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  1. There's what the latest patch netted.
  2. Admin's abusing power

    The "group" responsible for the theft of the All For One Community in Squad, which was endorsed by OWI and Nordic, do not represent the original All For One team which was formed in 1998. They are a black mark on our history and are in no way shape or form anything to do with us. We don't approve of them using our name and team tag. The history which they claim to be part of does not exist for them. The real All For One does not condone admin abuse in any form. We have strict rules in regards to such things. Due to Nordic and OWI issuing the disgraced and disbanded group a server license using our teams name and tag, which we have proudly worn for over 20 years, and denying the legitimate group (us), we can not do anything to stop them from abusing their admin powers in their servers while wearing a tag that doesn't belong to them. All For One is sorry to see a group of thieves tarnish and trash our name, but i assure you that they do not represent us in any regard.
  3. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    What would you say the percentage of Game Quality vs. Profit is in the minds of OWI? 95% profit / 5% game quality? I wonder....
  4. Clearing the Air.

    Hello, First let me say that I'm simply posting this to tell my side of a story about what took place within (AFO) several month's ago. I'm sure most of you don't care, and i don't expect anyone to. This is simply posted because there has to be an accurate rebuttal to the large document report that they thought necessary to smear all across the community. In order to do this i need to provide a bit of back story. I do apologize for the length. A brief history: I was recruited and joined (AFO) back in 1998. I've ran divisions of (AFO) and entire teams of (AFO) in various games from the late 90's to present day. All For One was something we all took a great deal of pride in during those days, and we developed a great team culture. Members were loyal to a fault throughout the various games and years. (AFO) Faded from the gaming scene around 2007. Game tastes changed, people grew older, and life became more hectic. But what we created and were apart of was special. At least to it's members it was. Great friendships were made in those days and still last to this day. The original (AFO) teams remain in regular contact via face book and discord, with the exception of the Squad "(AFO)" group. (AFO) Resurrection: I (Minipops) began to develop an interest in gaming again after a few year hiatus. I stumbled across a game called Squad. I liked it so much that i started to ponder the idea of resurrecting my old beloved All For One. For month's and month's I thought about it. As i got more into Squad i wanted to play in a more structured environment. I enjoyed the [TGS] server and played there regularly. I befriended them and was persuaded to join...so i did. However, after a short stint with [TGS] I could not shake the desire to resurrect (AFO) again. And after a month, i respectfully turned in my [TGS] tag and left. I approached an old "friend" from the days of playing America's Army 2.x and asked if he would be interested in helping me get (AFO) off the ground. He said yes, so we got started. I won't bore you with the details of it, but any clan leader that knows what their doing know the time effort and money you have to sink into creating a gaming "Community" is significant. Especially time investment. (AFO) Leadership: I had a defined road map of what i wanted to achieve with (AFO). It was extensive and the plan wasn't going to happen over night. Quite frankly it would have taken years to achieve. A year prior to what happened, some members thought a leadership round table would be the more appropriate way to move the clan forward. Reluctantly I agreed to it to keep everyone happy. Many over sights on that decision would later become evident. The biggest being that i could no longer persue my ambitions without gathering the rest of the "round table" to vote on things. This became incredibly frustrating for me. I respected the round table, but i was being held back by it....and so was (AFO). #1(AFO) Demise: Leading up the the dissolving of the round table, there had been anger brewing in me over the lack of effort among the members to seed our server, which at the time was called (AFO) Combat Operations for lack of a better name at the time. I would come home from work every day and see 5 or 6 members online, yet our server was empty during prime time play hours. Day after day i was witness to this. Among that stress was the feud between my "partner" who i had offered to buy him a GTX 1070TI for delivering a website to the team. I took advantage of a sale in his area and bought it for him at the expense of $650.00 out of my pocket. He was a friend for 10 years online. I trusted that he would deliver on his word. He did not, which was boiling under the surface. One day, I came home and sat down at my PC to find 5 round table members in discord during prime time. To make a long story as short as possible, I flipped the **** out on them. No one had any ambition, and were quite honestly too lazy and into their own things to put any work into getting (AFO) off the ground. So i decided the group I'd assembled wasn't worth the effort. I deleted the discord. Then i made a new one. The intent behind the deletion was to completely rid myself of my so-called "friend" who had robbed me of the GTX 1070Ti money. The new discord was given out to all the previous members of the round table, excluding the "friend" and a meeting was held. I told them about my frustration with all of them and their lack of efforts. I told them i wasn't able to fulfill my vision of AFO when i am confined by a round table vote for everything. I told them they could keep their round table, but without me. But if they choose to go that route then the team name and logo's and everything that pertains to (AFO) goes with me. I asked them to just let me lead, and free me to do the things that i wanted to do, which would be for the benefit of us all in the end. Out of 6 round table members, 3 opted to stay, 2 opted to leave, and the "Friend" had been eliminated. (AFO) Reboot: With me back in control of the team and it's direction, we pressed onward. Slowly and painfully at times. It is no easy task to grow a team. Our new server was called "(AFO) WWW.AFOGAMING.COM | Chicago" I had received some help in setting up hosting for our website and i figured out how to build it. So i thought why not call the server that...so we did. Seeding problems continued simply because we were unknown in the community. Not to mention that the same lack of effort was being displayed by the members. So I decided to axe the server. I said if no one will attempt to put the work in, then throwing money down the toilet for a server is pointless. So the server went good bye. Commitments: Several month's went by where we were a team without a server. We had gained a few more members and i had started to think about asking for a commitment from everyone to seed a server on a daily basis starting at "X" time each day. Not mandatory but highly encouraged. This time we came out of the gate with a name i had thought to use for the last 18 years, but never had the opportunity to. So, "(AFO) Titties & Beer | Chicago" was born. The server name seemed to be a hit as we began to seed the server very easily and daily. (AFO) Boom: I saw a free weekend approaching the community, and a 50% off sale for Squad shortly after. So I changed the server named to "(AFO) Titties & Beer | Central - Noob Friendly" to attract the new players. And that was all she wrote. The server was full every night. Seeded by 9:30am on week days. sometimes populated for as long as 72 hours straight. Titties & Beer was at it's peak, ranked 3rd on server ranks.com. I was very proud of of that. I had always made sure the server was admin'd appropriately, and admin abuse, which was very rare, was handled swiftly. (AFO) applications for membership sky rocketed during this time. At the peak of Squad (AFO) we had 65 members and initiates. A thriving discord. Good relationships among the other communities in the game. Everything was going well. A new site was under development. We had gained some members with some graphical skills, and some other members that had talents that would help us in other ways. Things were going great. We were starting to really BOOM as they say. Loyalty observed: (AFO) uses the u.s. army ranks. We had from the beginning back in the late 90's. We have our reasons for it, which i won't get in to. Anyways, some of our longest serving and most dedicated Squad members I held in great regard. So much so that i wanted to make them feel special. I wanted to give them something that would elevate their status among the group.So i approached 7 members with the idea of a Board of Directors concept. I asked each of them if they would accept this role. I made sure each of them understood that this role is to give them a voice on decisions I wanted to make. They were also told that they were free to bring idea's to the table individually or collectively. The one stipulation which was made clear to them was that this was to be a board. Every Board of Directors has a CEO. I am that CEO, and only with my approval will anything take place. Any agreement or collective idea has to be finalized by my say so. And no, not because i am a power hungry greedy asshole. I told them before they accepted the role that i would have veto power to strike down anything that would negatively impact (AFO). I was clear on that point. The protection of the integrity of the teams history and reputation was my #1 priority, always. They agreed and accepted the role. I created a Board member channel in the discord where we could freely discuss any matters that needed to be tended to. Of course, it started out ok. A few topic's were dealt with and so on. But over all, the "Board Members" were silent. No talking among themselves, no idea's brought to the table, no suggestions. Basically the only thing in that channel was the sound of crickets. Sometimes when i would put a question to them, it would take days to get them to answer, if at all.This frustrated and angered me greatly, and at one point i lashed out publicly at them. Calling them "utterly worthless" at one point. Management: As any team leader knows, the bigger you get, the more work it becomes. The time and effort involved in managing and maintaining a gaming team is astronomical. Not only that, but it takes money. It takes massive amounts of patience and time to keep the machine organized and rolling. I made sure that (AFO) only admin'd 1 way with 1 tool which you had to be registered on, and it kept track of your activities. This was to ensure that ALL admins could be tracked and held accountable for any actions they took. Using the console in game was strictly