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  1. Launch Error (StartService failed: 2)

    What should I do then? Because I see the executable in SysWOW64 but windows does not automatically redirect to this one. When I try to start the service manually, it keeps telling me that the service can not be found. Besides, I can no longer play Palladins. Edit: The redirection does not automatically, I decided to cut the easyanticheat.exe from SysWOW64 to System32 and the game is no problem.
  2. Launch Error (StartService failed: 2)

    I just noticed that the service EasyAntiCheat.exe in my services does not launch because it does not exist. Yet, I can play Palladins who also uses EasyAntiCheat ..
  3. Hello, Today, I decided to reinstall Squad which worked very well a few months ago, but this time at launch, I have a mistake: Can not creater service (StartService failed: 2) I tried to repair easy AntiCheat but nothing done, the game launches without easy anticheat If you have a solution to offer me I am taker. Thank you