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  1. When a player is in incapacitated state: If he gets shot or damaged by a nearby explosion - he should be killed. +1 for reality and gameplay IMO.
  2. When pressing Enter the squad list appears (among other stuff). The player's mode is indicated by the color of the player name (green/yellow/red/gray). Also a symbol of a vehicle should appear if the player is inside a vehicle. But often the player's mode is buggy: Happened several times that a player was driving a Logi truck (e.g. in Al-Basrah as US) but its name was gray-colored and the vehicle symbol didn't appear beside him.
  3. When aiming at a teammate, a name tag appears above him. The partially hardcore feature will take off these - identifying enemy/teammate will be done by clothes/uniform only. (The map still shows teammates locations etc. - the same as now - so it is not fully hardcore.)
  4. New animation system differing by factions?!

    A militia / terrorist would yell "Allah Wakbar" But a "squad leader" terrorist would make it more poetic.
  5. Lately many squads are becoming "Language only" squads. Communication is key in this game and I'd rather for all squads to use English. I understand that someone's own language is more convenient but it ruins the experience for many players. "Language only" squads seem unrelated to Squad's spirit. (Please move this thread to General Discussion forum)
  6. Bug: Often when moving the process (of Squad game) to background using both keys: (LEFT ALT)+TAB, then the process stops responding when trying to get back to it (moving it to foreground). In that case I always do either (depending on the severity of the problem): Going to Task Manager and kill the process. Logging out of the Windows user (via CTRL+ALT+DEL), because that the whole screen becomes black and you can't even get to the Task Manager.
  7. Feature request: Allow to change the audio source while gaming. Often I need to remove my headphones and would like to use the speakers, but currently it is not possible unless I quit the game and start it again. The selection of the audio source is done via the audio menu that is near the clock at the bottom of the screen (with Windows).
  8. I understand but communication is a basic requirement in this specific game. If we were to talk about COD/BF then no one cares about communication.
  9. The following suggestions relate to the menu that is shown when pressing "Enter": The current format is: | Squads & Roles | Squad list | Deployment Points | Map | 1. On the role selection tab: When mouse hovers a role - immediately show its equipment and main usage between the squad list and deployment points (the map will be smaller accordingly). In order to avoid a major map resize - you may remove the deployment points panel temporarily (until the mouse cursor doesn't hovers a role). 2. When SL - When marking stuff on the map (right mouse click) - add a very short description to each object when mouse hovers it. I've seen SLs using these markers incorrectly. 3. When mouse hovers a squadmate - then except for showing its name on the map, also replace the Role selection tab with details about the squadmate's kit. 4. Instead of the following format: Try the following format (which is more convenient when implementing earlier clauses):
  10. It is known that a user needs to "Clear Game Cache" via settings after a version update. 1. Why is it required to be done manually, by the user, instead of automatically? 2. Why the "clear game cache" functionality resets also key bindings and audio/video configs? It is possible to keep the modification history (ordered by time) that the user has made prior to the new patch, then all this history will be applied sequentially & automatically by the installer/updater.
  11. It works, thank you. (In my case I waited 2-3 minutes)
  12. With the latest patch, Squad 9.10 keeps crashing immediately after that an online (multiplayer) game has loaded: "An Unreal process has crashed: UE4-Squad" I've already sent a crash report. Tried this on about 3 servers, about 4 times - it is always crashing immediately after that the multiplayer game has loaded. I played Squad before the 9.10 patch and it worked OK. I tried the following: Cleared game cache. Verified (integrity of) game files via Steam "GeForce Experience" told me that I have the latest drivers. Windows 10 is up to date. Tried to lower the graphic settings to something like "LOW" and resolution 1600x900 (approx. / don't remember exactly) - didn't help. Noticed that the Firing Range (which is a local "game") works perfectly fine. Details about my rig: Windows 10 8GB RAM i5-4430 GTX 1060 6GB
  13. Examples of Fortifications: Sandbags Roadblock Barrier etc: https://squad.gamepedia.com/Deployables#Deployable_Objects If an enemy shoots on a fortification which I stand behind it - how much damage would I get, if any?
  14. Thanks it helped - now I see the server (though it is empty). I will try again when server is full / when it's active. I found the presumably original thread of that suggestion - Link.
  15. I can't play (normally) for 2 reasons: 1. The only playable server for me is QFF (Queens Fighting Force) and since about 3 days ago, the game's built-in server browser stopped displaying it among the other servers. (I tried to clear cache, it didn't help.) 2. I tried to connect for 1.5 hours via Steam's server browser but it failed too: 2.a) The data of players count is just wrong, see (from the left is info from a website ; from the right is info from Steam): (I refreshed the website constantly until data was checked "< 1 minute ago" and then immediately refreshed Steams' server info). 2.b) When it finally managed to connect, then the Squad game launched and then it connected to the server, but then told me something like "Could not connect , Server if full". 2.c) When again it finally managed to connect - then for some reason I got to Jensen's Range (which worked OK, probably because it was online and not local). Please: Fix the problem that is presented in the above two clauses. Add to the built-in server browser the option to connect directly to a server using an IP address. Make sure that Steam's server browser is working properly.
  16. I will try it but I don't understand how it helps? The QFF server is gone from the game's built-in servers browser, also when I try to connect via Steam then it just yields other problems (as I wrote earlier). Meaning that the attempt to connect via Steam completely failed (it lasted for about 1.5 hours). The fact that the game loaded the Jensen's Range map makes the problem even more weird, cuz it was supposed to load the map which the QFF server loaded at that time (it definitely wasn't Jensen's Range ). Also I was the only player at the Jensen's Range map, while Steams' server info window showed that many players were active on the server (another weird stuff).
  17. Under the Grenadier role: When shooting nades (either smoke or HE), then often the nade doesn't work - you hear the sound of shooting the nade, but you don't hear it hitting, neither you don't see anything (with HE you don't see the smoke of the hit ; with smoke you don't see the smoke at the destination). It's weird that no one notified about this..(??)
  18. Looking through optic scope (with Right Mouse Button) magnifies also the visuals *outside* of scope. But the zooming should happen only inside of scope. Here's a proper image of scope zooming:
  19. I played this game for 25 hours, the last 2 of them were as a SL for the first time. The following is a list of features that IMO should be applied: Suggestions which I didn't find while searching: 1. Show teammates inside a vehicle when mouse over a vehicle on the map. 2. On map - make flag names clearer. Many times I've tried to relate to a flag location on the map but I couldn't read it because that other stuff were hiding the text. 3. When pressing "Enter", the Map (right side) and Squad list (left side) appears. 3.a) Please show the squadmate's name on the map when the mouse hovers the squadmate on the list. 3.b) Please show a different symbol for the optic rifleman. Reason: Sometimes as an SL it is better to tell *non-optic* rifleman to do a specific task. The optic rifleman may easily identify & kill enemies from a distance. 4. Peeking around windows from inside/outside of building. The leaning keys ("Q" and "E") don't allow this. 5. When dead/incapacitated - alert the player when he's trying to do something but isn't able to do them for some reason (write the reason). I write this because that as an SL I tried to approve a vehicle for a squad member but I couldn't do that because that I was incapacitated. Then I gave up and tried to approve as a "dead man" but couldn't do that either (of course now it sounds logical). It took me a while to figure out that I needed to spawn.. Also alert when someone is trying to replace a kit while he's incapacitated (tell him he needs to give up first). Suggestions I wanted to suggest but were already suggested (please read the reason of clauses 7 and 8): 6. Resupply from fallen/dead bodies on the field (e.g. field dressing, ammo etc.): http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/11612-looting-fallen-soldiers-for-ammo-and-supplies/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/24667-collecting-ammo-supplies-from-the-field-inventory-system/ 7. Local chat heard by enemies too. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/6327-will-local-chat-ever-be-heard-by-enemy/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/5979-voip-local-can-be-hear-by-enemy/ http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/38-local-voip-for-both-sides-or-option-for-it/?hl=voip I think that this must be implemented for reality. The example that was given by Bruno_G (Lead Effects Designer) here may happen rarely. People still spam the Local and Squad Radios sometimes (it's part of the fun), but when the real deal is starting, then everybody stop the spamming. 8. Fast pistol switch: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/22781-pistol-switching-speed/ It happened to me that I was on the ground trying to apply a field dressings and enemy approached from the front. I tried to take a pistol but it was too slow ...
  20. Console Commands

