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  1. [Faction] French Forces

    @L0cation It's a Mod and will stay a Mod for the pleasure of all! @Devon Hey! It's ongoing, bit by bit, trying to make the best of it. We will WIP the map soon.
  2. [Faction] French Forces

    Work In Progress #8 has been released: [EN] https://mod.squadfrance.fr/2017/09/07/work-progress-8-vab-mortar-binoculars/ [FR] https://squadfrance.fr/2017/09/07/squad-mod-francais-wip-8/
  3. WIP #8 to be published in English in the next couple of hours.
  4. [Faction] French Forces

    - Next Wednesday 13 September 7:00pm UTC - Interview with the Squad French Mod Modders. English. Interactive Q&A via: https://www.twitch.tv/squadfrance Channel Chat or the Interview Discord Server: https://discord.gg/hX3YnTh
  5. Name: FRENCH FORCES Featured Mods: OPEX SERVAL: Mod: Légion Étrangère (French Foreign Legion); Addon: French Forces; Addon: Commandos Marine (French Navy Special Forces); Addon: 13th RDP (French Army Special Forces). Description: We'd like to formally introduce the forums to the SquadFrance.fr mod project: OPEX SERVAL. Our mod is built after real life Opération Serval. We plan to introduce operators from the French Foreign Legion, arming them with new-to-Squad French small arms, in addition to French vehicles including armored tracked vehicles, helicopters, and fixed-wing aircraft. This content will all be playable on a map based in Mali. You might find some of this content playable in the custom maps made by other modders, as well. We’re eager to share every change and detail, big and small. We try to share a weekly roundup every Thursday. As you're reading this very line, our modders are busy creating and sharing French Foreign Legion content. And soon enough, French Army, French Navy, French Special Forces, and Euro Forces as well. A working to-do list of playable assets: https://mod.squadfrance.fr/playable-assets/ Old WIP posts can be found (english): https://mod.squadfrance.fr/all-recent-updates/ and (french): https://squadfrance.fr/squad-mod-francais/ Team: Around 50 international talented 3D Artists, 2D Artists, Texture Artists, Programmers, Coordinators, Sound Designers, Level Designers, Military Advisors, and Guests; A welcoming community; Our own modding website and dedicated Squad servers; Professional tools; A great spirit. Recruitment: We will keep you updated on opportunities; If you want to pitch an Idea please contact @Skor; You can also check: https://mod.squadfrance.fr/get-involved/ Your contact on joinsquad.com will be: @involutory, an American working on the team.