocking "North Village" by the RUS forces. No transport and / or logistic vehicle can pass for going to “Papanov”. But because of the fact that the US reinforcements can appear massively from anywhere, which is absurd, this strategy is useless. CONCLUSION : Thus, limiting the number of spawns on the HAB allows us to put forward the notion of "supply lines", which has an important place in the war. Finally, it allows us to make new tactics instead of being wrecked by encircled enemies because of the building (ex: Yehorivka-Storage-SouthOuest Building) where they are. What do you think, gentlemen?
  12. More Map commands for SLs

    Make the drawing system like in A3, that's it !
  13. ''Realistic'' strategic game mode

    I agree that the actual conquest mode isn't a good strategic mode. We use more "retard" strategy than "military" strategy. Rushing flags like you said etc, it's not very realistic/logic. When you make war, you don't rush points like this IRL. We already have the "invasion mode", BUT it have to be improved. If defenders lose a flag, they shouldn't could cap it back. Thanks to this, we'll avoid flag rushes. We could make real plans of attacking/defending a flag with more "military" strategy. This will make the game more realistic. Then it's just a question of equilibration. Also if we could change the cap zones on the map (admins), this will give mooore fighting locations in one map. PS: Hope that they'll improve the spawn. Devs already informed.
  14. Worst idea ever seen. Even in normal mode SL have few problems with following people. It's easy enough to be an extremely mobile squad if you use vehicles but if you lose them you are f***ed in your game mode. Who will run across all the map ?