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  1. Alpha 10 Released

    3 weeks eventually happened
  2. November 2017 Recap

    Looks like “soon” is one the horizon
  3. Alpha 9.17 Released

    Wow I can’t believe now I can run Mestia on 60 FPS instead of 4fps
  4. Alpha 9.15 Released

    Finally ! Now we need to wait for a great modding community
  5. Alpha 9.14 Released

    How is the performance in this patch on Mestia ?
  6. Alpha 9.13 Released

    posted it few hours ago, then did a game cache wipe and now 15 fps yea ;v
  7. Alpha 9.13 Released

    wow I've got i5 4460, 270x and 8gb of RAM and got 30-60 fps. How's that possible
  8. Alpha 9.12 Released

    rest in peace humvee :c let's hope at least that v10 will arrive before christmas <3
  9. October 2017 Recap

    Hope you’ll deliver it before Christmas boys . Keep a good work ❤️
  10. The Road to Fallujah, Part 1

    Wow this news made my day
  11. Animation System Update

    Great work guys! That's what we like updates how it all was made great. Zeroings looks cool ,and will definitely add some flavour to the gameplay. out
  12. September 2017 Recap

    Belaya looks stunning, only proper white camo for soldiers and it will be delicious piece of gameplay. Also can't wait for another post about animation system
  13. Squad User Manual

    I've lately joined this great community and what i've seen is that the SQUAD USER MANUAL hasn't been updated for a bit. Maybe it will be good to update it?
  14. How 'bout destruction?

    I know it might be difficult to do and also there're bigger thing to do right now like implementing finally that animation system(actually that will refresh the game for a while). Can't wait for 1.0 and for release of further dev plans
  15. How 'bout destruction?

    Hi, I've not been long in this community but one thing i really miss in this game is destruction. I know it will be a hard nut to crack but it will implement a whole new level to the gameplay. So yeah, that's all from me. Sending Love, XYZ <3