forbidden. Maintaining the server white list and admins lists. Map Rotations, players join date and rank up intervals. Answering 15 discord DM's every morning before work, and 15 more after work. Keeping the discord organized and in control. Filling it with content. Managing 65 members and recruits. Trying to keep them happy and entertained. It is daunting, but i loved it. I did it all on my own because i loved it. It was my passion. My hobby that i loved. There became so much work to maintain the group that often days i spent the evenings doing administrative things rather than playing the game. That sometimes frustrated me, but i still loved it because it was my beloved (AFO). The reason i never delegated any of the work load to anyone, was because I didn't trust anyone else to put in the same effort as i did.I didn't want to see it fall by the way side or be done half assed by someone who didn't care as much as i did. Some say it's because i was power hungry. But in reality, it was just simply because i didn't trust anyone to love (AFO) as much as i do, and have for so many years. Small Explosion: (AFO) was always about friendship, unity, respect, and excellence. But it was also about equal opportunity and no age discrimination. So yes, we were open to players of all ages, as long as they were aware that they needed to possess a high degree of maturity. So we had members from 13yrs to 55yrs old, and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, sometimes these children can not keep control of themselves and their childishness can sometimes spill out. Especially when you put a few 16 and 17 year old's together in one spot. Two of our members, which were of that age group, had been barred from all (AFO) activities for 2 weeks for immaturity and being extremely disruptive during a planning and pre-match count down. Disruptive to the point of absolute absurdity. After the event I barred them from the discord, the servers, and all contact with the team. I'm a 48 year old man and i don't appreciate kids shitting on a team event like they did. After the 2 week ban they were allowed to return. They apologized and understood their mistakes and assured me that wouldn't happen again. I accepted that and welcomed them back. I also told them that if it happened a second time they would be tossed to the curb. They acknowledged that and we moved on. Many month's later, we arrive at the infamous day. Big Boom!: One of my intentions was to build a competitive 40 man team for Squad. This was a slow process that was going to take some time to organize. So, of the more serious members we had that expressed interest. I had to find ways to keep them engaged and entertained while we went through this process. One fun activity we were getting off the ground was 5 man teams doing drills in the Jensen's MOUT. In the past this was very successful and popular among the members. I believe we had 27 members involved that evening. So we had 5 teams of 5 roughly. This was a slung together event for just (AFO) and to be honest, I was just winging it. Having 25 to 30 guys in there waiting around for instruction, the usual chaos was going on. Kids being kids i guess you could say. I called for quiet as did some of the board members. When we finally got the group settled down and ready to listen, i began to lay out the program for the evening's event. As i was talking, no more than 2 sentences into it, and feeling very stressed at the time and a little annoyed, a member cooks off a grenade and interrupts the proceeding. Not just any member, but an (AFO) Board Member. Then, being that he's a 17 year old kid and playing off his other school buddy who was also 17, they laughed in discord and taunted the situation in regards to how i was going to react. They spoke as though it was all a big joke. Being under stress over the evenings event, and what we were gonna do, coupled with the stress of trying to keep that many players engaged and interested, and the fact that a board member made an utter mockery of me and the entire situation. It was more than i could take. Board members were the most trusted and longest serving members, and were supposed to be supportive and helpful, but most importantly, to set an example for the rest of the team. Minipops Reaction: Grenade goes off and disrupts whats happening. Frustrated with the horse play, and the length of time it took to settle the group down. Coupled with the stress of the days event, plus a board member making a mockery of me and what we were trying to do. I broke mentally. I told the group that the event was cancelled and i left the server. I immediately shut down the server we were in. I then took to discord and spoke in the board room. Where i called for the board members removal from the team. This board member was one of the 2 members that were previously warned about being disruptful in the previous incident mentioned earlier. I was so angry, so beside myself with rage, and had a suspicion that the board members wouldn't agree to let him go, that i told them, "It's him or me" and to choose. "You want to keep him then you run it" I was so enraged with this occurrence that i couldn't stand to be around any of them. I needed to get away. To get out for awhile. To cool off and let a clearer head prevail. So i dropped from the discord for 5 days to step away and just calm down. Those 5 days were nearly all sleepless. I deleted all of them off my discord friends list (not steam) and just stepped back completely. The Ultimatum: