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  1. Beautiful New Map!

    It's too bad this will never see the light of day on a official server. Offworld needs to put this mapper on the payroll.
  2. Just a suggestion about the little voice coms indicators that pop on the bottom left of your screen when someone broadcasts. Personally, i hate their placement. I have a 27" panel and my resolution is 2560x1440. I have to really divert my eyes away from the action to see who it is thats talking to me. Might i suggest an option to place those indicators in the game setup menu? Myself, i'd much rather have them at the top center of my screen rather than tucked away in the bottom left corner. Maybe some like them there, and thats fine. But i'm sure some don't, hence the suggestion of the option to place top center screen.
  3. Performance and Graphical Suffering

    I run a Intel i7-7700, Geforce GTX 1070, 16gig DDR4 and install is on a SSD. My monitor is a Acer Predator 27" IPS 165hz refresh rate. I run 2560x1440 resolution. Anti Alias is off Super Sampling is off All other settings are highest setting other than the one that is cinematic which i do not run. My frames are a consistent 60

    id like the font larger as well
  5. Help me find a PC

    These days you'd be better off buying a pre-built system rather than build your own. I bought a new rig about 8 month's ago. Generally i buy parts and build my own but after selecting the parts i realized that i would be paying more doing it that way vs. buying a prebuilt system. So i bought an Aegis 3 by MSI. You need a pc to run Squad. Plus you will want to be able to play for sevreal years without needing any serious upgrading. So with that said i would buy yourself a intel i7-7700 cpu and a motherboard to house it. Motherboard with on board 7.1 surround and ethernet. You are going to need 16 gigs of DDR4 ram. You will need a geforce gtx 1070 graphix card. I would say the 1080 but they are too expensive. You will need a 500gb nvme solid state drive. Plus a 2 or 3 tb 7200rpm standard HDD. You get that stuff you will be ready to play anything out there currently with decent graphics settings. And fyi, a prebuilt pc with those spec's will run you in the $2100cdn price tag. If you are in the u.s maybe $1500us.
  6. Pistol size.

    Ahhh specifics. Well good question because i only noticed it while playing as the Americans. But i'm sure the model is the same size with all the factions.
  7. Pistol size.

    Next time you flip out your pistol, take a look at it in relation to the hands holding it. The pistol is too small. It looks like a water pistol...
  8. New Maps

    you mean the 3 unpopulated servers in the custom list?
  9. Little White Helicopter Pt.2

    Find it yourself..
  10. Current Priority #1

    I never have frame drops when playing. I have a i7-7700 and a gtx 1070. I dont drop under 50 fps and generally hover at 60. I think its those special short bus players with maxed out super sampling and anti-alias on and everything on epic and expecting their i5 chip and a gtx 970 to handle it.
  11. Physics?

    I walked backwards into the side of a logi truck and it rolled onto its side recently. The physics are not fine.
  12. I found a little white helicopter on one of the maps. No one has ever mentioned it and i wondered if there was any significance to it. Like an easter egg. At any rate, my original thread was hardly something worthy of being locked..
  13. Little White Helicopter

    Found it. Do i get a free copy of PS?
  14. will play both
  15. 530mb steam workshop update today.

    ya i guess it could be map updates, i dunno. I never gave my workshop downloads a second thought because none of the workshop content is used in any servers that i frequent to my knowledge.