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  1. Ping increase on activity

    Had the same issue in Arma, but not to such a degree.
  2. Ping increase on activity

    Interestingly my PC has been defragging itself weekly using the default windows programme. Downloaded the trial version of o&o and run a defrag: 50 days estimated run time.. good lord. Yet to figure out how/what you mean by defrag by name. Would a drop in server health account for the game coming to a complete stop for a second or two?
  3. Ping increase on activity

    Okay, so on further inspection, I found that my disc was maxing out all the time. Made a checklist the length of my arm of possible fixes for it, and fixed it. Still hasn't stopped the drops, but have found that the CPU usage drops to zero and drive maxes out again during these spikes. A friend recommended updating my BIOS, so I could have a crack at that when I get in this evening if it's worth it?
  4. Ping increase on activity

    8GB (2x4GB) ram Intel Core i5 4460 4GB Palit GTX 970 Connected via ethernet cable. Have just bought Squad today, issue was immediately present.
  5. Ping increase on activity

    So I'm not technically minded or anything, but my PC was fairly up to scratch about a year or two ago, can post up specs if required (can't remember off the top of my head). But I'm getting god awful ping spikes (200+) and frame rate drops to zero whenever something graphically intensive happens, like incoming rounds, spawning in and vehicles moving. But is fine in every other situation (ping kicking around the 20s). Have had this happening with Arma lately but not as bad, so I'm thinking Any thoughts?