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  1. When aiming at a teammate, a name tag appears above him. The partially hardcore feature will take off these - identifying enemy/teammate will be done by clothes/uniform only. (The map still shows teammates locations etc. - the same as now - so it is not fully hardcore.)
  2. I've seen in a server that a broadcast was in the log but without the admin name. For example: While "<text_is_here>" does NOT contain colon (':'). The colon should exist in a broadcast message after the admin name. How do I do that?
  3. Please make that Construction points will deducted while building (with a shovel). This way, if the SL placed a HAB in a wrong place - he can remove it easily with (another soldier clicking) Right mouse click.
  4. 1. Waited in queue to a known server for about 40 minutes (not exaggerating) 2. Finally game loaded. 3. Joined a squad & chose a role. 4. A loading screen suddenly appears again. 5. Main menu screen appears for about 100ms 6. A loading screen suddenly appears again. 7. Main menu screen appears. 8. I get a (server) message "EAC Kicked: Authentication timed out (1/2)" 9. Now in queue to another server while crossing my fingers.
  5. @Devs: I hope you read my post about the bug and will know this requires a fix.
  6. A server without a queue is: 1. A server that is almost empty (~14 players as I recall from last attempt) 2. A server with a very high ping (more than 150 is too much) Don't get cynical on me.
  7. Now entered a server, apparently it works now. Total time I waited: approx. 70 minutes.
  8. Recently longer waiting times (in queue to a server) are frequent..
  9. Please allow to: 1. Join to a server and wait in the queue. 2. Play in Firing Range while waiting in the queue. 3. Join the server as soon as possible.
  10. Bug in v10: When you lean while prone - friendly name tags don't appear when you ADS on friendlies.
  11. *Personal* rating of SLs

    I support the positive feedback including the system you suggested. Still I think we need someway to alert bad behavior, such as a report button.
  12. A feature that allows rating SLs. The rating is personal - no one sees how another player rated SLs, except for the player itself of course. This is meant to remind the player with the experience of playing with that SL. Also the date of last rating will be presented (Someone who SL'ed a year ago isn't the same as today). In addition, someone who created a squad and left it immediately (after players joined..) will (possibly) have a low rating too - that helps to remind players to avoid from joining him.
  13. Strange audio problem, anyone else?

    Check the audio configuration in Windows.. There's a built-in option to tell if right & left sides work properly. (maybe they got mixed, IDK..)
  14. *Personal* rating of SLs

    Because that they aren't my friends.. (?) How will you spot troublemakers? If an SL has been ghosting or making other troubles - about a week later you may forget about him. You won't know if he did troubles before. Also the name may be different.
  15. *Personal* rating of SLs

    I prefer to avoid having this rating public, since that this could (but not necessarily) discourage players from becoming SL. About "Special tag" for people who are cancer - I already suggested the "Chaos" rating, see: (my second post) The "Chaos" property can be expanded to include various troubling scenarios.
  16. *Personal* rating of SLs

    But the rating is personal, meaning that only the player who voted can see the rating. The rating data is discreet, it is only meant to help the player itself. It is similar to keeping an Excel sheet with the Steam ID & rating of every SL in my own PC. No one sees it, no one knows about it. But obviously a built-in functionality is much easier.
  17. Adding a "Language" column per server could help filter out irrelevant servers. For instance , a server with the language property might have a value such as "French" (meaning that English isn't used).
  18. Copy text from console?

    How do you copy text from console? For example, copy the output of a command (single/multiple rows or only few characters). I searched an answer for this but didn't find.
  19. Copy text from console?

    What is "[In-game ID]" ? Its name ?
  20. Steam required me to have more than 30 GB of empty space in my expensive SSD just so I'd be able to install the V10 update. This is too much, can't it be reduced?
  21. Either way I shouldn't be required to constantly have 30GB of empty space (which adds up to the size of the update itself, v10 ~ 7GB) There are technologies which facilitates handling RAM, such as RAM Disk. Most users have 8GB of RAM or more.
  22. Copy text from console?

    So when some normal player wants to report a steam id - does it need to type every character of the id ? I think that copying is easier
  23. Can't the re/packing process be done in RAM memory? This also helps to avoid SSD's wear (not to mention the speed increase).