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  1. [Faction] French Forces

    Hi all! We are glad to offer you to read a new content regarding the French Foreign Legion mod: https://mod.squadfrance.fr/2018/03/11/work-progress-14-interview-baby_james-creative-director/ Thx all for your support and your consideration
  2. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    Excellent, can't wait
  3. [Faction] French Forces

    ARTIST INTERVIEW: BONFUNK Today we want to introduce you one of the talented artists who is working on the first project of Centrum Europa Studio: Squad Mod France. Bonfunk, can you introduce yourself to the readers ? Where are you from ? Hi folks. My name is Ian Bonifačić, also known as Bonfunk. I come from Zagreb, Croatia, a small country on the Adriatic Sea. What do you do in your life ? Where are you working or studying ? Last year I have finished my masters degree in industrial design, but I work as a 3d artist in a local company Studio Niskota. Most of our work consists of archviz, but we tend to test ourselfes in other fields as well. In my free time I do a bit of gaming and skateboarding. When have you joined the Centrum Europa Studio ? And what were your expectations by working in this team ? I have joined the Centrum Europa Studio in july of 2017. When I first joined the community I have instantly noticed the friendly atmosphere and the cohesion of the group. I really didn't have any expectations, but I can say for sure that I wasn't expecting such a warm group of people helping each other, and this level of organisation and commitement we have going on right now in the group.. Why did you decide to work with French people on the French Army ? I guess it was a lucky pick. I was really looking for something to do outside of archviz industry concerning digital art and 3d. So my first thought was why not try to make some assets for a game. Googled what was popular with mods, and here I am. CES was the first discord I have joined and been a member ever since. Love it so far, despite the fact Croatia lost a handball game from France few days ago. Can you describe your role as 3D Artist in this virtual studio, and the differences with a professional studio ? I don't think I have a certain role except being a 3d artist in the community. I basically check the list of the models needed, pick one I like and start working on it from start to finish ( modeling, unwraping, baking, texturing, implementation in UE). One big difference is that there is no real pressure since this isn't a paid job, more like an opportunity for me to work on my skills, improve my workflow and contribute to the community. I don't do as much painting on my job, ain't nobody got time for that Have you a personal message to send to the community ? Hopefully you guys will like what we produce for you! Please if you are interested in the mod, we always appreciate feedback from the community. Help us out, give us pointers or your oppinion on stuff we publish. It means the world to us. Thank you for your time. » Bonfunk is the creator of the 120 RT Mortar, which is definitively a beautiful masterpiece. You can appreciate his work on his Artstation profile https://www.artstation.com/bonfunk and i recommand you to take a look to the 3D free look of the mortar, and check the level of details. If you like his work, leave him a thumb up or a comment on his profile to support him ! Next is his Company profile http://studio-niskota.hr where you can discover all his professionnal work, which consist to create 3D scenes for resort projects. And to finish, here you can find all our last WIPs regarding the French Foreign Legion https://mod.squadfrance.fr/all-recent-updates/.
  4. [Faction] French Forces

    Hey Recking! Thx for your kind comment! Well it's a bit too soon to say, but on our side we are willing to make happen everything to serve the communities, so we are open! It may be also simply authorized on licenced servers, we don't know yet how it's gonna be. Wait and see...
  5. Superbe expérience sur la V.10 test modifiée. Ce post est pour montrer notre amour sur ce qui est, de loin, le meilleur jeu du moment, loin devant les récentes alpha de ses concurrents. La V.10 est un game changer. Nous sommes fiers d'y amener la faction française. Bravo aux développeurs, même si c'est un peu long, le résultat est vraiment parfait. Show your love guys! Les serveurs SquadFrance sont V.10 Ready et UP, ainsi que le canadien.
  6. [Faction] French Forces

    Thx for your input. Please report it here: https://mod.squadfrance.fr/support
  7. [Faction] French Forces

    WIP #13 IS OUT https://mod.squadfrance.fr/2018/01/29/wip-13-vehicles-test/
  8. Nous annonçons l'ouverture du serveur francophone canadien : ︻╦╤─ [QC] SquadCanada #6 ─╤╦︻ hébergé par SquadFrance et géré par SquadCanada. Il s'agit d'un serveur OVH d'excellente qualité, hébergé près de Montréal Québéc, Canada.
  9. Server Licensing General Info

    Hi guys. Canadian [CA] [QC] server is UP. Waiting for the licence. Request has been made. See you around. A 5th [FR] server licence has been made as well. SquadFrance
  10. Communauté Française

    Les francophones sont sur SquadFrance. D'ailleurs Wolf.QC a lancé un projet purement québécois sur les serveurs Squadfrance et Discord : https://discord.gg/NQgAQqb Et le site : https://squadfrance.fr/ Le but est d'avoir les serveurs remplis 24/7 en prise de relais avec les FR.
  11. Déclaration d'amour de la communauté française. La V10, même en l'état actuel, fait de Squad le meilleur jeu du monde.
  12. Community Clan Fight Night

    Squadfrance in Sumari
  13. Squadfrance Modding Team Backgrounds

  14. [Faction] French Forces

    WIP #12 IS OUT Thank you for supporting us ! Follow this topic to be alerted of all news ! https://mod.squadfrance.fr/2017/12/02/wip-12/
  15. Community Clan Fight Night

    SquadFrance in