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  1. Welcome to Duty Commander

    we need somebody to tell the stupid vehicle squads where to go or just prevent access to heavy vehicles, on an Al Basrah layer with British invading against Insurgents it's impossible to win because you get "Warrior" squads that lose a ton of vehicles, Im usually for vehicle squads, but on some maps using vehicles is just a waste of tickets. Just had a game where 2 guys lost 6 Warriors, we cleared the bridge for him tho as I had noticed we were losing warriors like crazy but thought it was multiple people not just 2 until we had to take a logi from main cuz we capped village and were needing a fob in the city, we went to refinery and got engaged and the warrior that had been behind us just DROVE AWAY and left us, then went straight into the city and kept driving and hit a mine. Idk, I think heavy vehicles shouldnt even be allowed on Al Basrah for ANY layer, constantly hitting mines on the bridge and getting IED biked. It's not worth 25 tickets. Surely isnt worth 150 tickets either. None of them play as a team and actually cover a squad, they just go for convenient kills on dumb players that arent causing us to lose anyway
  2. as a guy that squad leads 75% of the time with 1000 hours I have to disagree, I totally see OP's distress here, when Im NOT SLing it really annoys me to be asked to switch to medic and I do so and then the non-firesupport LMG or the sneaky non-optic rifleman who didnt take the medic that caused this problem switch and take the optic rifleman literally the moment I switch to medic. Im just like... Really?! The optic rifleman role is very important and shouldnt be thrown willy nilly about and allow someone whos not willing to even take the medic class steal it from someone that took it fairly, Id rather that guy that switched to Medic be the scoped rifleman then the guy that joined the squad and DIDNT take a kit thats literally an improvement upon what he had steal it immediately after the guy switches, all relative I guess, medics are pretty important too but typically its easier for bad players to play medic, all they need to do is get to you safely. If you have your Top KDR'er be medic then sure hes going to be a pretty good medic but your wasting his potential since half the time he has a bandage out.z Counter to what baddies say, Kills and KDR DOES matter, the less you die the longer you were actually alive and an asset instead of sitting on a spawn screen 60 seconds every time you die, the more you kill the easier it is to defend and take objectives with minimal casualties and ticket loss, the vast majority of games when you see at the end the results, the winning team almost always dwarfs the opposition in regards to KDR, if you think about it getting kills is just as important as having a medic since getting killed is what makes you have to get that medic in the first place. This may sound a bit elitist and "ooh im better" but I feel the pain cuz I've played plenty of games as an Optic rifleman and I generally am at least 15 kills, most ever without using vehicles was 60, have a screenshot of playing on a German server last week(Not squad leading cuz my German isnt very good) where I got 40(was a LAT for the first 45 minutes then switched to optic grenadier for British later), won by only 12 tickets, my kills mattered only used LAT a few times so could u imagine if I had an optic the entire time? ,but if it's a map with typically long engagement distances or terrible textures which make it hard to see anyone past 100m then Im not going to perform nearly as good, Im sure this is also why other people want the optic too, but I've never complained and asked for the optic when I wasnt the optic, I've played my fair share of medic games, and still do, so it annoys me that when I got it fairly that Id be asked to switch to medic and then someone takes it unfairly. I know for a fact it would be best if I had the optic, and since Im so good I generally just play squad leader cuz I think I know best and always have the optic.(cool thing that happened once that took me aback, someone actually gave me the optic when I was medic before the game started and I asked why and he said cuz I was the best on the team the previous game, so other people feel the same way, optic is important) As a Squadleader when we need a medic I constantly have to be like "Whoever the non optic rifleman is can you switch to medic", and they still try to freaking hide and not speak, I kick those people. You like, need to call them out by name to do anything. It's the same issue every squad leader has with dropping fresh rallies, a FOB radio, driving logi's, driving armored vehicles, switching to a useful kit etc... If you just say "Can I get 1 LAT please?" it wont be done, you have to be like "Hey Dickweed ..." Call them out by name, and this very long reply is just to say, I cant call out the dickweeds that have the downgraded version of a medic kit to take the damn medic kit.
  3. Falling Damage nerf?

    Poor knees, but in all honesty, in Squad if u did what u described you'd literally die in like 4 jumps or start to bleed out. So yes, it needs a nerf, and I've jumped from the top of MK 23/7 Ton truck(taller then ur humvee) with full combat gear as well while carrying weird shit cuz I'm Artillery in the SAME heat and didnt fall over, need a corpsman, or die. May not have been the softest landing but knees bend and one has strong calf and thigh muscles for a reason. Now accidentally falling off the 7 ton when I wasnt even trying to get out of it was a different story... that needed a medevac and surgery and dont forget a 9 inch scar that's a party favorite to show off
  4. the classic BF2 factions plus classic PR's... Germany, MEC(Middle Eastern Forces), Chinese, and I actually also selected the JSDF(Japan) because we could have some "Chinese invasion of Japan" or something like that which would fit right into an Invasion mode and the JSDF for being so small is much more unique then boring ol Canada and Australia...no offense, just Canada has pretty much the SAME weapons as the US and if it isnt US it's German or Belgian, and Australia has the same weapons as the US and Germany... heck even the Australian and Canadian vehicles are pretty much all German or US of origin. Honestly if they add Canada or Australia before GER/MEC/CN that would be a total fail on OWI's part because we dont need a US/UK 2.0, we have enough Western/Quasi Western forces right now. JSDF standard weapons would be (Standard)Type 89's which are pretty cool (Pistol) another German pistol, typical for NATO forces (Automatic Rifleman) Same as UK faction (Minimi) OR NTK Type 62 (Machine Gun) NTK Type 62 OR NTK Type 74 (Marksman Rifle) HOWA Type 64 (Light Antitank) Howa 84RR(84mm Recoiless Rifle, designed by Sweden) (Heavy Antitank) IHI Aerospace 110mm (Panzerfaust 3, designed by Germany) (Grenadier) uses Type 89 with a rifle grenade similar to the M1 Garand in Post Scriptum A lot more interesting then Canada's "USA 2.0" or Australia's German AUG(F88) with the other stuff still being LAW's, M203 grenadiers, and minimi's which the UK/US faction has in this game already. I never understood how in PR there were 20+ factions but with half of them being pretty much copies of a different faction, just with a different uniform, they added 4-6 insurgent factions why no cool and fresh JSDF?
  5. July 2018 Recap

    Unfortunately most people dont load up squad and say "I cant wait to be forced to run logi", its such a pain in the ass even if it causes a win, in every game not just squad, its always Fun>Win I dont understand people that think Win>Score. Do I like to win? Yes. But if to win means for me to not enjoy myself, no thanks, I will take the loss. And this is coming from me, I have 1000 hours and I squad lead 75% of the time, I AM the guy that is generally the highest on the scoreboard by score or by kills. Typically if I join a squad and Im told to run logi, I can do it, Im a team player...but if they say some crazy nonsense along the lines of doing more runs, I leave the squad.
  6. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    Name: NightSlasher Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/NightSlasher97 Primary Language(s): English Timezone or Region: EST(Eastern Standard Time) Nature of Interest: I want to try some competitive and game in random servers casually Gaming Background: World of Tanks(Competitive clan tournament caller(Like the platoon leaders in SQUAD that tell the Squad Leaders where to go) and clan leader), Warthunder, Arma, Escape from Tarkov, PUBG, Star Citizen I also have squad lead a lot in SQUAD Additional Skills: USMC , Good at squad leading Status: Signed