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  1. V10 weapon muzzle control

    This. You can be the best Marksmen at the range, but an extremely poor combat shooter. You will never know until you are in combat. I love the new shooting mechanics. Doesn't seem to stop people blowing my head off every time I pop it out, so I would say it hasn't made that much difference to longer range engagements.
  2. Report Abusive Players?

    Just no. Ever since I have played online games (about 15 years) people have always been just as racist online. Give someone anonymity and racism is one of the first things that materialises. Nothing to do with "public figures"
  3. When are the British coming?

    We are allowed 1 Eurofighter, 1Challenger and 1 SA80 with a full mag. Any more than that and it would be unrealistic due to the cuts. Hopefully they also include a player modeled on Boris Johnson, maybe with a driveable Boris bike. One can only hope....
  4. Long term RO player, loved RO1, RO2 and Rising Storm. However I recently bought Rising Storm 2 and hated it. The fact that the basic rifleman has at least an M16 or AK, just ruins the pace of the game. I always loved the fact that most players had a bolt-action. I know it is Vietnam, I just do not think that RO should be set after WW2 at all. Ruins the pace and turns it into any old shooter instead of a great unique one it used to be. I also agree that Squad is way different from RO or RS and the two should not be compared much, if at all.
  5. V10 leeks are here! Release close??

    http://uploads.im/znLf5.jpg I was excited reading this title as I thought finally the Welsh will be represented in Squad. Alas wrong type of leek.
  6. View on kids playing?

    I think it is just individual and not much to do with age. I have played various games with 20 year olds who act like 14 year olds and vice versa. So it depends on the individual. Was squad leading last Friday on the TLR server (was a great game and I had a great group of squadmates) and we had a younger guy in the squad. He was excellent, really understood the game and was good at calling out targets quickly and concisely. I will be honest, I heard his younger (read squeakier) voice and metaphorically rolled my eyes, but i was wrong in my assumption. I find some people just get the game and others do not, irrelevant of age.