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  1. FPS Issues

    I have a box that is checked that reads "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives" the "total paging file size for all drives: Minimum allowed 16MB Recommended: 1912 MB Currently allocated 5888 MB idk if this would make a difference but i do have rainbow 6 siege open.
  2. FPS Issues

    To be honest I have no idea. My pc came pre built and idk how to see that page. I have yet to try the texture loading thing as well. Edit. So I have had the full texture loading off apparently. So these frame drops are with it off
  3. FPS Issues

    Sounds about right. I'm 90% sure it's part of the R7 series. I can probably find out after school today Thank you. I'll try this out after school
  4. FPS Issues

    Here's the thing. Arma 2 gives me a consistent fps and it's not even optimised that well. Squad is much better optimised but I'm not getting consistent frames. I mean I plan on upgrading my computer but I don't want to stop playing squad.
  5. FPS Issues

    So i tried that and it worked a little bit but im still getting frame drops. any other ideas?
  6. FPS Issues

    Alright thank you all. I'll try that tomorrow. I never noticed that button
  7. FPS Issues

    I'm new to squad and I haven't dug around the game files yet. How do I delete cache? Like what's the path to get to it?
  8. FPS Issues

    AMD Radeon Graphics Processor (0x6658)
  9. FPS Issues

    Processor: Intel(r) core i5-4460 cpu @3.2ghz RAM: 8gb System Type: 64 bit os, x64 based processor Thanks for the reply
  10. FPS Issues

    Hello everyone, I have an issue with my FPS dropping from 50-60 to 0. Before the update (8/26/17 i believe) I had fps drops when i first spawned in (joined a server and spawned) and then they stopped. After the update, My fps drops randomly and every time i get into any form of firefight (enemy armor shooting, friendly armor shooting, techies shooting, small arm fire, i spot an enemy and shoot first, etc.). I have my settings custom and the most of them are on medium quality while shadows are on low. Any ideas on how to fix this. Its making my game literally unplayable and I really like this game. Thanks