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  1. It's something I've been waiting for a looooong long time for, and we finally got a first look at it. The new Insurgent models, as the faction is going to get overhauled in terms of aesthetics. What do you think about the models? Personally I love them, only that they may be a little bit too well equipped. Generally in Syria and Iraq you see people in jeans and a ragged tshirt and some adidas football cleats, the only piece of military equipment being some old vietnamese rip-off chestrig. But they do look great indeed.
  2. I think it would be a cool addition and it would balance the Insurgent/Militia team more if we had Mines/IEDs triggered by stepping on them. They would greatly help both teams and they would be awesome. Many times US soldiers have stepped on a weird looking "rock" only to blow up a milisecond after. I would personally love those. One good mine, a full squad tightly knit together and one man to step on it. Amazing.
  3. Alpha 10 Released

    Last playtest i was gaining 15-20 fps. This playtest i lost 15-20 fps.
  4. January 2018 Recap

    "the eastern edge of the map will house a brand new United States Army FOB, complete with helicopter landing pads." Probably one of the best recaps, holy shit there's a ton of amazing stuff. Personally loving the new Insurgents and the makeshift vehicle armor, really similar to their real-life counterparts.
  5. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    v5, close enough. I remember it used to feel great before I saw/played V10 lol
  6. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Just like everyone else, waiting for V10. V9 is painfully hard to play, it feels like a pre-alpha.
  7. They're all waiting for V10
  8. Alpha 10 Public Test

    I tried to, just don't... don't. I left halfway into the match, just couldn't do it. To think I've been playing it like a madman since v6, the playtest has spoiled me.
  9. Movement too slow ?

    Movement has been slowed down a lot, and I think it's too much. Hell, I'm not in shape and I can run faster with equipment on.
  10. POLL - v10

    Awww man, now I have to quit playing for another 3 months until it's released :(((

    Yes please! Just keep it up! Even with the game-breaking bugs they can be fixed in upcoming patches, more testing wouldn't hurt and V9 is painful to even think about. I just stopped playing since v9.4 waiting for V10 and I'm gonna stop until v10 is up again
  12. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Also, another game-breaking bug. Sometimes when you vault over something, you bug out and you keep rubberbanding, cant move left/right/backwards
  13. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    That's not a 2a72.
  14. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Found the first bug that is actually really annoying... you can't really put IEDs on vehicles anymore, they just fly around after you put them on. Also, I tried exiting my bugged out IED motorcycle and I lost all my gear and got bugged, seen just one player with this bug before and he was flapping around like an arm flailing inflatable tube man which is what I experienced now aswell... RIP SVBIEDs V10
  15. Alpha 10 Public Test

    You know it's gonna take 2 months More than 3 weeks can mean anything from 3 weeks and a day to a year
  16. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Uggghh it hurts when I think there's only a few hours left and then there's 2+ months of waiting again... Can't get used to V9 again jesus
  17. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    No, it wasn't. Now it's basically perfectly realistic. Search up yt vids
  18. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Ok, crashed thrice in a 20 minute time-frame, this is getting annoying losing out on good matches...........................
  19. Alpha 10 Public Test

    So how much until it's over? It says December 23 6 AM GMT which means I can only play for my last 1-2 hours tonight and then It'll be gone next morning...
  20. Why does the 30 MIL shoot very fast now?!

    Because that's how it is in real life
  21. Open test V10 feedback, bugs

    ^ Yes, they should release and squash the bugs as they go One annoying bug I've found, (at least on the PKM) with the bipod deployed if you aim somewhere you cant go back up again, just lower from the point of aim. You have to swiftly move your mose up so it unlocks and if you aim down again you cant aim back up. Made me miss quite a lot of people...
  22. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Guys could you please extend this for the weekend? It's not enough Loving this by the way, not many bugs and it feels amazing.
  23. Alpha 10 Public Test

    THIS IS AMAZING OH MY GOD WHEN I SAW THAT ZU-23 ANDERS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT BEAUTIFUL SOUND ON IT OMLLLL Also please extend it to monday pleeeease people got work and school you know...
  24. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    I know, but somebody mentioned injuries as well so there's that. Anway suppression in EFT is great.
  25. Suppression Overhaul Suggestion

    Escape from Tarkov has a great suppression/injuring system honestly (aside from the annoying leg-meta). Get shot in the arms, arms broken, arms shaky, can't aim for shit.