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  1. Razor Wire

    razor wire shouldn't be neutralized with 2 shovel digs...........
  2. Offering help to new players to get comfortable and to play with some experienced players and be free to ask question and not be chastised for not knowing the answers! https://afogaming.com/forums/topic/new-to-squad-we-can-help/
  3. Looking for players

    Trooper there are over 9000 Troopers on steam. You'll have to give me a bit more info on how to find you. Or you can search me Minipops (AFO). My avatar is a gold AFO. I'm 47 years old so im an old fart as well.
  4. (AFO) All For One

    We are slowly but surely re-establishing a game community. All For One is our name. You can contact Minipops (AFO) on steam for more info. We have a discord as well and the website is under construction but it is visible in it's current state. http://afogaming.com Our server is called (AFO) Combat Operations AAS. It's a 80 player server.
  5. The reason Squad has a large sale count yet small active player community, and this is my opinion based on experience with friends who I've talked into buying the game but don't play it, is that, 1. The game is too slow and boring (first impressions) 2. "I can't spot the enemies" (frustrated and too hard) 3. Game is too buggy (Alpha released) Yes, i know, and I say again, those are not opinions that I share. Those are the perspective's of new player's that buy Squad and try it for the first time. Yes, it is Alpha and there will be bugs. People don't care. They want a game that works and if it doesn't they write it off. A player's first impressions of Squad is as follows. 1. Long staging time (bored) 2. Drive to location in a vehicle or run on foot (on foot often is what a new Squad player does. (tedious and boring) 3. Get to location, have SL barking for things to get done, and the noob has no clue what to do. And if they do, they are shoveling (which is boring for them). 4. After running across the map to find some action they get picked off by an enemy they can't see. (frustrating after running for 3 minutes straight) 5. Constantly getting destroyed by the enemies because they aren't able to see them. (frustrated) That's your typical first experience . And given that type of first experience, can you blame them for not returning and just chalking up their purchase of Squad as a write-off? Yes, they need to give it more of a chance than that, but they don't. People want instant gratification these days and if they don't get that they aren't willing to put in the time and work it takes to master the game. That's the hard truth of it. We as experienced players need to mentor new players and help them as much as we can. Otherwise this game won't take off. And that would be a real shame.
  6. (AFO) All For One

    Hello there, Just introducing All For One which is a old clan from long ago. 1996 is in fact when (AFO) was founded. We have decided to revitalize the team in Squad and hope to compete in the future. Our server is called (AFO) Combat Operations AAS and we'd love to see you there. Our website is in development currently. Once it is operational we will begin the build process. So Hello from AFO!
  7. Prefix Position

    This is a request from a person that wishes to have choices in order to suit long standing tradition. My team's clan tag is at the end of each members chosen game name. So my name looks like this Minipops (AFO). Under the current prefix choice we are unable to have our tag represented without changing our steam handle. Would it be possible to implement the ability to have both front and rear tag placement in the game options? I'm sure i am not the only one that would like to see this.
  8. Hit me up on steam. Minipops (AFO)
  9. Key Binds Issues

    nothing, other than he's been gaming with arrow keys for 17 years and is comfortable that way thanks i've directed him to this thread. thank you as well for the response.
  10. Key Binds Issues

    I have a friend who i am introducing to Squad and he prefers to use his arrow keys and bind everything to the right side of his keyboard. However, he seems to be having an issue with keys on the right side such as the delete key and his number pad keys not binding when he selects them. So he wants to bind free look to his delete key and goes through the steps of left clicking on the bind and selecting his key. In doing that, where normally the keys name would be displayed indicating the newly bound key, his simply says "none" after attempting numerous times. Can anyone offer any insight into this issue?? Thanks.
  11. Would it be something Offworld might consider to build and add a Squad Competitive ladder to the existing Squad website? That could be managed or maintained with the help of a few authorized and trustworthy community members?
  12. Razor Wire

    Please change the razor wire. It sucks and is utterly useless as it is now. It can't be deployed in certain ways without being far enough away from an existing razor wire placement that it leaves a gap that the enemy can walk through easily. Also, razor wire should take the enemy longer than 3 seconds using 3 shovel digs to remove it. Razor wire should have a 10 second removal animation per section and have to be removed with cutters. The way it exists now, its worthless.
  13. Performance took at hit after 10 release?

    my performance is unaffected by the updates.
  14. Help me find a PC

    If that used to be the case then how is it 100% wrong? lol Look, i bought my system back nearly 9 month's ago. I priced out all my parts individually, and compared that to a pre-built system with similar spec's and hardware. To my surprise, the pre-built was $200 bucks less. Plus it came with windows, plus i didn't have to build it myself. So i saved time and money. Whoever this yahoo is, hes right, they have slightly dropped in value. From $1450cdn to about $1100 to $1200cdn for a 1080 Ti. The next gen Nvidia cards are not yet released and Samsungs Crypto currency specific chips will not be available till christmas. So don't think your going to go out and find a super deal on a card.The 1080Ti is still significantly more money than it should be. Ram is really high priced right now to so you'd be spending triple what you'd normally spend.
  15. FOB De-Construction suggestion.

    You are lucky. Free weekend was a nightmare....