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  1. Knockdown, Body Armor, Killing

    Literally sick of tagging people with the SVD only to watch them sprint away. Or LMG instantly suppress you although they haven't spotted you, they just using 7:1 surround to shoot in your direction, until they spot you through the scope of the m240 or m249. You can literally just run around with a m240 and use it like a sniper rifle, then switch to bipod for o.p suppression. The suppression system is a joke, the fact you cannot control your character and compose him by holding shift to line up a do or die shot really shows how ****ing pathetic the minds are of some people. Like if you have the choice between running and getting shot anyway or trying to shoot the guy whos shooting you aren't you gonna shoot the idiots who somehow hasn't hit you yet, but then the moment you fire at him, the suppression system corrects his shitty aim and he lands a headshot. Suppression system = helping the noobs land a shot, so when you hit someone in the chest with an svd they just fire like mad at you and you, although you are already in position prepared to take another shot being a ****ing marksman, no you get swayed around and can't land that second shot, although the ****er should be clutching his chest and on the ground, knocked the **** down.
  2. Suppression

    Yeah in my argument about the suppression system, the machine gunner suppressing me was in the open, side stepping while crouching. The guy in video is clearly in a good position with his weapon deployed. It should only trigger 1m from the player, but the game feels like it's more than a meter. I do find though sometimes when I choose to return fire, the moment I start shooting, just sometimes, magically, their shit house aim is corrected (probably by the suppression system triggering) and they land a shot on me after missing 10+ times.
  3. Massive desync

    It's pretty bad in v15, everyone is trading with each other, I just spoke to a player on the opposite team after he asked if he had traded with me. Although I had died and he was still shooting on my screen, he said that I was still standing and he went down.
  4. Suppression

    There is just so much to take into account when it comes to the battlefield. The mujahideen believe that every "arrow" is guided by god, then we have WW2 stories from old vets talking about how they just couldn't understand how they survived while their friends where getting killed in horrible ways, just meters from them. This supports the suppression system imo, it makes the game immersive and just these little facts and knowledge's really makes the game that little more exciting. Well for me anyway. Trying to account for fear is hard, how do any of us actually know how we are going to react in real life until that actual moment. I say this but I think that personal motivation is very dependent on inner intention. People from all armies and factions in real life have deserters, traitors, heroes and legends, so the game has to account for a basic average morale and mentality. You can't account for that in game, and if the developers were to involved this factor that would create leveling and perks which = Perks = COD/BF. So I take back my argument, because I understand the bigger picture, we don't want another cs or cod or bf. I don't take cover until I actually get shot in game, so it does conflict with my game play, but I am adapting again, the suppression system has been a bit of an obstacle for me, if you remember v10 lol. My conclusion is the sway is a little over emphasized and should gradually increase in accordance to consecutive shots being taken at you. It should also create an abrupt sway rather than a smooth sway, but 1 round should just make you flinch once. So in my mind I see suppression as a bar or meter. The more bullets put at you the more the bar goes up to a maximum where you have a quivering bum hole.
  5. Suppression

    You make a really good point, I didn't think about it like that. I just think players should be able to cancel suppression in those life or death moments by holding shift. But the time it takes to hold breath while being suppressed should be longer than usual. The way I see it, if the MGunner is missing me completely because he can't actually see me and I have eyes on a headshot, I should be able to ignore his missing bullets and make the shot. What's the distance for suppression? It should only be 1 meter from you player but seems like more than that.
  6. Suppression

    I like the camera shake you get when you have a bipod deployed and everyone is trying to shoot at you. That's the effect it should be not swaying arms. Just a **** load of headbobbin camera shake. I know that most people who are happy with the suppression system are the players who wer getting 1 tapped by iron sights before suppression came in. I remember 1 tappin heaps of people trying to mow me down with their bipod lmg and it was actually kinda lame, so it needed to come in. I think players should be able to cancel the suppression effect by holding breath, life or death situations, because chances are by the time you have had your camera shake and wobbly arms and actually held your breath the enemy is likely going to zone in on you and correct his aim. wiki recons small arms is like a 1meter suppression range. depending on calibre aswell. Does anyone know if 7.62 and 5.56/.45 cause different suppression? if that makes sense
  7. Suppression

    Trust me it triggers when the mouse is clicked. I shot at someone 800m away and they went prone the moment I clicked my mouse, not when the bullet landed. How do you suppress someone without shooting? Indirect arty is better suppression that small arms fire. Suppressive fire usually achieves its effect by threatening casualties to individuals who expose themselves to it. Willingness to expose themselves varies depending on the morale, motivation and leadership of the target troops. The guy wasn't even aiming at me. That's my argument. Players, including me, exploit the suppression system like this; when i get shot at in game, i just turn and automatic fire the direction i heard the gun shot, instantly ruining the enemy line of sight because it causes constant wobbly arms... it seriously makes no sense that your characters arms wobble. It's not how people react in real life, when people get shocked, they usually duck or move their head out of the way. Not wobble their arms.
  8. Suppression