After 5 days, i agreed to a meeting in discord with some of the board members and apparently the "new Leadership council" which consisted of a few board members, plus a 16 year old kid who had been a member a whole 2 months. And apparently a few other newer members who had not been wearing a tag for more than 4 months total. They had told me they wanted to resolve this. That they thought i had "Quit" and took action to restructure the leadership. Never did i type or say the words I Quit. That was their assumption. Never did i say i wouldn't be back. If i intended to disband and quit AFO, then i would have simply deleted the discord, which i had the perms to do. Anyways, little did i know they were working on a grand smear plot, and that accepting their meeting proposal was a fish hook to get me into the discord so that they could record the conversation. This was a private conversation, or so i was lead to believe. Well it wasn't. They said they wanted me back, but as a member of their newly formed council. That we would all be equal and have to vote on everything. I asked for my role back at the top of the discord and they refused. I told them i never quit and i never said i would. They used my dropping from the discord as their justification, and much needed leverage, to take control. Of course this made me angry, very angry, and i started to call out all of their short coming in regard to their contributions to (AFO) in comparison to what i have sacrificed both with the relationships with my family. My time and financially. None of them even compare to what i'd invested up to that point. Of course, at that point they simply said "Bye Mini" and kicked me from the discord. In Closing: I don't respond to ultimatums. Especially when they come from people who have no right or position to give it. They had all the leverage they needed when i gave my position up in the discord. (AFO) has been the love of my life since i joined back in 1998. I had forsaken my family for it. I invested Thousands of dollars towards it. I lent $1000.00 u.s to a member to upgrade his pc, then never made more than 1 payment towards the debt. I bought the game at full price for at least 6 people. I donated $50.00 a month which is like 78 cdn funds. I spent countless hours talking to people. Forging relationships. Putting in the time and the work. It was a labour of love for me. I was never a bad leader. I put more time in and sacrificed more than anyone else. It was my baby. Why would i invest so much into something and then just quit? Truth is, these kids never asked themselves that, and honestly, they didn't care. They saw the donation money piled up (which is controlled by the main conspirator.) and the ever growing popularity of AFO from the tireless work i invested into it for a solid 15 months of grinding, and snatched it for themselves as soon as i left the discord. Squad (AFO) has been officially disbanded by it's leader. Despite the fact they continue to use the brand. (why not, i did all that work why not claim it for themselves) They continue to use the name, the history, and all of the literature which was written by me in the discord. They are not endorsed or recognized as a (AFO) All For One group in any way shape or form by the originators of All For One. They claim to have been given the OK by the founder, but that is a fabrication. If that were the case i would let it be out of respect for the founder. They claim i was banned for life from AFO at one point in time. That is also a fabrication. I was kicked for a period of time over a hurtful comment i made towards my teammates years ago, but that has since been retracted and the leader of (AFO) apologized for kicking me and said it never should have happened. I accepted and we remain on good terms to this day. All of the old (AFO) members from 20 years ago reside in our original (AFO) face book group, and in the AFO alum discord. No player from the Squad (AFO) are members of these social media outlets. In the eyes of (AFO) they are thieves and will never be recognized as ever being a part of us. The right thing for them to do would have been to discontinue using my teams brand and history, and create their own unique identity. If they would have done that i would have been content. But they chose not to simply because they didn't want to have to go through all the leg work to make it happen. Minipops already did all that for us. That is the complete truth of what happened. Nothing was exaggerated. Nothing was made up. Draw your own conclusions. I apologize again for the length of this. But i felt i needed at least 1 person somewhere to know the truth, rather than their misleading book report filled with screen shots and taped conversations of private chats. I don't expect anyone to care, but at least you have the truth. My biggest regret from all of this, is not the friendships i lost, because in the end they were as shallow as a puddle of water. No, my biggest regret is that (AFO) All For One will never see the heights which i was prepared to take it. Those dreams and ambitions will never be realized now. (AFO) was to be something to leave for the new generations. It was to be something my kids were supposed to enjoy when they were old enough, and my teammates and their children. It was something that was going to be special. Sadly, it is dead now. And what remains is an unsanctioned spoof team that is directionless and run by 16,17, and 18 year old kids. RIP (AFO).
  5. COVID-19 is here, where's SQUAD-19?

