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  1. Concerned

    As far as player rewards go, that is a very good idea. Back when i used to play America's Army I got to honor 87 which is pretty high. Some of my teammates were in the 90's. I remember when my teammate reached Honor 100, which was the highest bestowed by the game. It was a proud moment for him, and everyone congratulated him on that very difficult achievement. He wore that 100 rank like a badge of honor and was respected and revered. Having a ranking system in Squad that players accumulate through time served like America's Army had, is at least something that players can strive for. Currently there is nothing. America's Army was a simple game, but very good. It's rank system was simple too, but people observed it. Whenever i saw a 100 honor player in game i remember i always thought to myself, "whoa, this guy is gonna be tough to beat". I also remember that once you hit the 90's it took a tremendous amount of game play to progress to the next honor rank. More than double what it took to get to the next rung in the 80's. Each increment of 10 the level up points became more and more until you reached the 90's which was insanely difficult to get a level up. That's why a honor 100 player looked at in that way. They were respected. Anyway, just a thought.
  2. Concerned

    No where did i say the suggestion was for the game Squad. I was suggesting an independent title with a military theme. Rather than have characters with mini skirts and pig tails. A military themed, singular objective that 8 or 10 different factions all compete against each other to acquire and extract. My concept might be crude in its explanation, but something to that effect would be a winner i think. And a spring board to big cash so that more awesome titles from OWI can get bank rolled. Making an engine from scratch like Frost Bite takes big money. Imagine Squad in the frost Bite engine.....whoa! About the above video, I agree with what he's saying. I have noticed in the last 2 weeks playing Squad that the public games have become very one sided. I've just been assuming that there are a lot of new players playing. Or the flip side of the coin, both teams are clueless. Trying to co-ordinate with other squad leads to formulate a plan and organize who's going to do what and where over squad lead coms, is met with the soothing sounds of tumble weeds and whistling winds of silence. Lately when i squad lead, its a constant struggle to get 1 team mate to co-operate to simply lay down a rally point. And if you want a sand bag wall built.......it's like asking a bear to shat in a toilet. Placing a radio, or getting a hab dug is a chore. I hate when i say "ok i need 2 medic's and 2 LAT please" during the staging phase, only to see a sniper, 1 medic, and a machine gunner and a pile of riflemen. Noobs dont want to do what they are asked to do. They want to do what they want to do. And when you get a bunch of those kinds of players the entire effort collapses. Then it becomes no fun for the SL and the SL quits. Squad is a very Niche title. People see the video's of Squad and "hey this looks cool" but they don't realize that its a slow paced team orientated game. I've gotten a few of my online buddies to buy Squad and try it. All but one have not continued to play it because they say it's too slow....it's boring....iron sight weapons suck......enemies are too hard to spot etc etc. I'll admit that though i love this game, i do get bored at times. Especially when vast distance has to be covered on foot to get somewhere important on the battlefield. They quit playing before they've given Squad a chance because they achieve no success out of the gate. They don't take the time to adjust and learn. The Generation of today wants instant gratification. Squad does not provide that, so they quit. I hate to suggest this because it would take away from the game for me. But i think the game would be more appealing to the "Instant Gratification" people or "IG" for short, to drastically reduce or eliminate stamina reduction. the "IG" people also don't want to dig a damn thing. I would suggest a reduced build and tear down time for habs and emplacements. Don't get me wrong, i would not like to see the game altered in those way on a personal level. I don't have a problem with those things. But clearly other's do, and in the best interest of achieving a broader acceptance from the "IG" people and a larger population, maybe that's something that needs to be looked at?
  3. Concerned

    I never drew a comparison to EA and it would be stupid to do so. OWI is an independent studio whereas EA is a monster juggernaut. Im tired of people crapping on the game because of its current state. I dont want to see the community or the game damaged. Damaged by the negativity because people forget the game is Alpha. There should be a OWI test server for closed testing with limited access. So that experienced players can dig into it and pick through it and give feedback to the dev team. Look at PubG's recent "limited access" experimental server they put up this evening. They rolled out a new, unfinished map onto that server and only gave out access to 6000 players. I was lucky enough to be included in that tonight. That is the proper way to test out games and other content before its released to the masses. People are fickle. It's human nature. That's what concerns me about early access.....' There's an idea OWI. Apply the battle royale game play with different military faction squads all being air dropped to locate and extract an item. Cash in on the battle royale craze while the iron is hot. Blue Hole sold 30 million copies in early access at $30 u.s a pop. Then sold a ton more when it went live for xbox and official launch on pc. Next will be ps4. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Then you will have triple A Loot!
  4. Concerned

