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  1. Do I get a message if I got killed by a friendly?
  2. Could you please add a reference? According to the video that beginna supplied in the previous thread, then the fix is related to the audio source.. (source = microphone).
  3. I have speakers and (USB) headphones. Often I wish to change the audio output from headphones to speakers and vice versa. Currently, this is not possible unless I quit the game, which is bothersome. Please allow to change the audio output while gaming. This thread is a continuation of a thread that I opened at forum "Feedback & Suggestions".
  4. Feature request: Allow to change the audio source while gaming. Often I need to remove my headphones and would like to use the speakers, but currently it is not possible unless I quit the game and start it again. The selection of the audio source is done via the audio menu that is near the clock at the bottom of the screen (with Windows).
  5. Then thanks.. But my headphones are USB.. Also I'd expect some official rep. to respond, I don't understand why this thread is ignored?
  6. Please avoid cynical replies
  7. Could some official rep. please reply? It is really inconvenient that I need to quit the game only to switch the audio output..
  8. When trying to return to main base with Logi truck, then it is very difficult (speed is about 10). Is it supposed to be like that?
  9. Sorry, I meant to audio output. (I wrote "audio source" as in my perspective - what is the source of the audio that I, as a human, hear?) Is this fix planned in the near future?
  10. Squads often are locked despite that the SL may accept new squadmates. I tried to text them with "Team Chat" but it doesn't work, it is not noticeable (understandable since that they are busy with the battle etc.). Only sometimes I'm lucky and they are close to a spawn point (HAB) so I spawn and tell them to allow me to join to their squad. Adding a feature to allow talking directly to a squad leader while player is dead could be helpful. Obviously this feature should include blocking..
  11. But when I talked to him and asked him to join, he approved me. Why is that? (I think they just don't want newbies in their squad.) So when squad is locked, instead of voice chat, when a player click on the "LOCKED", then a bold textual message will appear on the SL's screen, saying: "Player X wants to join to your squad, decide: Approve / Deny." While "Approve" and "Deny" are buttons.
  12. The US Light AT soldier has the M72 LAW (anti-tank weapon). It took me 2 strikes to completely destroy a techi. I don't understand how does that makes sense?
  13. Currently if you get in the gunner seat of a techi, then each time you get in - the gunner loads the weapon - even if it already loaded it previously (some time before). But the weapon should be loaded only once @ first usage, and on every reload of course.
  14. Please allow to: 1. Join to a server and wait in the queue. 2. Play in Firing Range while waiting in the queue. 3. Join the server as soon as possible.
  15. Another interesting (yet not important) stat foreach team is "Substitution Rate" or "Exchange Rate". It indicates "how many people played in the team for more than 2 minutes and then left before end of match ?". High substitution rate indicates instability which (probably) leads to team's failure.
  16. I understand, but we need to prevent a repeated & intentional "bad behavior" of players. This is a behavior that could become the norm, would you like that?
  17. "Chaos property" is just a name so I could refer to it. You could call it "play time" but that associates to something else which is different than my intention, so I chose another symbolic term. "Chaos property" of a player = "how often a player played more than 2 minutes and then left before end of match ?". While "Often" needs to be considered - we may count the number of games that it happened. "Chaos property" of a SL = Same as "Chaos property" of a player, but it is counted only when the player chooses to be SL.
  18. I've encountered many games in which SL left the game in the middle and it completely destroys the experience... This idea is meant to counteract this behavior. People want to enjoy, the idea helps in that.
  19. For the team @ the end of the match AND foreach player as a "Chaos indicator/property" of the player itself. Also the same stat can be applied independently for when a player chose to play as SL - which helps to avoid these kind of scenarios: High chaos property for a SL (as SL only) could be interpreted by the server as "forbidden to play as SL".
  20. Please allow to switch weapons while in a vehicle.
  21. Sometimes when peeking above a wall and shooting - the bullet hits the wall itself. It also happened to me with RPG. Is there a method to know if the bullet/rocket will hit the wall before I shoot? (In reality I'd just lean my head to the side to understand the trajectory.. Or perhaps just be able to see the barrel above the wall - but in the game it's quite confusing.)
  22. What counts as a kill?

    If a Light AT shoots 2 rocket at a BTR but suddenly a Stryker takes it out with few shots - then the kill count goes to the Stryker while the LAT doesn't receive?
  23. What counts as a kill?

    The fact that it is counted - makes it important