    you got that right
  6. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    Wouldn't you be bitter after investing so much time and money. I wasn't refunded any of my money i put into it. They just took it. That constitutes theft in my book. And, how you tie what happened in (AFO), to my post above, baffles me. Are you stupid or sumthin?
  7. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    Squad 2 then.
  8. I find it odd that almost no one is aware that Epic Games, the creators of the Unreal Engine, are working on a destructible environment system to add to the engine. I doubt it will ever see the light of day in Squad, but it's one of the most highly criticized aspects of the game and destroys a lot of the immersion when playing the endless Alpha game. Here you can see what could be...
  9. Admin Camera

    Before (AFO) was stolen from me, it was my Policy that anyone using admin cam could not be actively participating in the battle, and they had to be in a locked squad titled ADMIN. Anyone caught breaking that clan rule was stripped of their admin. No second chances.
  10. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    Funny, other game developers do it..
  11. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    People bitch because people shell out actual money for a product that has promised to deliver. And other companies (examples already given) don't seem to have an issue pumping out bug fixes as they are reported and cranking out content such as weapons vehicles maps etc. 3 year's we've been spawning on top of the hab roof with no fix. THREE YEARS and their best solution is to increase the hab size. And that still didn't solve the issue. A known 3 year bug STILL unresolved....i mean seriously? That's 1 bug...For 3 year's we've been spawning on the hab roof and getting sniped off it. And believe me, they don't care. They think the complaints are funny. I don't get the feeling that they give a shit about fixing it. Why? Cuz they already got your money, and no one puts up much of a fuss about the things that are wrong in the game, so why pour resources into fixing something when the issue arises? And don't tell me that they can't navigate the unreal engine. If that were so, then why have a kick starter initiative and get a alpha game release and take even more people's money?
  12. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    Thought you might also like to see what 1 talented man can do whereas an entire room of people can not.
  13. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    I'm really curious. If you take a game like Hell Let Loose, and compare it to Squad in terms of content creation, bug fixes, and speediness of the dev's to act. OWI pales in comparison to Black Matter. They are both small companies. They are both developing their games in the unreal 4 engine. Yet somehow HLL is light years ahead of OWI in every regard. OWI will tell it's player base that it's the complexities of the engine that make the process slow and difficult, yet other game dev's don't seem to have any difficulty pushing out content and bug fixes in a timely manner. HLL has released a pile of new maps the last 6 months. Squad has released Mutata. Does anyone else ask these questions? Since A14, i began noticing my head shots weren't always registering. At first i was just kinda baffled and didn't understand it. But shrugged it off and continued playing. Now, from A14 to it's current state, i am still experiencing this same issue. The dev's will say "oh it's latency" and perhaps it is, but that is not on my end, and i doubt it is on the receivers end. I say that because this issue was not present in A13 and back beyond that from when i started playing the game. 3 head shots on a player with blood spraying off from each shot, and the player casually side steps behind cover and bandages. If i had a dollar for every time I've experienced that, i'd have a lot of dollars. Same with the spawning on the roof of the insurgent hab. How long as that plagued this game? Can you say, years... Does OWI have any intentions to even leave early access? How many other games has anyone else seen sit in early access 4 years? Point i'm trying to make is that people are getting fed up with the sitting on hands approach to the issues the game has.My prediction will be that OWI releases a large patch with a ton of modifications in an attempt to problem solve issues in the game, and in doing so, will break a bunch of other stuff that wasn't bugged. Sorry, but the past track record doesn't lie.
  14. Thanks moderator

