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  1. please do not release this patch

    Ammo system is the biggest joke. It makes zero sense that a fresh spawn has 3 magazines. It makes zero sense forcing players to run and resupply after every spawn... WHY THE **** WOULD YOU ENTER A BATTLE FIELD UN EQUIPPED... v12 is for fagget super fobs defense and logi hunting. The gameplay is becoming restricted by making up stupid **** rules. Did no one in O.W.I even think this was a shit idea? or is some muppet forcing his plans for the game on the rest of the team.
  2. September 2018 Recap

    Has anyone thought about adding squad markers, so soldiers in your squad can place 2 maximum markers that are only shown on the map for the squad?
  3. September 2018 Recap

    Wait, there will be m1a2 abrams in v12!!?? I love the FAL, but I miss the AK74U as you can only get this gun being crewman would be nice if you could choose between an sks or ak74u as insurgent/militia LAT/HAT. Sooo I'm guessing 3 weeks until v12 release p.s It was nice to see the photo of all the devs having a break. When you got a good crew, shit just rolls smooth.
  4. A simple nominate/vote system with a mutiny vote for incompetent commanders can prevent newbies being commander. All vehicles spawn in at the start of the game as per usual, then once vehicles are destroyed it's up to the commander where to spend tickets on assets. Only tickets gained by capturing territories can be used for supports or vehicle respawns. The way I see it, if you have a commander who basically just coordinates the team and calls supports, more people are going to want to play the role if it's basically just another squad leader that can call in an airstrike.
  5. Forgive me, as I don't really read every news update. Some of the things I say may have already been thought of or mentioned for all I know. I think this would work great with territory mode. Each territory captured awards your team x amount of tickets when fully captured. The commander of each team can allocate these tickets to player (or even squad based) respawns, vehicles assets and supports (like the A-10 mod) etc. Rather than spawns being based on the amount of tickets each team starts with, both sides could start with a limited amount, only being allowed to respawn when the commander allocates those tickets. I think each territory should award 10 tickets, each soldier/player cost 1 ticket to respawn. Accumulated tickets could be spent on respawning vehicles that have been destroyed. The ticket value of each vehicle can be the same as this chart. > https://squad.gamepedia.com/Tickets
  6. Why not? Enough players are reluctant to play SL as it is. I doubt many would be putting their hand up for commander. Plus a vote system before the match starts would work well imo. Maybe the problem is half the community not being able to have any patience with new players.
  7. What I would like to see is something like ArmA 3 ACE, where players get knocked down, loss of movement in the damaged body part or die instantly depending on where they got hit, how hard and what by. The medics then have to determine what is wrong with the player, then apply the correct method using epi-pens, morphine and saline bags etc. It would be cool if someone was bleeding out calling medic, only for the medic to come over and tell him that he has a large laceration to his femoral artery and that he's going to bleed out and die..
  8. Some Suggestion to Improve Insurgent Gameplay

    I would like to see PKM for insurgent and militia, Russia the more modern PKM and U.S with the M240. Unlocking the 7.62mg like the heavy anti tank when you get a full squad. Insurgents also need some vests, belts and backpacks visuals