    That is true when you only quote part of the comment. I also said that it is a delicate balance of bug fixes and new content. But i guess including that would have negated your comment.... Clearly i did not compare EA to OWI in my comments. And i even made that point clear in the original post. But thanks for saying please none the less. Ok, you've shown us all that you have a lot of time on your hands. How far back your gaming experience goes is irrelevant. I started gaming in Tribes Renegades back in the 1997. I also played BF 1942, BF2, BFBC2 BF3, BF4, BF1, America's Army (honor 87), Vietcong, AA Proving Grounds, Arma 3, Insurgency, and the Call of Duty franchise. That means about as much as the last time i blew my nose.... Also, the things that i listed under community wants are things that , yes, i would like to see, but they are also things i've heard in game coms from numerous people on numerous occasions. The post was not a personal agenda, as you would have people believe. And FYI, i'm not your "bud" so you can keep your condescending remarks to yourself. The reason they don't early access their games is because they do their own testing and actually complete a game and THEN release it. They have the money and resources to do it. Look at BF1 for an example of a complete game. That thing was released with very few bugs. Early access is primarily about early cash. Community input secondary. Funny, game developers did it pre-steam.....somehow.....Back in the "old days" game dev's did their own beta testing before printing a master cd. and what they missed upon release was quickly addressed with patch fixes. It would never happen in any scenario, so again, another pointless comment.
  5. Concerned

    No i did not do a poll. I do however have a head set and ears. I think people, and i include myself, forget that this is really one big beta test. I started pc gaming in 1997 and back in those days there was no steam and no origin. No downloadable content period. So early access didn't exist. Game developers actually finished games before they pressed a master and shat out copies to store shelves. Early access games are unfinished works in progress. I personally hate early access because people get into a game too soon and get bored of it before it's even completed and move on. Leaving the finished product bobbing in the water. Early access is part beta test, part early revenue generation. I would lean more towards revenue generation. When did you ever see Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, or Activision early access their games 2 years before launch? It doesn't happen. Obviously because those are multi-million dollar studio's that don't need early revenue to sustain themselves until completion. Independent studio's are doing this far too much and i think it's a bad thing for a good game and it's community. The only thing the Squad community has going for it, is that it's still not that widely known about. So when the game is officially out of early access and due for launch. With some strategic marketing the game could be injected with a lot of new players (hopefully).
  6. Concerned

    The other concern i had which for some reason eluded my thoughts at the time of post was the development of Post Scriptum. Unless that game is being developed by a separate group, then it's taking resources off the game of Squad. Hopefully this is not the case. Though i do understand that more games means more revenue for OWI. I just hope Squad doesn't experience any slow downs or further delay due to PS.
  7. Concerned

    Squad is currently my favorite game and one of the best games of all time in my opinion. But I am deeply concerned that by the time this game is fully realized, the community will have moved on or "Given up" on the game. I play Squad daily and i hear the chatter among its players. I'm hovering around the 150 hour mark in the game currently so i am still fairly new. And at 150 hours, I am already getting tired of the same maps. Playing Cap point control. Every map has a key control point which both teams rush to control while back capping. It is fun at first, but becomes stale after 150 hours (to me). I know other modes of game play are coming. Like Front line and King of the hill will be amazing, but when??? People hate the bugs in the game. People are critical of new content being pushed out and bugs not being addressed. Or new content creating new bugs. Believe me, people prefer bug fixes over new content. Its a delicate balance really. Is there a dedicated OWI server for Squad? If there is, i've never seen it. And if there isn't, why not? That's where new content could be showcased pre release. Look i love this game, and anything i say is in the best interest of it's survival. I'm a Canadian from Vancouver B.C so i'm especially proud of OWI and it's people. Local talent creating something really awesome that's recognized around the world. Really cool! I wish i had the skills to contribute to the development of this game because i want a large thriving community.....we all do! Community wish list: 1. Bug Fixes (please address these!) Medic cant get bandage or med bag to apply to the wounded without re-positioning multiple times before it decides to apply. Heart beat sound constant on next spawn after being shot and killed in a vehicle. (super annoying) Falling through the map. (sigh) Unable to spawn on rally point occasionally. (bugged) Double clicking on fob won't spawn you into the game unless hit enter. And sometimes not at all. Grenade toss sounds off a gunshot sound when held a second or two after pin pull. Soldier revive causes large character jump. Sometimes results in the player being hopelessly stuck in a wall, morph'd to a vulnerable position, or under the map. Various Graphical glitches with character. Building a Hab and being clipped into the structure and hopelessly stuck upon completion. Downed soldier rag dolling uncontrollably all over the place. 2. Community wants DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENT!!! I don't know if the U4 engine allows for it, but this is something i constantly hear when i play. Personally i can't help but frown when a 20 ton logi truck gets stopped dead in its tracks by a sappling or a bush. Or a striker that cant drive through a 4 ft chain link fence. Or a fob on the 5th floor of a building that is virtually impregnable. Imagine if that 5 story building had at least destructible walls.........omg imagine!! More maps and game modes. (current stock maps getting stale, as well as AAS game mode) More weapons (Javelin for example, SKS, .50 cal sniper rifle) Tanks and Helicopters (maybe a Bradley) Removal of character damage when jumping off a 5ft wall (everyone hates it) Official OWI game servers. Reduction or Removal of time penalty when attempting to place a rally within 50m of enemy. Every failed attempt results in a 90 second penalty wait.........no...... Reduction or Removal of 2 minute spawn penalty for console "Re-spawn". When you fall through the map or get stuck in a structure you have no choice and are penalized for it with a 120 second re-spawn time.........no Explosive trip wires or claymores (And engineer class for defusal) Weather (rain, snow, wind, fog). Different lighting that reflects dusk, dawn, sunset is a good start. Take it further..... More optimization. Again, i love the game. And i'm sure I've not mentioned all the things about it that need work. This post is not intended as a hate post. I want this community to grow and thrive because this game is worth it! Good job so far OWI. We're all hoping you guys buckle down and really put your heads to the grind stone and get it done!
  8. New Maps

