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  1. Alpha 9.9

    yep, if Squad was ported to Vulkan(that supports good Multi threading), I think we would all be really happy
  2. Alpha 9.9

    I am AMD user(for reasons, it's not that I hate, is just I can't use Nvidia) and I get now 60-100FPS I was actually planning to pick up Vega, but now it is unneccessary... And those who say "Yea just buy Nvidia" I say that I really like to keep my dayjob, and that requres awesome Linux support, that Nvidia hasn't provided to me yet.
  3. Crash on start

    After the 9.8 update, Squad does not start up I've cleared the %Localappdata%/Squad folder, it works but after quiting game and restarting it agin it does not load again.. Reconfiguring everything every time is not long term viable success...