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  1. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    So what are some recommendations for medium level play on squad with 60fps roughly? I do not need super high def and graphics but want this game to run smooth with medium graphics.
  2. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    Hello all, I have done extensive research and tried a whole bunch of different things to increase my FPS even though I believe I should have higher anyway. Here are the specs on my computer: AMD FX 4300 Quad-Core Processor AMD Radeon R7 200 series (I think it is a 250) I am getting extremely low FPS. I am around 15-20fps in training and around 5-10 in game depending on the map. I would think that this set up should be capable of at least 50-60 fps? I have put all the computer settings to performance along with the AMD settings. Maybe I am just wrong in thinking this computer can handle this game? Please help!