    I'm wondering if there are, or will be, any new official maps released or in the works? I realize there are many maps in the steam workshop but ive yet to see a single 1 on a server. The list for custom servers is so small it might as well not exist. I'd love to play that Strike at Karkand but no server has it in its rotation. Am i missing something?
  9. Spotting enemies?

    I had the same problem when i started. Best advice i can give is that spotting enemies just takes time and experience in the game. Tips to spot enemies: 1. If you think you might see or hear an enemy close by but arent sure if they are friendly or not, open your map. If they dont appear on it, shoot! 2. Get familiar with the weapons sounds. A AK-74 sounds a lot different from a M4A1 carbine. 3. Get familiar with the different factions clothing. Insurgents are easy to identify, but the u.s vs. russians on a dessert map almost look identical to the untrained eye. You need to get familiar with the differences. Same goes for russians vs. militia in a forrest map but to a lesser degree. 4. Enemy strikers i still struggle with. Depending of factions, i have to use my map to identify friend from foe. As i mentioned, time and experience will teach you these things. Good Luck!
  10. Front Line Game Mode

    cool. thats what i was referring too.
  11. Front Line Game Mode

    As an alternative mode of game play, how about an active front line scenario. Much the same as how they do it in the game Steel Division. Map begins with a 50/50 claim of sides. and the objective is simply to push back the opposing side through combat. The front line is visible on the map and moves according to who pushes and digs in. By digging in maybe that means the front line is determined, or claimed by placing fortifications, or machine gun nests or mortor. Of course Fobs as well. That way if a squad wanted to sneak behind the enemy lines they would not be given away by the movement of the front line. This scenario would cause the entire map to be utilized and not just the cap point paths. Perhaps 1 sides ability to win can be determined by who has the larger % of map control over a period of time. Or to make a battle potentially even longer, maybe 1 side loses if they are reduced to only 10% of map control....
  12. World Detail

    right on. I appreciate the sarcasm. Its clever and constructive...cool. Anyway, i'll ask the question DIRECTLY and to the point. WHY CAN OTHER GAME DEVELOPERS, CREATING A SHOOTER GAME USING THE SAME ENGINE, CREATE A WORLD THAT IS VASTLY MORE DETAILED....FROM SMALL DETAILS INSIDE A BUILDING, TO LARGE SCALE WEATHER EFFECTS AND STILL HAVE PLAYERS WITH REASONABLE HARDWARE ABLE TO PLAY AND MAINTAIN A 60FPS AVERAGE? OH YEAH, BEFORE YOU REPEAT LIKE I KNOW YOU WILL ABOUT MAP SIZE AND LAG. PUBG HAS A 8X8 KM 100 MAN MAP. HOW BIG ARE SQUADS MAPS AGAIN? And before you let fly with more witty sarcastic chicken dinner comments. Spare me the garbage that this community doesn't care about the visuals in the game. It is clear that the community here thinks that they are the cream of the fps crop and look way down their noses at all the other inferior players of other games. "We dont care about visuals, we are elite and care only about tactics and strategy" lol Sure..... Anyways, i'm done with this thread.
  13. World Detail

    That's fine to disagree with me. The replies are now turning into more of an attack on me than anything constructive. I'm simply saying that other unreal 4 engine games can, by some Devine providence, manage to make a game with technical complexities, also visually stimulating. YouTube Playerunknowns battlegrounds. You'll see my point about the possibilities of the unreal 4 engine. They are not as limited as you are suggesting. Pubg is also 100 player. It's kind of funny that people concern themselves with game functionality and claim to not care about the visuals. It's too bad the development team didn't know that prior. They could have saved a lot of money by scraping the weapons skin creation, building exteriors, sound effects....since game play is what really counts...
  14. World Detail

    It's doable. Look at pubg. People are running gtx 970 on average these days. I run a gtx 1070 and I run BF1, Pubg, you name it. I run them all on ultra settings with a i7 7700 quad-core with no frame drop. People don't buy big gpu's for nuthin. BTW, to use pubg again as an example. The map it is 8km x 8km.
  15. World Detail

    If the Polish didn't matter they wouldn't bother with the cost of it in other games. I mean imagine if your character didn't look like a u.s soldier, but rather a generic white human figure. All the playability is there, just not the character detail. It's the same thing in a basic sense. As I said, no one is being critical of the game play. But a 7 story building with multiple rooms per floor, and every room has bare walls,bare floors, and bare windows? Really? Unreal 4 engine......2 years in pre-alpha (which is a looooong time) and that's their best effort at world detail? Show me how to spruce up the maps I'll volunteer for free to pretty it up!