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  1. Slightly different AAS Gamemode?

    Hey all! Fairly new to Squad here, so feel free to shout me down. I've had an idea for a game mode that I think might be fun, and I'm trying to figure out how difficult it would be to implement. The gamemode would be essentially AAS, but with two key changes 1) a linear capture zone lattice is generated at the start of the match from a 'superlattice' of potential capturezones that would look like: main -> 3 zones -> 3 zones -> 3 zones <- 3 zones <-3 zones <- main (where one zone is picked from each layer of 3 zones) 2) the capture zone lattice is only shown 2 flags out from your currently controlled zones. As you capture flags, more zones are shown. The effect of this would mean that rushing the enemy caps is more difficult (1 in 3 chance of getting the right zone) but not impossible, and introducing more variation to each map. Some of the smaller maps may not have the room for 15 separate cap zones, but the idea may work with less at one or more layer I guess I'm wondering if a) this has been tried in Squad before, or even PR? and b) if not, do people think it'd be fun? Then c) does it seem possible to do with whats exposed in the SDK? I'm looking to get into modding (have a reasonable grasp of coding), but this seems like fairly deep changes for a first timer. Cheers! Grimble.