    It is possible to go to "Firing Range" and change the map using: AdminChangeMap <MapName> But then you don't have the condition of the firing range (ability to select all kits etc.) Is there a single command which simulates the conditions of the Firing Range in order to make other maps convenient for testing, just like in Firing Range ? Some of the conditions are: Ability to choose all kits. No deploy restrictions. Avoid waiting for spawn after death.
  21. As seen in the wiki: Handling weapons and equipment It's clear why HE nades are disabled on short distance, but why also smoke nades? Sometimes smoke nades on short distance are needed - for example when a teammate nearby is hurt and you need smoke to help the medic reach him quickly.
  22. Could you please refer me to the discussion? I didn't find it with the search function.
  23. @Psyrus That is plausible, I will try to notice it. If I think that the problem exist then I'll re-post here. BTW here's a reference from the wiki which shows that you're correct: Handling weapons and equipment
  24. Why can you go prone under water?

    The bug still exist..
  25. I'm not familiar with a "Peak system". Assume that you are inside a room and you want to peek outside a window, so your waist will lean on the ledge, while the head and weapon will technically be outside of the room (to be able to peek around the window). This is a realistic game. I'd also expect nearby enemies to hear me when I use Local Chat, but they don't. Actually in these kind of scenarios the adrenaline rush makes wonders, unless physically you're not able to perform specific task (left hand is hit but I'm right handed so I can pull the gun easily). IMO it's not a buff at all, that is logical to cancel the action which you currently do (a decision which we perform daily).