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    We are the 7TH Recondo and we are a Squad clan that focuses around teamwork and simulating a company size unit. The 7TH Recondo does not care about skill level because you will be taught how to operate. The word Recondo was a word used by Different Militaries that combines two words Reconnaissance-Commando. We are a semi-serious clan in all aspects. We have no age restriction we just ask that you are mature. We are several positions and ranks that individuals can work towards to and earn. We operate in a company size with a strong respectable chain of command. We are a laid back unit but when it comes down to training and being in combat you are expected to man up. The clan is ran by a former military member of the U.S. Army. Are you ready to make a difference and be a Recondo? Please Post In comments you are interested and we will give you a Discord Link. Thank you!