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  1. Please no raised weapon as default

    Not sure if this has been mentioned, but how about having the gun drop the low ready after sprinting, and back to shooting position with right click?
  2. Closed Alpha 3 Released

    Did you guys send the keys associated with the clan deals to the representative of the clan?
  3. Animations

    Good to hear :)
  4. Animations

    What worries me is that devs in the past said that giving the soldiers lowered weapons in 3p is not a priority. Constantly raised weapons looks absolutely terrible and even old PR fixed that.
  5. In PR the insurgents can sprint longer than the conventional factions. Or maybe the other way around. Either way, their stamina is (or used to be) different. I wouldn't differ the normal walking/jogging speed based on the loadout as that would just be annoying when walking long distances with a squad (yes kids, you will be walking long distances). It's definitely a good idea for sprinting though.
  6. [3dAC] - 3rd Armoured Cavalry - Recruitment

    Can't wait to get some proper combined arms going with these gentlemen.
  7. New sounds are preatty spectacular

    Make Arty sound like this. The sound as the rounds are coming in is terrifying.

    You dont say
  9. Does bleeding increase weapon sway? Because it should.