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  1. Classes you will never see

    A nice field Imam to provide all the akbars needed to successfully complete the jihad against the kuffar. Man, I wish Insurgents would speak arabic or at least shout out some Akbars now and then.
  2. Weapons

    Hopefully the PKM since it's been half-confirmed (Each faction gets a GPMG and what better GPMG than a PKM? :D), other than that we'll get some shotguns, some rocket launchers and possibly the brits with their ugly olive plastic sa80s
  3. Weapons

    I hope they will, EoTechs are sweet
  4. Weapons

    Uhhh... you posted this exact same thing like a month ago, maybe less. No, they won't give M4 to Insurgents because you think it's "cool". It's stupid and unrealistic, US army uses Automatic/Semi too.
  5. Gun reset after fire

    It's just like in real life. When you shoot a gun, it doesn't automatically reposition on the previous crosshair location.
  6. Militia PKM machinegunner skin

    Kinda out of place, but it looks badass for sure.
  7. IF

    Impressive. I usually get 60-70 fps but in cities/later in the game I always get to 40-50 and the game feels choppy as hell.
  8. an AK 74 does have more recoil than an M4. I've shot an M4 on a range in Serbia and a 74 in Moscow. the AK has noticeably higher recoil, to me at least.
  9. IF

    You clearly cant read sentences properly. Im saying copy games would be absolute trash 99%, Squad is great.
  10. IF

    of course not, like, what? It would probably be absolute trash aswell.
  11. That first video is amazing, I really hope they add this into the game! The sounds are not that good right now in terms of loudness/pop/cracks and It's a bit underwhelming right now since there's not many firefights with continuous shooting like in the video, most firefights cease for reloading and stuff, but in the video its hundreds of people across a city just shooting at all times, it's chaotic, so it never really feels so intense.
  12. tactical blind fire

    I always wanted to suggest this aswell but never got around to it, yes OWI, do it!
  13. I cant remember where I've read it but it's a very common problem in almost every other shooter aswell
  14. They know that. But it is very hard to do since it causes major lag (having to render both your proximity and the area in the distance where you're zoomed at.)
  15. 1. Thanks, I'll try 2. It's on an SSD already and I have 16GB RAM/4 VRAM 3. Yes, I have. Hopefully the horrible grip is changed. 4. There's nothing like Battlefield 4. The sounds are too quiet and the echo/reverb is not accurate at all. As far as I know a new sound reverb system has already been demonstrated here: I feel as if the current sounds are realistic but not enough. In real life it's MUCH more loud. Battlefield 4 has got the reverb on POINT