    Apparently anything said about the negative aspects of Squads performance are quicky swept under the rug by the forum moderators....bravo I love your game but holy **** easy anti-cheat has ****ed over more people that vladimir putin
  15. Thanks moderator

    All i said was there was no need for white listing because easy anti-cheat makes sure there is a steady flow of games crashes. It crashes my shit so bad i lose mouse functionality and have to navigate via tab to restart my entire machine. easy anti-cheat isn't even made my OWI, but say anything negative about it and your post gets deleted. Thanks for the UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP
  16. Thanks moderator

    Love the game, but sad to see that moderators quicky delete and sweep any call out of negative experience in the game under the rug example: easy anti-cheat crashes. Been happening for 2 years at least Same with the insurgent spawn on top of the hab. Man if i had a nickel for every time i spawned on the roof and got picked off. Man that is fun times!. Been happening for 2 years minimum
  17. Clearing the Air.

    Never abandoned my leadership role. All i did was give them leverage over me in the discord. None of them sent a single message asking me what was going on. They just went ahead with their assumptions and took control without anyone's ok. None of them had a position to take control of the team without my ok. Hence the team was stolen. On top of that, you now have no goals or things to achieve too in there anymore. My sources tell me your discord (AFO's Discord) is a shit show at best. No one in (AFO) supports you. No one in (AFO) endorses you. Thats why all the Alumni left your discord because they turned their backs on you for stealing the community. And one last thing. While you guys sit atop of your server with your community that you stole without permission. Don't forget who it was that rode your asses daily to seed and get in and take part. Don't for get who was the driving force that created everything you decided to steal from me. You ingrates. Don't pretend that your efforts were what built what you have now. You wouldn't have anything if not for my leadership and motivation to build that to what it is. You are pieces of garbage and will never be acknowledged by (AFO). That fact that you don't even have the decency to take my community and come up with your own name...but to use a teams legacy which you no longer have ties to, and have no support or endorsement of any kind from All For One, only serves to show what pathetic coat tail riding pieces of garbage that you are. Calling me a dictator like i'm castro. Give me a break. I treated all of you very well. I had vision and direction that would have made you a part of the coolest game community you could ever dream of. You have no idea of my ambitions and how far i was going to take it. Now all you have are a buncha visionless teenaged twirps that will fade away and die soon enough. Believe me, you have no idea of my plans....but you decided your little group of teenaged twirps knew the right way....the path to nothing....****in dummies. Biggest regret and mistake i ever made was allowing teenagers into AFO. You're worthless and ruined the prospects of All For One in Squad and beyond. You say you left an offer on the table. None of you were in any position or were authorized to make any such offers or give any ultimatums. None of you had that rank within (AFO) to do so. You used your leverage in the discord to mutiny. Who said you had any authority or had any position to make any offers? I left the discord, yes. Did any of you message me and ask me what was going on? NO. You just went "right on we have control now" and took over when you had no authorization or authority to do it. You used the leverage you had in the discord to essentially steal the entire group. No one said you could take over and no one gave you the go ahead or gave you the authority to do so. No one in ALL FOR ONE endorses you. No one backs you. No one here wants you.No one in (AFO) cares about you. You are not (AFO) All For One and you never will be. Get it through your heads and find your own identity. The fact that you keep my teams name with no backing or support after what you have done just shows how pathetic you are. Drop our name. You are not us and do not belong to us. Your history died when you ****ed over an Alumni. You are not part of our history. You are not part of (AFO). If you were you'd have the backing of the Alumni, and Spriggan, which you don't. Your a disgrace and a black mark on the history of our group. I created a council of guys that were the longest standing members. (at best 1 year served) compared to my 20 years in (AFO). During that time the "council" was asvaluable as tits on worm. They did nothing. They contributed nothing. They were worthless. I gave them that role so that they could feel like they had some importance, though none of them who were offered that role lifted a finger to do anything for the team. I had to do EVERYTHING to further (AFO). I worked tirelessly to get that group off the ground. I have thousands of hours in Squad mostly as leader of (AFO) trying to get us off the ground. Bitching endlessly at it's members to lift a finder to do anything to help us grow. After a year of beating my head against the wall with the majority of it's members, i finally was toppled off my seat by a stupid ****ing 16 year old kid and his idiot RL buddy. TacMac and Jack are what has ground (AFO)'s advancement to greater things, to a hault. Never again will i play a game on a team with a stupid idiot teenager. My huge mistake. Their stupidity knows no limits. And Squad (AFO) will never be fully realized because of them.
  18. Multiple Questions

