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  1. There's what the latest patch netted.
  2. Admin's abusing power

    The "group" responsible for the theft of the All For One Community in Squad, which was endorsed by OWI and Nordic, do not represent the original All For One team which was formed in 1998. They are a black mark on our history and are in no way shape or form anything to do with us. We don't approve of them using our name and team tag. The history which they claim to be part of does not exist for them. The real All For One does not condone admin abuse in any form. We have strict rules in regards to such things. Due to Nordic and OWI issuing the disgraced and disbanded group a server license using our teams name and tag, which we have proudly worn for over 20 years, and denying the legitimate group (us), we can not do anything to stop them from abusing their admin powers in their servers while wearing a tag that doesn't belong to them. All For One is sorry to see a group of thieves tarnish and trash our name, but i assure you that they do not represent us in any regard.
  3. COVID-19 is here, where's SQUAD-19?

    you got that right
  4. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    Wouldn't you be bitter after investing so much time and money. I wasn't refunded any of my money i put into it. They just took it. That constitutes theft in my book. And, how you tie what happened in (AFO), to my post above, baffles me. Are you stupid or sumthin?
  5. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    Squad 2 then.
  6. Admin Camera

    Before (AFO) was stolen from me, it was my Policy that anyone using admin cam could not be actively participating in the battle, and they had to be in a locked squad titled ADMIN. Anyone caught breaking that clan rule was stripped of their admin. No second chances.
  7. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    Funny, other game developers do it..
  8. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    People bitch because people shell out actual money for a product that has promised to deliver. And other companies (examples already given) don't seem to have an issue pumping out bug fixes as they are reported and cranking out content such as weapons vehicles maps etc. 3 year's we've been spawning on top of the hab roof with no fix. THREE YEARS and their best solution is to increase the hab size. And that still didn't solve the issue. A known 3 year bug STILL unresolved....i mean seriously? That's 1 bug...For 3 year's we've been spawning on the hab roof and getting sniped off it. And believe me, they don't care. They think the complaints are funny. I don't get the feeling that they give a shit about fixing it. Why? Cuz they already got your money, and no one puts up much of a fuss about the things that are wrong in the game, so why pour resources into fixing something when the issue arises? And don't tell me that they can't navigate the unreal engine. If that were so, then why have a kick starter initiative and get a alpha game release and take even more people's money?
  9. Epic Games destructible environment Demo

    Thought you might also like to see what 1 talented man can do whereas an entire room of people can not.
  10. I find it odd that almost no one is aware that Epic Games, the creators of the Unreal Engine, are working on a destructible environment system to add to the engine. I doubt it will ever see the light of day in Squad, but it's one of the most highly criticized aspects of the game and destroys a lot of the immersion when playing the endless Alpha game. Here you can see what could be...
  11. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    I'm really curious. If you take a game like Hell Let Loose, and compare it to Squad in terms of content creation, bug fixes, and speediness of the dev's to act. OWI pales in comparison to Black Matter. They are both small companies. They are both developing their games in the unreal 4 engine. Yet somehow HLL is light years ahead of OWI in every regard. OWI will tell it's player base that it's the complexities of the engine that make the process slow and difficult, yet other game dev's don't seem to have any difficulty pushing out content and bug fixes in a timely manner. HLL has released a pile of new maps the last 6 months. Squad has released Mutata. Does anyone else ask these questions? Since A14, i began noticing my head shots weren't always registering. At first i was just kinda baffled and didn't understand it. But shrugged it off and continued playing. Now, from A14 to it's current state, i am still experiencing this same issue. The dev's will say "oh it's latency" and perhaps it is, but that is not on my end, and i doubt it is on the receivers end. I say that because this issue was not present in A13 and back beyond that from when i started playing the game. 3 head shots on a player with blood spraying off from each shot, and the player casually side steps behind cover and bandages. If i had a dollar for every time I've experienced that, i'd have a lot of dollars. Same with the spawning on the roof of the insurgent hab. How long as that plagued this game? Can you say, years... Does OWI have any intentions to even leave early access? How many other games has anyone else seen sit in early access 4 years? Point i'm trying to make is that people are getting fed up with the sitting on hands approach to the issues the game has.My prediction will be that OWI releases a large patch with a ton of modifications in an attempt to problem solve issues in the game, and in doing so, will break a bunch of other stuff that wasn't bugged. Sorry, but the past track record doesn't lie.
  12. Hmmm, i'm curious.

    What would you say the percentage of Game Quality vs. Profit is in the minds of OWI? 95% profit / 5% game quality? I wonder....
  13. Thanks moderator

    All i said was there was no need for white listing because easy anti-cheat makes sure there is a steady flow of games crashes. It crashes my shit so bad i lose mouse functionality and have to navigate via tab to restart my entire machine. easy anti-cheat isn't even made my OWI, but say anything negative about it and your post gets deleted. Thanks for the UNNECESSARY CENSORSHIP
  14. Thanks moderator

    Love the game, but sad to see that moderators quicky delete and sweep any call out of negative experience in the game under the rug example: easy anti-cheat crashes. Been happening for 2 years at least Same with the insurgent spawn on top of the hab. Man if i had a nickel for every time i spawned on the roof and got picked off. Man that is fun times!. Been happening for 2 years minimum
  15. Thanks moderator

    Apparently anything said about the negative aspects of Squads performance are quicky swept under the rug by the forum moderators....bravo I love your game but holy **** easy anti-cheat has ****ed over more people that vladimir putin