    I will quote myself Pluto as I fired first and fired again. " My next shots miss " " proceed to shoot at the next target immediately " Please don't twist my story... I will explain again. I did fire back, but I have a 10 round mag, the enemy has a 200rnd box... I was ADS, he was crouched, side stepping, hip firing hitting the house on my left with a few rounds landing close, triggering the suppression system, which I am just trying to address it's flaws. I exploit the game with the suppression system as so do some of the other guys I play with, you get shot at, you turn around and just start shooting, basically shooting before you spot the enemy then adjusting your aim once you have basically ****ed his aim, evening the playing field. I do it to players all the time. Suppression in real life works when you fire short bursts at the target location preventing them from peeking or moving like MultiSquid said, but in short accurate bursts. The suppression in squad is that it turns on the moment the player clicks his mouse, so you character is reacting pretty much before the round is landing next to you. It needs to be marginalized to a closer distance to the players, and delayed or something. Sway should be replaced with a INITIAL character movement SHAKE with a CONSTANT camera SHAKE, so the first initial contact is very intense but a bit less intense from the front if you are ADS holding breath. The character movement shake should only be initial but the camera shake remaining for the duration of the suppression. BUT can be cancelled out by holding breath. Because the time it takes to hold breath should be more than enough time for the player who is "suppressing" to correct his aim and actually hit their target. The fear and stress factor should be depending on how much stamina the player has, which determines whether or not they are capable of returning fire in that moment.
  9. Suppression

    The system is BROKEN. REMOVE IT. Actual Scenario; Lining up three enemy running up a driveway on Scorpo. I take out the SL running in front, proceed to shoot at the next target immediately, but because the dip shit with the m249 knows he can exploit the suppression system, he instantly starts hip firing at my general location the moment his SL goes down, crouched while side stepping behind a hedgerow, still managing to suppress me. Causing my character to do the inhuman SHAKE & WOBBLE. My next shots miss and I die because his buddy side steps out while the m249 is still shooting like an absolute ****ing maniac and kills me, because I am still wobbling all over the ****ing place. What I don't understand is, if my character hasn't moved, I am still holding shift, doesn't that ****ing indicate that I am prepared to take the next shot without hesitation, without a twitch, because clearly this ****ing retard with the m249 isn't going to hit me unless he toggles and aim bot. The biggest problem with the suppression system, it turns on the moment the enemy player clicks his mouse, not the moment his projectile lands near you. Players should have an initial head shake because we all know it's that initial opening that causing people to jump. IF I AM HIDING BEHIND A BUSH AND JUMP OUT AND SCARED YOU, I CAN'T JUMP BACK IN THE BUSH AND JUMP BACK OUT AND SCARE YOU AGAIN CAN I???? LMG o.p and the marksman now useless with his squad. The marksman can't really be in the front taking hit's getting revived by non medics and actually going back to doing his job, the best you can do when you run out of stamina is go CQB and just hip fire, switching to pistol. I find the marksman are lonewolfing more and straying from what was originally intended because of the suppression system mostly. How do you expect a marksman, to take shots if every single bullet landing near and around him is causing him to wobble his arms. May aswell start adding bigger sniper rifles and bigger scopes to the game. It's unrealistic imo and it needs to be thought over properly. Especially the fact that you can just spray sporadically in the general direction of the enemy with a m249 and the moment you click your mouse the suppression kicks in.
  10. I think it would be cool if each faction had their own air/arty support which the commander can call in. eg. U.S get A10 run, R.U gets a Grad, Perhaps militia could get an accurate artillery strike and insurgents get a devastating VBIED spawn at main.
  11. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    I really dislike how other squads can use your rally point, it's unfair to a squad that is using tactics, like not engaging, only to have another squad spawn in and start shooting off your rally. We can't control public players and how they choose to play, it's hard enough telling 9 people to hold their fire until told otherwise, let alone another 2 squads feeding of the fruits of your patient flanking.
  12. Would be nice to tow vehicles that require repairs.
  13. I think it would be cool to have an animation for the players who are waiting for a revive, and the ability to finish them off, forcing them to give up. I only say this because when you clear a bunch of enemy, hold your ground only to get over-run, it would be nice if some of the kills you could confirm, rather than all of them to get revived by a medic and your effort to feel like a waste apart from holding them back for a short time.
  14. Suppression system

    Lets say you see an enemy, you are about to line him up and he takes a shot at you and misses, your gun has just swayed because of him shooting, although you took an extra half a second to get your recticle on target, 1 round can **** up your entire shot. If the enemy is within visual, why would you flinch if your reaction was to line him up and take him down. If you are determined to take a knee and fire a shot, all your focus is on making that shot, a bullet coming from elsewhere isn't going to make you react instantly. When I am welding, and a peice of hot slag burns through my trousers and onto my leg, I wiggle my leg and keep my arms steady because I ain't stopping my weld. Also don't people get shot and not notice they have been hit because of adrenaline? Also does suppression affect your weapon "sway" if you are hip firing?
  15. Suppression system

    In v11 I found myself running around hipfiring the LMG. I found it was quite devestating as the sway animation when you would walk didn't corellate to the actually spray pattern, you could still shoot straight although it didn't look like it. last night on talil I took a shot at some guy with a m240, he immedialty deployed the bipod and mowed me down, Ain't no suppression when they got a bipod deployed. I like the visual effects, just the sway is way over the top.