    Thank you for your response i appreciate it.
  19. Multiple Questions

    Question 1: When will we stop spawning on top of the insurgent habs? Q2. Why can I sometimes head shot a player 3 times (blood spray on every shot) and they still can duck into cover and bandage? And other times a single head shot downs the enemy. Q3. Why can't the vehicles start 5 seconds before match start rather than at match start? Q4. Will a mode of play be developed to appeal to the BF and COD player, so as to keep the public raas/invasion/aas/TC games less cluttered with players that don't want to play as a unit. Q5. Will the vehicle handling be more refined and streamlined? A techie shouldn't handle like it's driving on ice on a dirt road. Also driving down the river banks is the same as driving in the water itself. Is there plans to refine it? Q6. Will there ever be a time when we can pick up enemy weapons and ammo and use them? Q7. Is OWI only going to provide the base game, and rely on modders to develop different content, or will there be official releases from OWI in the future, such as Special Forces DLC's or Different ERA's of conflict? Vietnam / Korea / etc... Q8. What will be the fate of the "server licensing initiative" As i see it, it serves to only alienate modded servers. As it is clearly shown when you scan the browsers, the licensed server list is popped and the custom list is a ghost town. Was this your intention with the license program, or am i missing something? Q9. What is the difference between a licensed server and a non licensed custom browser server? What can a licensed server offer that a custom server can not?
  20. Multiple Questions

    tough to get an answer around here. I'm wondering the purpose of a Questions forum is when no one answers any questions here...
  21. Clearing the Air.

    I can't because Nordic granted them the use of (AFO) and denied me when i applied. Btw, i should have mentioned that Korgul.jr (AFO) is the only person that currently plays Squad who is actually a member of All For One. besides myself.
  22. Clearing the Air.

    Sorry for the garbled text i dont know why that happened.
  23. Server messages

    Is there a way to increase the display time of server messages?
  24. Seeing the new tutorial for Squad was kind of exciting, but also a let down. I get that is the first instance of it. But if i may, i'd like to drop some suggestions for it's improvement. If you remember Americas Army, you'll remember what you had to do before you ever saw a multiplayer battlefield. You had to run through courses, sit in class rooms. Learning the various weaponry. Completing courses. Not just completing them but doing it to the standard with which each course and classroom held. You had to watch instructional video's where useful things were displayed. Each video or course or classroom set you completed you were awarded 1 honor point. Honor points were a badge of accomplishment in the game. High honor players were revered. I think Squad's community could greatly benefit from a similar approach. The new players would benefit from the pre-deployment knowledge. Such as teaching them the differences in faction appearances. Teaching them how to aim and throw a grenade. How to range a target, etc. etc. Starting the new players off with the basic knowledge they need to feel confident, and be competent on the battlefield. So many people that purchase Squad jump in with no idea what to do. They get destroyed over and over. The quit and don't look back ever again. I've personally bought the game for 4 or 5 different people. None of them played more than 2 hours because it wasn't fun because they got their asses kicked because they didn't know anything. Copy what Americas Army did in 2.X Who cares if its not your original idea. It's a good and useful thing for everyone involved.
  25. Squad / America's Army connection.

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