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  1. Coax on right mouse button.

    Here's the deal: We don't make claims about things we don't know fully and stay respectful, then we might even have someone answering a question.
  2. Coax on right mouse button.

    Is there a possibility you don't have all the variables of the equation?
  3. Since night time maps are now in the game

    Since you can't have a civilized conversation, it's ending here.
  4. Squad and PR (Project Reality)

    Alright guys, it's obvious we have passed the point where the discussion was about the OP topic and reached the point where it's all about personal level debates. Therefore /lock
  5. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    I might be mistaken but in my perception, the main topic is an ironsight-zoom discussion, not level of realism.
  6. Aiming sucks in this game

    /hid 2 posts We really don't need any "you're bad at this or that" throwing around in this forum.
  7. too many hackers ruining this game

    I think the thread ran it's course. /lock
  8. too many hackers ruining this game

    I have redacted your post to remove your links. Please do NOT EVER post a link to cheating websites. There is no known currently working hack as Easy Anti Cheat is being used. I personally just checked a few of your links and not only do they say "discontinued", but it can be hardly believed anything of it is trustworthy. I would recommend to ask the active community leads for their experience, they are running the servers and can tell you more about real experiences with the topic.
  9. Jets

    /hidden two posts Given the way the niveau and seeming intent of the OP, I don't see any reason to let this discussion going. This is not the place for throwing around insults against other people, no matter who they are or you think might be.
  10. V13 Steam Download Corrupted

    Thanks for providing info to people having the same issue, this helps out. I'm sorry you feel I couldn't be helpful in this regard. In case something doesn't get answered, a good way to get some suggestions is using the search function on reddit/r/joinsquad, this forum and on the steam forum. Other than that, there is also the discord #support channel with active community support. https://discordapp.com/invite/squad
  11. V13 Steam Download Corrupted

    Clear your steam download cache. You can't check the files on cloud so you can't tell if they're corrupted, but you conclude they must be corrupt remotely because they're corrupted locally... this opinion doesn't withstand critical inspection by itself. Also, you didn't define what you mean by corrupted, how you technically achieve this conclusion is a mystery only you are able to solve.
  12. V13 Steam Download Corrupted

    This is regarding your end or the connection route you're having towards the STEAM CDN servers. OWI has no influence on the STEAM infrastructure and the files that are in the cloud most likely are not at fault, especially as there was no corrupt update. Is one of your drives full by any chance? This is a common reason for similar issues. Please go into more detail on what you mean by "files are corrupted" and how you technically achieve this conclusion.
  13. Server closed connection at random times

  14. Feedback from old PR dev :)

    Hello Deer. Glad to hear about your opinion from the perspective of a former PR Dev. I love both games (I consider PR an entire game by itself), as well as the old BF2 game. Former BF2 dev Eggman was also active in this forum a long time ago and it's just nice seeing people still being around and at somewhat reach. The whole "they or those didn't like me in the end" ... well... that's personal issues with different opinions colliding on the internet. Happens all day, glad to see you still identify to being a former driving factor of PR, I'm happy for everyone who contributes in those projects. Just my 2 cents on your person, thanks for the service o7
  15. Report Server Admin Abuse feedback

    As far as revealing the internal process and if action is taken at all - your question was answered. You may post feedback but calling OWI a shady business just because they chose to not discuss these topics and create even more drama publically isn't "constructive criticism", it's just a negative, personal opinion. The point being, you're running in circles here. You gave your feedback and should leave it at that. As you stated yourself - most game companies don't even have this "community service", because it takes too much resources and has no actual, beneficial results in the long term. Those are my two cents on the topic, I can't speak for OWI but they have their processes and decisions that are made internally.