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  1. Alpha 16 Released

    Can I just ask why the ability to create a Delta fireteam was necessary to be removed from the game? As a squad lead that actually utilizes all of the fireteams to divide the squad depending on roles, it's actually very useful to have the ability to create 3 fireteams within the squad. Understanding your surroundings as a squad lead is much easier when you have 3 different fireteam leads marking things on the map and calling things out instead of hearing random call outs on voice comms that have a higher capacity to cause misunderstandings. I just don't understand why something that essentially wasn't broken was removed from the game. And I'm not even sure if game developers even read these posts.
  2. I'm kind of new to Squad and I'd like to learn the game more because I do really like the concept of it. But I'd like to join a group that's tight knit, plays with each other when they're in a server. Doesn't have to be a massive Squad with hundreds of people. I'd just like to build synergy with a group and the only way to do that is by being with people who actually play with each other consistently when they're playing. Looking forward to seeing the replies