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  1. Squad / America's Army connection.

    You got nuthin pew pew
  2. Server messages

    Is there a way to increase the display time of server messages?
  3. Squad / America's Army connection.

    That level of shooter is apparently not your bag, or your buddies... Honor was not accumulated by hours played in America's Army. You'd know that if you weren't a quitter. Our server is noob friendly and we help out players continuously. But i can't be there to mentor each and every person when they decide to play the game. America's Army was what i consider to be "EA and Activision" unfriendly. From the sounds of it you and your buddies are pew pew players. That actually assured because anyone that digs these kinds of games and are any good, would have liked the AA Training.
  4. Server browser issues

    They fixed it. Thank you!
  5. Modding suggestion

    No one is demanding anything. But last i checked this community's servers and player base dominate the base game. Not Troopers mod. I would bet that a Vietnam DLC done right would be huge. And likely the greatest Vietnam game ever created.
  6. Seeing the new tutorial for Squad was kind of exciting, but also a let down. I get that is the first instance of it. But if i may, i'd like to drop some suggestions for it's improvement. If you remember Americas Army, you'll remember what you had to do before you ever saw a multiplayer battlefield. You had to run through courses, sit in class rooms. Learning the various weaponry. Completing courses. Not just completing them but doing it to the standard with which each course and classroom held. You had to watch instructional video's where useful things were displayed. Each video or course or classroom set you completed you were awarded 1 honor point. Honor points were a badge of accomplishment in the game. High honor players were revered. I think Squad's community could greatly benefit from a similar approach. The new players would benefit from the pre-deployment knowledge. Such as teaching them the differences in faction appearances. Teaching them how to aim and throw a grenade. How to range a target, etc. etc. Starting the new players off with the basic knowledge they need to feel confident, and be competent on the battlefield. So many people that purchase Squad jump in with no idea what to do. They get destroyed over and over. The quit and don't look back ever again. I've personally bought the game for 4 or 5 different people. None of them played more than 2 hours because it wasn't fun because they got their asses kicked because they didn't know anything. Copy what Americas Army did in 2.X Who cares if its not your original idea. It's a good and useful thing for everyone involved.
  7. Modding suggestion

    I've said this before somewhere along the way i am sure. I'll say it again. Can we dispense with the Super Troopers and all this space bullshit mods please. There's other game companies out there that already do it, and way better. Not knocking the talent of the creators. I'm just saying that people play Squad for a reason, and shooting aliens isn't one of them. My dream before i'm lowered into the ground would be mods. #1 Vietnam Mod. Jungles, hooches, tunnel systems, trip wires, claymores, napalm, booby traps, rivers and river boats, valley's. chopper insertion....."Drool" Done via the Squad game model. Glorious! #2 Special Forces. Like the old America's Army 2.X Night vision, suppressed SF rifles with under rail 203's, laser sights, acogs, flash bangs, zip tie soldier capturing. My wet dream..
  8. Server browser issues

    The browser has an issue with showing all licensed servers. I've noticed that when our server is full this happens. We have to refresh the list 10x sometimes before it will display. We seem to have less trouble finding our server when it is not at capacity. Dunno if that info helps but there it is.
  9. Can't please everyone. I like the new maps. Both of them. They both offer something different which this game desperately needs. The Nanisivik map is a most certainly a helicopter map. Like Kohat and Tallil. I say any new content is good content as long as they have balance.
  10. The Hit Registration

    Since the release of v14, i have noticed a severe issue with the hit reg in Squad. Countless times i have shot a player 1,2,3 times in the head and they just don't drop. The blood spray off their heads each time they're shot tells me i didn't miss, yet they don't die. It's not all the time, it's inconsistent. But also I've sprayed a player from the lower torso to the neck from 20 feet and they don't drop. It's really frustrating and brings a real downer feeling to the game. Please address it!
  11. (AFO) Which stands for All For One is a team which began in 1996. We are still active today in Squad and are currently on the hunt for new members. If you are 18+ Can commit to give us your time 3 days a week (Fri, Sat, Tues) a few hours each day. You can become a member. Ideally, the older player that has a set routine and likes to chill out and game after work is what we're specifically looking for. We do participate in competitive team events, and require more members to get involved in the larger Squad Tournaments. Our server is (AFO) Titties & Beer | Central - Noob Friendly. It is a licensed 80 man. Our discord link: https://discord.gg/RtMtJuU (feel free to join all are welcome)
  12. As the post says, Our server is not showing up in the browser list. Instead it displays in the custom server even though it is a licensed server. In fact half of the licensed servers are not showing in the Browser list, but instead are displaying as Custom servers. This didn't begin happening until i reinstalled Squad. I have other teammates that have reinstalled Squad recently and are experiencing the same issue, but there are also teammates that have not reinstalled and have the issue as well. What is going on?
  13. Alpha 12.1

    Is there somewhere we can read any server side updates? Tallil outskirts was crashing servers in v12. And server tps was getting as low as 4tps on that map.
  14. Alpha 12.1

    Insurgent Logi trucks have no visual supplies in the back of the trucks..
  15. ®GOD# Good Old Danes [DK Version]

    Looking for Squad community feedback. We are putting the question to the community as to what would be the best format for Ladder competition. Basically looking to find player vs. player counts per side that would be best suited for competitive Ladder play. Also what maps/layers/gameplay modes would be the most desired. We would like the community's input so that we can make something fun that the community actually wants. Rather than forcing something they don't. We were hoping to start with a 12 vs.12 AAS ladder, using the smaller layer maps. And hopefully if there is enough teams with active members, we can add a second 18vs18 AAS ladder, and possibly larger if we get an indication that there will be enough activity to support it. 40v40 matches would be incredible, but remains to be seen if the community has the means. Additionally, if we had enough requests for it, we would be open to including European gamer's and establishing ladders for that region as well. We want no one left out. We would also like to have a 9v9 infantry based ladder as well, but that is quite a small number for the current map base. That's where we hope that some map designers might be willing to help. We would also like to create tournaments, and also involve the community on creation of those. We have free tournaments and paid entry tournaments. With various formats from round robin to single elimination. Some of the younger generation players don't actually know what a ladder is so i will briefly explain. Ladders are a type of competition where members play matches against each other and move up and down in the ranking as they win or lose. Ladders make 1-on-1 team based esports such as Squad, more competitive and fun. We have no motives other than fun for all. We are not doing this for money. We are doing it for the love of the game and the spirit of friendly competition. So please take the time to let us know what you would like to see. Tell us what format you think will work. Let us know what clans are interested in competitive play. Give us your feedback. Email me at [email protected] Thanks.