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  1. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    From a completely neutral standpoint and without having the time to read all of this: I played Project Reality (predecessor of Squad) for several years when it was active and this is just a experience I've learned to deal with. Games like this, especially the ones who get updated and bigger will change over time. Enjoy your experience right now because in 2 years (if the development keeps going) will definitely be different than it is now. Have fun & Cheers
  2. Stuttering

    Yesterday I turned off Page File completlely as it turned out that it was not disabled. (My mistake). Also I installed the newest Windows Updates (1903 now) and when I restarted my computer Shadowplay was offline due to Geforce Experience Error 0x0003 (which has been fixed today by reinstalling Geforce Experience). Squad was fine without shadowplay for 3-4 rounds. Then I stopped playing. This might be an indicator what could have started the stuttering issues. Haven't tested it with shadowplay since yesterday but if it was shadowplay I want to fix it because I need it. Maybe because the temp folder for shadowplay was on a HDD instead of SSD. I changed that now. I will test and report. Maybe one of these will fix someone's elses stuttering.
  3. Stuttering

    I will try to clear the cache first. I haven't done that yet to be honest. Might be some trash from older versions, who knows. Page file is disabled duo to 32GB of RAM. Temps should not be over 85° C. Peak might be slightly above it but definitly not above 90°C. I also got a VR Headset (RIFT-S) and I can play VR Games without stuttering. Oculus Software is offline during Squad. I always check that. Only have had this stuttering issue with PUBG which is also based on UE4. But with the newest update I can't remember it occured again in PUBG. Also when I work with UE4 Editor I don't have any stuttering. Same goes for any other UE4 games. GPU Driver is up to date. Thats true and I already know about that but since the GPU can handle the game quite good (normal fps, at least over 60 steady - full server, any map) it can also be a software problem related to the game. Maybe it is not clearing the VRAM in a decent way and later it starts to fill up aggressively. Also there is this weird crash reported lately - even on newest Nvidia Generation Cards where the game crashes and reports a memory error. PS: Also keep in mind that this issue is just happening on specific events. Just if I press T as Squad Lead or open the map. It does not realy sound like a VRAM issue on the first look. Still could be it of course.
  4. Stuttering

    System GPU: GTX 970 CPU: i5 4690k 3.5GhZ Monitor: 144hz, G-Sync RAM: 32GB, DDR-3 Squad installed on SSD. Squad runs fine but after a few rounds it starts to stutter on certain events. For example when I open the complex map (enter) or hold T as Squad Lead it freezes for a half of a second. Sometimes it feels like there is lower FPS but when I restart the game/ computer it runs fine again. No crashing appears usually. Whats going on here?
  5. Insurgency Sound Mod

    Hey guys. One of my small hobbys is to produce weapon sounds. Right now I am working for a sound mod for Insurgency (PC Game). When Squad is released, I want to import my sounds to Squad, if that is possible. Right now I am still in a phase, where I try to learn and improve my work, so I need feedback. May the sound I hear is different because of the low and high freq. I have in my sound settings. So the sound may is different for you and me. I've already posted a video in the question section, where I asked for sound mod support. This video is a bit buggy, because the sound quality is not high and also the M14 mini and M14 sound got changed, the second one is the updated version. Turn quality to HD to have the best audio performance. Now they sound like this: Turn quality to HD to have the best audio performance. Of course it is still a work in progress. I think I can release a first pre version next week for bluefor weapons for Insurgency.
  6. Sound modding

    Hey guys. I hope it will be possible to release a sound modification for Squad. Producing sounds is one of my hobbys, it is a lot of fun to me. At the moment I am developing a sound mod for Insurgency and I think it is easy to use the same sounds for Squad aswell. So, if it is possible, I'll start to aim producing sounds for Squad instead of Insurgency. Here a small example of my sounds for Insurgency. Keep in mind, at the end it is still a matter of taste and also the sounds are work in progress, so they will change in the future. Also I am learning a lot of new stuff at the moment, so this will effect the sounds in the future. PS: For some reason the video is shaking and also the sound quality is a bit (but just a bit) lower as ingame but I think it is fine enough to show.