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  1. British Armed Forces Maps

    Agreed, that would be awesome
  2. Teaser Trailer - More SDK ACTION!

    Well done!
  3. M4 Acog

    It would be nice if we could swap red dot for acog etc. Hopefully the limited customization will come sooner than later.
  4. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I kind of like the way it is now. But I mainly use the SAW on the bipod with scope I have to say that shooting an M4 at range is easier IRL than in game.
  5. Minigun

    Minigun would be awesome. Maybe with the helicopters?
  6. Have you had this bug in v10?

    Yes, I've had this multiple times. Most with the SAW.
  7. I've seen odd error when trying to run Squad from a shortcut on my taskbar. If I launch it from Steam I never get an error though. You could try launching from Steam (even though you probably already are)
  8. Did TrackIR work with the V10 testing?

    I'd like to see VR support. That would be much better than my Track-IR.
  9. Motion Blur disabled in v10 ?

    Agreed 100% !!
  10. January 2018 Recap

    Awesome, thanks for the update. No mention of Heli's and Tanks????
  11. You can turn motion blur off in the settings can't you?